Annual leave is the period of time, considered once a year, when an employee may use their paid leaves accrued over a period of time to request a long leave. Annual leave for workers is a time period calculated in addition to national holidays, casual leave, sick leave, and maternity or paternity leave. This is a period when one can take time off for a variety of reasons, such as to take a vacation, fulfill some personal commitments, or simply spend quality time with family.

Below are some samples for annual leave application that you can use to apply for your annual leave.

Annual Leave Application Sample 1

Subject: Annual Leave Application

Dear Mr./Ms. {Recipient’s Name},

I am writing to inform you that I will be travelling with my family for a period of one month, between {start date} and {end date}.

As my entire quota of annual leave sanctioned by the company is pending, I request you to adjust my leaves accordingly.

As per my prior discussion with my team lead, I have requested my colleague, Mr./ Ms. {enter name} to take over my project while I am on leave. I have already handed over all material regarding the project to him/ her, and expect there to be no exigencies in my absence.

Due to the nature of my travel plans, I may not be available to take phone calls. I request you to address any urgent work-related matters to my email address {enter email ID}.

I will be grateful for a positive reply on my leave request.

Thank and regards,
{Your Name}

Annual Leave Application Sample 2

Subject: Annual Leave Required

Dear Mr./Ms. {Recipient’s Name},

I am writing this letter to inform you that I have decided to participate in an Executive Leadership Program in the coming month of {enter month}. This program will be highly beneficial, both at personal and professional levels.

I request you to allow me a leave of absence for a period of {number of days} days, in lieu of my annual leave allowance. I will be leaving for the program on the {Date} and will resume work on the {Date}.

As I will be unavailable for a significant period of time, I have given the responsibility of overseeing my projects to my assistant, Mr./ Ms. {insert name}. He/ she has frequently worked with me in the past, and is well acquainted with my tasks and duties.

In case of an emergency, I will be available at {contact details}.

I look forward to gaining valuable insights on {enter field/domain} upon the completion of my course and put them in use in our upcoming projects.

I hope you will soon sanction my request for the leave of absence.

Yours sincerely,
{Your Name}

Annual Leave Application Sample 3

Subject: Application for Annual Leave

Dear Mr./Ms. {Recipient’s Name},

I hope you are doing well.

I am writing to inform you that I will be unavailable for a period of {number of days} days between {start date} and {end date}. I urgently need to return to my hometown to sort out certain property-related issues and wish to avail of my annual leave regarding the same.

I will be available on phone at the following number – {enter contact number}. In addition, I have requested my teammate, {enter name} to address any urgent details that may come up in my current assignment. However, since the assignment is in its end stages, I do not foresee any problems occurring while I am not in the office.

I look forward to your acknowledgment of my leave application.

{Your Name}

Annual Leave Application Sample 4

Subject: Annual Leave Application

Dear {Recepient's Name},

I am writing to apply for my annual leave for a period of three weeks from {start date} to {end date}, as I wish to visit my brother and his family in Europe. In addition, I request you to grant me extra leave of five working days from my personal leave allowance, so that I may have an extended leave period of four weeks.

As conveyed to you in person, I will be handing over my job responsibilities to Mr./ Ms. {enter name}. I will also do my best to complete all my urgent deliverables well before the commencement of my leave so that my work does not suffer in my absence.

I understand that my request for long leave is an imposition. However, given my impeccable work record at the company over the past two years, I hope you will consider it favorably.

Thanks and regards,
{Your name}


  1. How to write an annual leave request?
    Start by addressing your supervisor or the appropriate authority. Clearly state the dates you're requesting for annual leave and the reason for your request. Be sure to follow any specific procedures or policies outlined by your company. Express gratitude for their consideration and provide contact information for follow-up.

  2. How to write a letter to apply for annual leave?
    Begin with a polite salutation, followed by a clear statement of your intention to request annual leave. Specify the dates you're requesting and provide a brief explanation of why you need the leave. Offer to discuss any necessary arrangements to ensure smooth operations during your absence. Thank your employer for considering your request and provide your contact information for any further communication.

  3. How to write a good leave application?
    Start by addressing the appropriate authority in a polite and professional manner. Clearly state the dates you're requesting for leave and the reason for your request. Provide any necessary supporting documentation or information, such as medical certificates or travel itineraries. Express appreciation for their consideration and offer to discuss any potential concerns or arrangements.

  4. How to apply for annual leave with my boss?
    Schedule a meeting or send an email to your boss to discuss your intention to take annual leave. Clearly state the dates you're requesting and the reason for your request. Be prepared to discuss any potential impacts on your workload or projects and offer solutions to mitigate them. Provide any necessary documentation or information to support your request. Thank your boss for their consideration and flexibility.

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