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Choosing Yoga as a career might not sound luring to the ears or satisfying enough to quiet the stereotypes. There is no zing factor to it, right?

It is always very hard to look beyond the typecast and do something different and unusual. However, times are changing at a steep rate and so is the employment market. Regions like Africa, European Union and Asia Pacific are expecting a boom in the industry and a huge number of job roles for Yogis and Yoga students.

So, what are you waiting for? If you think that this might be just your thing, then you are at the right place.

1. Unusual and different

It is common to find a doctor or a politician earning big money and living their dream life but there is something very satisfying in choosing a career that matches your soul.

Your career as a Yoga teacher shall give you the freedom to conduct classes on your own terms and ethics, and associate with your clients on a spiritual level as well.

Unlike regular job roles, teaching Yoga is a soul-satiating experience as it allows the Guru to use Yoga & meditation as a divination tool to help people heal from their traumas, fight their demons, and rise high in life.

It would be difficult at first but then every other job role requires initial hard work and sustained perseverance.

2. Great pay scale

“How much do a Yoga teacher make?”, “Is it enough to fill the belly, pay the bills, or may be finance a vacation one day?”

Well, yes, Yoga teachers are paid handsomely in various parts of the world such as MENA region, European Union, and Asian countries like India. Moreover, the median average salaries in various global regions are expected to rise by greater percentage.

According to latest research on yoga instructor’s salary, the hourly pay for Yoga teacher was somewhere around $19.17 hourly and $40,000 per year in The United States Of America and it is expected to grow even more in the near future.

Remember, similar to every other job role, your experience and skill sets shall affect the pay you receive.

3. Self-awareness

If people choose to go within, realize their own shadows, and work on attaining a sense of self-awareness, pain shall end.

Ego, greed, anger, and hatred are some of the ugly reasons why people fail to correct their path and work towards something more worthy. Yoga frees you from these burdens and gives you a clear positive path to walk on.

As a Yoga instructor or an amateur Yogi, you can pursue a Yoga Teacher training for a wholesome experience and gain a lot of insightful lessons. Your journey as a Yoga teacher shall not be limited to only taking classes but shall extend to moments of realizing your shortcomings, demons, and some leftover negative feelings.

You will be amazed to see things uncovering in front of your eyes and gradually setting you free from stained sides of your personality.

4. Physical challenges

What is life without challenges? Become a Yoga Teacher to experience the bliss of this human experience in the truest way possible.

As a Yoga teacher, you will see that every ending opens the door to new beginnings, new lessons, and awakenings.

In a class of students who come from all walks of life, every single day will bring new tasks to test your physical capacity.

Be it performing the same pose you learnt before, advancing the pose, meditation, or even foraying into new forms of Yoga, there will be new things unraveled every day. You will witness your body becoming stronger and resilient to changes.

5. Travel the world

Who does not want to see the world? Everybody wants to experience new things in life and grow as a person.

A career in Yoga shall give you the golden opportunity to travel places, meet new people, witness cultures, and be amidst the beauty of the destination.

As a Yoga Teacher, you can participate in retreats, apply for teaching in Yoga Teachers Training programs, study centers and studios in different parts of the world. As you decide to step outside your comfort zone, you will notice new things unraveling and opportunities pouring in for success and happiness.

6. Fruitful interaction

Public interactions help you grow as a person. You gain wisdom, learn from mistakes, and realize that there is both pain and happiness in this world.

In your own country or abroad, you will meet new people who come and take admission as students in your centers or classes. Whatever the case may be, you will come across people with different mindsets, past, and stories that will help you spiritually and mentally.

Verbal communication and in-person interactions generate vibes that soul sense and this is how you befriend someone or completely cut them off. This way, you will realize your own boundaries and able to differentiate between the good and the bad. All this will help you to manage classes properly and help students step up their game.

7. Peace of mind

Having a job is a good thing and making money out of it seems like a beautiful piece of art. No shame in sharing that. But, what about the additional stress, back aches, and emotional turmoil one goes through?

However, you as a Yoga teacher would be doing something you absolutely love and this shall bring utmost mental peace and happiness.

With each meditation class, you will also submerge into the divinity, chant prayers in your heart, and let your soul stay in peace for some time. Knowing that stress strains the heart and mind, becoming a Yoga teacher is not only an add-on to your natural skills but also a path to a slow-paced happy lifestyle.

8. Personal practice

When you are learning a skill, you do not have enough time to work on your goals. If you are worrying that things will change once you start taking classes, then probably you are wrong.

Conducting classes, helping students learn a pose gives you a chance to deepen your knowledge as well. As you proceed with the classes, you share a lot of energy with the students and your mind dives deep into the practice.

Unknowingly, you practice as well and work on perfecting every bit of the pose. This greatly benefits your personal growth as well practice in a number of ways. Remember, a good teacher never stops learning and is devoid of any ego.

9. Profile enhancement

Your career goals related to Yoga takes a new high after you complete a Yoga teacher training course. It’s like you add more feathers to yourself and aim to fly high in the sky and touch new pinnacles of self-growth.

However, not many people reveal the fact that there is more to this gig than remaining in the same position of a Yoga teacher. You can approach opportunities, such as of a Therapist, Counsellor, Personal Trainers, and even Researcher in the field of Health & Wellness.

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Remember, every single effort matters and every single skill has its worth in the employment market. Keep moving forward, learn and grow your professional arena.

Become a Yoga teacher, elevate your life’s purpose and earn the most satiating intangible benefits of it.

About the Author:
Om Singh is a blogger at Retreat Kula, a website that offers best yoga retreats and yoga teacher training for yogis around the world. He is always on the lookout for interesting places to visit. It took him 25 years of his life to realize where his true calling lies, but once that was done, there’s been no looking back. Since the last ten years that he is on the go, he is sharing his travel experiences by writing about them.

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