1. B com fresher jobs after graduation
  2. B com jobs with advanced degrees
    1. MBA
    2. Chartered Accountant
    3. Company Secretary
    4. Master of Commerce (M.Com)
    5. Chartered Financial Analyst
    6. Business Accounting and Taxation
    7. US Certified Public Accounting
    8. Financial Risk Manager
    9. Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
    10. Certified Financial Planner/Advisor
    11. Certificate in Investment Banking
    12. Bachelor of Education
    13. Certified Management Accountant

College days are the best phase in a student’s life. But one needs to step into the real world sooner or later.

The transition from a student to a working professional can be quite nerve-wracking.

Despite your institute's provision of campus placement, it is good to have a clear knowledge about the job opportunities for freshers available out there.

Now, some people like to dive into the workforce right after graduation while others prefer to pursue further courses that can help in advancing their career.

So, in this blog we will address the B com fresher jobs you can apply for right after completing graduation and the ones you can avail after completing the required courses.

Let’s begin!

B com fresher jobs after graduation

A few best options to consider for bcom fresher jobs right after graduation are as follows.

  • Tax consultant (Average starting salary is approximately 5LPA)
  • Auditor (Starting salary begins from approximately 4.6 LPA)
  • Stock Broker (The average starting salary is approximately 3.93 LPA)
  • Banker (Salary begins from approximately 3.61 LPA)
  • Export-import Manager (The average starting salary is approximately 2.44 LPA)
  • Accountant (Starting salary begins from approximately 2.48 LPA)
  • Finance consultant (Salary begins from approximately 10 LPA)
  • Insurance consultant (Average starting salary is approximately 3LPA)

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However, if you are someone looking for more advanced job opportunities for freshers, we have listed 13 best careers in commerce with an advanced course.

B com jobs with advanced degrees


Opting for a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) can open up lucrative job opportunities for freshers.

The best thing is that students from any course can apply for a 2 years MBA course where the nitty gritties of managing a business are taught.

Now, to get into MBA, one needs to pass the Common Admission Test aka CAT. The score secured in CAT determines the MBA college for the candidate.

It is not only one of the best careers in commerce but for all since understanding business has forever played a crucial role.

Although not a hard and fast rule, it is advised that one has around 2 years of work experience before enrolling in an MBA.

However, if you are one who can’t afford to enroll in full-time MBA courses, nowadays online MBA courses from universities like NMIMS, Amity, etc. are also available.

Based on the institute from which you have completed your MBA, jobs for MBA freshers and their salary packages vary accordingly.

For example, UpGrad noted that the average salary of an MBA in Finance in India starts from approximately 6 LPA and rises as you gain more experience.

Chartered Accountant

The second most popular and best career in commerce is that of Chartered Accountancy (CA).

Unlike MBA, one can start enrolling for CA from the end of 12th standard and hence considered a really popular choice as a B Com fresher job.

To begin with, one needs to pass through 3 stages namely, CPT, IPCC, and CA Finals, and 2 and half years of internship to become a certified chartered accountant.

Once you become a certified CA, you can get hired into MNCs and after a few years of experience have the option of starting your own firm. The starting salary of a CA on average is around 7 LPA.

Read What is Chartered Accountancy and How to Become a CA to get a better understanding of the career and what needs to be your plan of action.

Company Secretary

Another option to consider amongst Bcom fresher jobs is that of a Company Secretary(CS).

A CS is one who manages all the legal activities of an organization, ranging from taking care of the company’s tax returns, maintaining tax records, providing sound advice to the board of directors, and also ensuring that all legal regulations and statutory regulations are met.

However, to apply for a job as a CS one needs to have sound knowledge about corporate law. So, it is advised to take up the 3 years course on corporate law.

The beginning salary for a CS in India is approximately 4-5 LPA.

Master of Commerce (M.Com)

This is the safest and most conventional path for students of B com. In M.Com you can get a more in-depth knowledge of the subject than in B.Com which helps in understanding the functions better.

Some of the career options that can be considered after completing M.Com are Ph.D., B.Ed, Banking services or even go on to apply for the mentioned profiles considered best as job opportunities for freshers.

You can apply for an M.Com course in any college of your preference and the course is usually of 2 years duration.

