1. Application Developer
  2. Systems Software Developers
  3. Full Stack Developer
  4. QA Engineer
  5. Security Engineer
  6. DevOps Engineer
  7. Blockchain Engineer
  8. Software Architect
  9. Chief Technology Officer

The lucrative opportunities for a graduate in Btech Computer Science are plenty. With digitization paving the way to dominance, jobs for software engineers are also increasing rapidly by the day.

So, if you are someone who loves the world of software and are looking for software engineering jobs, then you have arrived at the right destination!

In this blog, we will take you through 9 top jobs for software engineers that you can consider a career option after you complete your BTech computer science graduation.

Let’s jump right into it!

Application Developer

Post BTech computer science graduation, those looking for software engineering jobs can consider the role of an application developer.

Application developers generally have to develop software for the interaction of end-users along with research of user requirements as well as extensive analysis.

In short, application developers have to create apps for Android, Linux, iOS, etc, and ensure timely updates and changes.

According to UpGrad, an application developer fresher receives approximately 3.4 LPA.

Systems Software Developers

If you're considering jobs for software engineers after completing your Btech computer science graduation, system software developers are something to consider for sure.

A software developer creates user-facing networks and operating systems.

However, their major responsibility is to collect software elements onto one full whole.

Although a backend job, software developers do have to work alongside data scientists and development experts.

UpGrad records a system software developers starting salary to be approximately 4.6 LPA.

Full Stack Developer

One of the in-demand software engineering jobs to consider is a Full stack developer.

The primary responsibility of a full stack developer is to utilize their front-end knowledge to curate coding for the back-end along with visual designs for websites. Also, they may need to create mobile apps for the websites created.

According to Upgrad, a full stack developer's fresher salary is approximately 3.75 LPA.

QA Engineer

You can also opt for a career as a Quality Assurance Engineer after completing your BTech computer science graduation.

A QA engineer's main responsibility is to improve the software development processes and ensuring error-free production.

To do so, A QA engineer needs to ensure that the product complies with the requirements, assessing risks, followed by planning on improving the quality of a product, testing and analyzing the tests as well.

PayScale records that an entry-level QA engineer is 3.91 LPA on average.

Security Engineer

With digitization gaining prominence by the day, security engineer jobs are in demand more than ever.

NASSCOM reported that by 2020 India alone will require 1 million cybersecurity professionals, which seems to be a fact.

The primary responsibility of a security engineer is to prevent cybercrimes by stopping breaches, taps, and leaks.

Also, they ensure that organizational data, reputations, and finances are kept safe by scrutinizing client information, and other confidential pieces of information. Going by the rising demand for security engineers, it is a job for software engineers to seriously consider.

Payscale records the average salary of a security engineer to be approximately 5.92 LPA.

DevOps Engineer

Another job for software engineers to consider is that of a DevOps engineer.

One of the primary requirements to become a DevOps engineer is to have sound knowledge of the software development cycle along with the various automation tools required for the development.

This software engineering job requires one to work with both developers and the IT staff to monitor the code releases.

To summarize, DevOps engineers need to create the infrastructure of an application as well as databases and servers.

Also, they need to have excellent command over integration, version control, testing, and deployment.

According to UpGrad, the average DevOps engineer salary is 6.74LPA whereas the starting salary for a fresher in the same job role is 3.6 LPA.

Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain engineer is a job for a software engineer you can take into consideration.

A blockchain engineer's prime duty is to create and implement digital solutions for organizations. Blockchain developers require a sound understanding of Blockchain architecture, data structures, cryptography, web development, etc.

Blockchain engineers also need to implement and develop items like assets, accelerators or assist in the infrastructural setup process of an enterprise.

UpGrad records the salary of an entry-level blockchain engineer to be 3.37 LPA on average.

Software Architect

Another software engineering job to choose after completing your BTech in computer science is of a software architect.

A software architect manages a team of IT professionals, even software developers by using their knowledge of software development.

In addition to this, software architects are also delegated with tasks related to the creation of software programs, their maintenance, and updates for the deliver the best software to the organization/client.

According to PayScale, the starting salary of a software architect is approximately 2.15 LPA on average.

Chief Technology Officer

Another favorite job for software engineers is that of a Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

A CTO's primary responsibility is to manage the technical aspects of the company, making sure that it's in tandem with its growth target.

Also, a CTO is responsible to manage technical resources to ensure technological development. PayScale recorded a CTO on average receives 2.9LPA approximately.

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