Modern-day markets have a knack for fierce competition. Although it is undeniable that professional opportunities have grown, but the demand for a multi-skilled workforce has also risen drastically.

COVID-19 pandemic has changed the hiring trends across the globe.

Employers are looking to hire candidates with expertise in more than one field & expect their current employees to upskill for maximum productivity.

The pandemic has changed the professional scenario for good. But, the important question is, how can you fit in?

In this blog, we shall discuss various online professional courses that will help your career post the pandemic.

Why we believe these courses can help your career post the pandemic?

Well, rest assured we don’t believe in random predictions. Looking at the data month on month on Naukri Job Speak Report for March and April, we can easily track down the latest developments in the hiring process across all sectors within the country.

This gives us a clear picture of how things are panning out during the pandemic & how demand for certain jobs can rise to post the pandemic.

Thus, we are in a better position to suggest certain courses that may prove helpful for your professional career post the pandemic.

Upskilling courses to consider

Here is a list of few courses that we believe can help in your career growth post the pandemic.

Data Science

Despite the COVID 19 pandemic, the IT sector has still shown an upward trend in hiring each month with an 11% increase in the hiring trend in March 2021

Due to an IT wave across the world, being able to understand, interpret & utilize numbers into profitable strategies is the responsibility of a data scientist.

This can be achieved by upskilling to a data science/Analytics course.

Since data analytical professionals can help a company to improve efficiency & cut costs for a firm, the future of this course looks promising.

You can apply for an online 11 month PG Program in Data Science and Business Analytics to boost your career.

Healthcare Management

Although Naukri JobSpeak Report shows a little impact on the hiring trend across the healthcare sector, however, the current health scenario due to the pandemic gives strong signals that the healthcare system can be well revamped once this pandemic is over.

Healthcare overhaul is in the pipeline for literally every government across the globe to tackle any future health emergencies.

Doctors, nurses, or paramedic staff, healthcare management professionals would also be in much demand.

So we suggest, Executive Post-Graduate Program in Healthcare Management from Upgrad.

This is because this course helps you to manage, budget & efficiently be a part of the healthcare industry.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has been on the boom even before the COVID-19 pandemic, however, with the world shifting to online platforms, the digital marketing sector is growing many folds.

Read our blog, Major Reasons Why Digital Marketing Jobs Will Be on the Rise During & Post the COVID-19 Pandemic to get a better idea about our reasons for saying so.

Digital Marketing Specialist Course by Simply Learn is one such course which trains you in web analytics, social media marketing, content marketing & much more.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial learning is the modern-day technological language. Most of the technology-based giants are looking at artificial intelligence to accelerate the technology.

An online professional course in artificial intelligence opens your avenues to tech-based giants as well as promising startups both.

PG Program in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning is one such course.

Great learning provides this online professional course to young professionals with valuable insights about artificial intelligence as per market requirements.

Sales & Marketing

In the blog, 5 Reasons Why Sales & Marketing Jobs Shall Be on the Rise Post COVID-19 Pandemic , we have discussed in detail why we believe that sales & marketing jobs shall be on the rise post the pandemic.

However, to find a reputed position in the desired firm, you will need more than positive will.

Build a Six-Figure Online Business Selling Online Courses by Udemy is one such course which paves a path for professional success, once the pandemic is over.

COVID-19 pandemic has changed the professional trends across the world in ways we had never thought of.

However, we hope the testing times shall be over soon & we come out from the other side well prepared & well learned.

Best of luck!

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