Usually, recruiters on Naukri find your profile either when you apply for a job or when they are looking for candidates in the Naukri database. However, you can also reach out to recruiters directly and give networking a shot.

Here, we tell you some of the ways networking with recruiters on Naukri can benefit you.

1. Follow up with recruiters

Follow up with recruiters who view your profile on Naukri. Check out who viewed your profile in the Profile Performance section.

2. Follow recruiters for new jobs

Follow recruiters to stay updated on jobs posted by them in the future. A lucrative offer might be just around the corner.

3. Find out about unadvertised jobs

Contact a recruiter who specializes in your industry or field and enquire about suitable openings. These recruiters may have job openings that are not publicly posted.

4. Get clarity on jobs

Ask recruiters for more clarity on jobs posted by them on Naukri. Ask them specific questions related to the job description or company. You can do this by going to 'View Contact Details' the end of a job description and sending them your query.

5. Direct contact

Catch a recruiter's attention by sending a personalized message or cover letter and stand out from other applicants.

So, go ahead and build a rapport with recruiters in your domain. This will certainly benefit you in the long run. And when you are ready for a job change, you would already have a set of connections you can tap into.

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