We have always heard women are each other’s nemesis. But nobody ever addressed the “Why?” Admissibly, healthy communication is something we are still learning along with addressing our feelings and emotions in a healthy manner.

It’s time to shun away the old saying and work toward women upliftment. Why not start with the workplace? Since that’s where we need each other’s maximum support.

Here are some ways women can uplift other women at work!

Accept and embrace each other's individuality

Let's first acknowledge everyone is different and come with their own individuality and quirks. The first thing to acknowledge as we to uplift and empower women is to embrace each other's individuality instead of giving into stereotypes of feminist.

Remember, people thrive in an environment where individuality is encouraged.

Share your stories

Everyone has their struggles, and judging a person’s capabilities without knowing them or comparing your problems to theirs is unfair and it is unfair to judge a person’s capabilities without knowing them or comparing your problems to theirs. But most times, these underlying factors heavily affect a female professional’s productivity.

So, as a female boss or even a team lead, this is what you can do, share your journey and experience with other female teammates to boost their enthusiasm. This will also help you form a personal bond with them.

Surely, you cannot be there every time anyone needs a friendly ear, so suggest mental health programs or apps like Amaha, where all can access professional help.

Have each other's back

Let's admit it, women have a higher sixth sense which helps us to be more compassionate towards others. Let's put it use in helping us girls out!

Don't just point at a problem (pay disparity, harassment, biased behavior, etc.) when you see it. Instead, address it firmly to the right channels, talk to each other and provide a united front. However, don't leave things at a loose end, suggest a solution as well to the problems.

We know what you’re thinking... “Won't I be tagged as a boat rocker or a confrontational person?”, “Isn't that a negative factor for my career?”

The answer is no! Ladies, one of the most important traits needed in your work life are ethics and integrity.

When we suggest that you speak up about a problem, we don't mean protests, kerfuffles, or Hulking on people.

The idea is to use your position to get the message across in a formal, dignified yet firm manner.

Share opportunities

The best way to help each other at work is to hype each other. If you find out about new opportunities share them with other deserving female colleagues.

And in case you are in a leadership role, you can advocate for the deserving women candidates with the decision makers.

However, don't be biased, just be lenient. After all, we want to empower women without taking away the opportunities from those deserving. Shuffle up the names between men and women team members.

Encourage each other

One of the habits that pull us women back from leaping to opportunities is self-doubt.

As a woman you can encourage such potential candidates to take the leap, whether it is at a new opportunity, or ask for a promotion, or even ask for training opportunities.

Sometimes all we need is a little push, so remind your deserving colleague of their potential, skills and abilities.

Build your network

There are a lot of networking opportunities within your workplace. All you need to do is find the right people, in your case the right ladies.

Find yourself women who are strong willed, encouraging, positive, and willing to help nudge other women colleagues in the right direction.

There are many out there who will pull you down, but only we ladies can help by motivating and encouraging each other.

Be approachable and offer help

Most often men and women believe that there aren't enough opportunities to go about and hence need to be cutthroat with potential competitors.

To avoid such trouble, try to help each other as much as possible. If you are in a leadership position especially, offer mentorship or training programs to upgrade to the right skillset.


Uplifting women at work is not a favor that we do to others, but a path we pave for future generations.

We hope with these tips, you will be able to find ways to uplift other women trying to make it at work.

There are a lot of other factors that act as speed breakers for women, let’s try not to add to them. Instead, let’s work on creating a strong unified bond with our female colleagues and help each other feel inspired.

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