Chartered Financial Analyst

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) is a globally recognized option for job opportunities for freshers.

With 2.5 years course duration, in CFA, one gets certified as a financial analyst based on their merit and competence in the subject matter.

The CFA course includes topics like advanced investment analysis, statistics, economics, portfolio management, etc.

To become a CFA one needs to pass a 3 tier exam. Due to its high demand, a CFA gets recruited by the top companies like JP Morgan, Deloitte, etc. making it one of the best job opportunities for freshers.

The starting salary of a CFA is approximately 5 LPA in India.

Business Accounting and Taxation

One of the best careers in commerce, Business Accounting and Taxation (BAT) shapes aspirants to face the accountancy industry.

Considered to be one of the best B.Com fresher jobs, the BAT course prepares a student to engage not only in experiential and practical learning but also to master the latest tools used in the accounting and taxation industry.

Not only tools, but the course also involves topics like GST, payroll components, ESIC, direct taxation, etc.

Once completed, one can choose from an array of options such as tax consultant, corporate legal assistant, company law assistant, etc.

The starting salary for BAT is approximately 4 LPA.

US Certified Public Accounting

Offered by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants(AICPA), US Certified Public Accounting (CPA) is amongst the best B com fresher jobs.

To become a licensed CPA, one not only requires to have an in-depth knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) but also an extensive education of at least 150 hours and pass a 4 part exam.

A CPA's job ranges from preparing financial statement audits to offering advice related to tax and financial planning.

However, a CPA's primary duty is to file financial reporting and advisory services to help in financial growth.

The starting salary of a CPA is approximately 6.9LPA in India.

Financial Risk Manager

Another brilliant B Com fresher job is that of a Financial Risk Management (FRM). One of the highly in-demand jobs, an FRM designation is offered by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP).

With a 9-month course structure, it covers concepts like the present dynamic financial market.

An FRM's primary task is to identify and analyze threats that the company might face in terms of its assets, earning capacity, performance in the market, etc.

Due to its extremely high demand in the professional world, the starting salary approximately ranges between 10-18 LPA in India.

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

One of the popular B com careers is that of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). It is popular across 173 countries and is a favorite for B Com students.

However, one first needs to pass the 14 papers of this course of 2 years. The starting salary for ACCA is approximately 5 LPA and goes as high as 16 LPA.

Certified Financial Planner/Advisor

Another important career option is that of a Certified Financial Planner (CFP).

As the name suggests, a CFP is one who guides investors on topics like investment plans, tax-related troubles, personal financial advice, etc.

This certification requires one to have the formal requirements such as education, performance on the CFP exam, relevant work experience, and demonstrated professional ethics.

The average salary of CFPs begins from approximately 3LPA while the highest can exceed 12 LPA in India.

Certificate in Investment Banking

Amongst those looking for a career in investment banking, Certificate in Investment Banking (CIB) is the way to go. Bank jobs for freshers are considered the best career in commerce.

The CIB program usually spans for 6 months. The program tests your ability to create a strategic approach to determine the valuation of both listed and unlisted companies for Mergers and Acquisitions, LBOs, etc.

Once complete, one can build a career in investment banking, private equity and so on. An investment banker earns approximately 9 LPA in India.

Bachelor of Education

Another opportunity to consider is pursuing a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed). It is a post-graduate teaching program to help one build a career in academics.

One can go on to completing the 2-year B.Ed program to move onto teaching. The course includes education psychology, social justice, special education, curriculum development, etc.

The starting salary after completing B.Ed is approximately 2-4 LPA.

Certified Management Accountant

Those looking for a career abroad can opt for a Certified Management Accountant (CMA). A globally acknowledged professional certification credential, it is mainly offered by the Institute of Management, U.S.A.

However, to enroll in this course, one needs to clear the two levels of examination along with a work experience of 2 years. CMA majorly focuses on two aspects, Management accounting, and Financial management.

Owing to its high demand, obtaining a CMA certification opens up a wide array of job opportunities. According to UpGrad, a CMA’s basic salary starts from approximately 8 LPA.

With so many options available in the current job market, choose your path wisely. As important as remuneration is, you cannot undermine the importance of job satisfaction either.

Be sure of what interests you, a field you can be passionate about, and then tread that path.

All the best!

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