1. Opportunities for further education
    1. MA
    2. M.Phil
    3. B.Ed
    4. MBA
    5. Graphic designing/ video editing
    6. Digital marketing
  2. Opportunities in government/ competitive exams
    1. Bank PO
    2. Government Services
    3. UGC NET
  3. Job Opportunities for BA freshers
    1. Content writer
    2. BPO
    3. Blogger
    4. Advertising
    5. Journalism
    6. Social services
    7. Editorials
    8. Public Relations

All good things come to an end…. Yes, sadly so do one’s college days. Yet it is just the start of great beginnings… Into the real world, following your passion.

However, it is always a little turbulent when wondering about the next step after completing graduation.

If you are a graduate wondering about your career options after BA, then you have landed on the right blog.

We have divided the article into three categories, where there is something for everyone!

Here you will find out about opportunities for further studies, government jobs after BA, and private sector jobs after BA.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the first category!

Opportunities for further education

One of the safest and preferred options for most students as a career option after BAprogram is to pursue further studies.

Here are a few options to consider as scope after BA in academics.


To date, Indian families encourage their wards to apply for MA/ MCom/ MSc as it helps a student not only to get a deeper insight into the subject but acts as a safe harbor.

Also, MA plays an important factor for those students who want to make a mark in academia in the future.


In the sphere of academic careers, BA and MA are considered as the learning grounds of the subject. But those who are looking into academia as a scope after BA, need to apply for MPhil.

MPhil is a 2-year research program which helps you to choose your area of study and trains you to develop your own insight of the subject matter through a series of exercises like presentations, thesis submissions and defending your paper, etc.


Another job after ba is teaching in schools. But to become a teacher a formal training is required which goes by the name of BEd.

BEd or Bachelor of Education is a professional course required for one who aims to enter the noble profession of teaching. A BEd is ideally a two-year course and can be pursued full-time or even via distance education.


Amongst the professional degrees, MBA has been a favorite amongst students. The best thing is, you can be a graduate in English, Economics or any other subject and still study MBA. All you need to do is clear the entrance test aka CAT.

MBA teaches you the nitty gritties of business thereby helping you to chalk out a great career.

Graphic designing/ video editing

Exposure during your college days plays a great role in developing your passion.

If you are someone interested in curating video content/ videography or simply appreciate graphic designing as a career after BA, then it is best to learn the art.

You can enroll yourself in graphic designing courses both offline and online. Platforms like Udemy enable you to pursue your passion from the comfort of your home.

Digital marketing

With the growth of digitization, businesses are looking more into digital marketing for growth and revenue. This naturally has led to the requirement of digital marketers on a greater level than before.

If you are interested in digital marketing as a career, you can enroll yourself full-time or apply for an online course from Coursera, Udemy, and the likes.

Opportunities in government/ competitive exams

Many Indians prefer stability and job security when thinking of a career. So, government jobs after BA are the best choice.

Bank PO

Amongst the government jobs after BA, Bank PO is the path to choose if one’s interested in banking.

However, to become a bank PO, you need to crack the respective competitive exams of SBI, IBPS, and so on.

According to leverageedu, a Bank PO’s salary starts from around 2.45 LPA on average.

Government Services

Now, this has been the dream and aspirations of almost every Indian (including parents).

The most sought-after government job after BA, B.Com, and B.Sc is to crack the Civil Services Services Examination aka UPSC (IAS, IFS, Indian Revenue Service, etc).

With the whole country vying to earn a position in these highly extensive competitive exams, students prefer to start their preparation early.

The salary of the officials varies as per their field and tier.


National Eligibility Test (NET) is a competitive exam organized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) to select candidates for further studies like a Ph.D., or even professorship in a college or university.

This happens to be an important career option for BA graduates who are looking into making a mark in academics.

Job Opportunities for BA freshers

Now this section is mostly for those looking for a job after BA. Here are a few career options after BA that you can look into.

Content writer

Content has become one of the crucial factors for businesses looking to increase their digital presence.

Nowadays, companies require a fully equipped content team to help in growing their business. This is one of the reasons why companies even hire freelance content writers, making it a great career option after BA.

However, a content writer requires knowledge of SEO, Google Analytics, and so on.

According to PayScale, the starting salary of a content writer in India is approximately 2.8LPA, although it might differ from company to company.


BPO is a rapidly growing industry that is in constant need of professionals with excellent communication skills, data conversion expertise, telemarketing skills, etc.

As a BA fresher, you can start as a customer support executive, process executives, etc., and then work your way up as per your preferred field.

So, if you are someone with good communication skills, then you can take a look at the profiles in the BPO sectors.

The starting salary in BPOs is approximately 2.8 LPA in India, as per PayScale’s data.


With online platforms like Instagram, YouTube, etc gaining prominence, blogging has become a professional career choice.

If you are someone with good storytelling skills or have a talent you want to share via blogs/vlogs with the world, then this is a great career option after BA.

However, to build your brand in the world of blogging make sure to come up with a Unique Selling Point (USP) of your content.

You don’t want to remain in the shadows of some other creators, but take a stand. That’s how you will be able to create engaging blogs/vlogs.


Advertising has been in our lives for decades, and the most interesting part is how it has transformed over the years.

Advertising is all about presenting a product in a manner to the customers that will trigger their buyers’ instincts.

It is a fascinating field to consider as a career option after BA if you are a good communicator, creative, quick thinker, and excellent at building relationships.


With the digital space gaining prominence rapidly, journalism is a great career option after BA.

There’s a variety of jobs after BA like writing for a magazine, curating articles for news agencies’ online portals, etc.

Although you can get a journalism job after BA, you could enroll for a PG Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication to gain more experience.

According to PayScale, the starting salary is approximately 3.86 LPA in India.

Social services

Joining an NGO is a great career option after a BA program for those looking to make the world a better place by helping the needful.

This is also a great option for Psychology graduates as they can utilize their education and help bring about a change in mindsets.

They can help mothers teach their children about safety (good and bad touch) and what to do if faced with adversities of any kind, etc.

You could choose from the following fields:

  • Clinical social worker
  • Mental Health and substance abuse worker
  • Childcare and Family social worker
  • Healthcare social worker
  • School social worker


Applying for an editorial job at a publication house is a great career option after BA for those who have a knack for editing. Best thing is BA graduates in any language course can apply for the job!

Publication Houses are always on the lookout for editors to help in publishing error-free and enjoyable for the readers.

All that is required is to have an impeccable grammar sense and the ability to spot an error quickly.

However, it is always best to upskill through editing courses found on Coursera, etc.

Public Relations

PR is all about how good you are at building relations with people or other businesses. This in turn helps you to build a positive image of your company to the people.

So, if you are someone who loves to strategize on building brands, then this is the correct career option after BA.

The starting salary of PR executives in India is approximately 3.9LPA, according to PayScale.

Hopefully, you find your true calling from these stated career options after BA.

However, do ensure to read up or talk to someone from the field you choose as it helps to get a real-time understanding of the career prospects.

Utilize your social network for this purpose in case you don’t have any acquaintance in the field of your choice.

All the Best!

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