Career planning can be incredibly difficult.

Choosing a career at any stage of your life can be a confusing, and, sometimes, frustrating process.

Take a look at this quick list of jobs you can do from home.

Real Estate Agent

As surprising as it may seem, Real Estate Agents do, at times, work out of their own homes.

Though it seems like a glamorous career that can appear to be a bit out of reach for some people, the truth of the matter is that becoming certified in Real Estate can be as easy as dedicating yourself to study real estate online.

You can do so at several online sites. Among the top are and

A career as a real estate agent can be an extremely lucrative path to take.

However, it can be personally rewarding, as well.

Especially if you desire working face to face with your clients, and meeting new people constantly.

To top this off, in most states training, and becoming certified, takes only a matter of weeks!

Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant provides all of the comfort and stability of working in an office, but with the added benefit of sitting at home comfortably in your chair.

Virtual assistants provide professional administrative, creative, or technical assistance to their client from a remote office, their home.

One of the biggest steps to becoming a Virtual Assistant (VA) is research.

Yes, this means you'll be doing a massive amount of reading, however, the payoff, in the end, is substantial and worth it.

A site that can be incredibly helpful in this is TheVAHandbook, which lays out nearly every step, turn, and curve, you could expect along with this particular career choice. the step after this is simple, decide what you can provide to your clients.

This is based on your skill, and level of comfort in each field.

Property Management

Starting a career in real estate can seem daunting to someone who has never considered it, which is where personal property management can come in.

Managing your property can be lucrative, interesting, and exciting, and is easier to obtain than you might think.

By taking property management courses online via many websites and complete the required course units for a property management course, and the courses take only a matter of hours, spanned over a few day periods of time.

This makes property management one of the best jobs to work from home.

After becoming certified through your online courses, you might consider joining a Realtors, or property managers, association.

This can come in handy, in particular, for a property manager only just entering the business.

Joining the association can create strong connections, as well as expanding the knowledge and real-world experience, and know-how.

Freelance Content Writer

Freelance content writing isn't something you often hear about when looking around for jobs, and, oftentimes, can easily be shot down by our family and friends as a non-lucrative job path.

However, for someone who is looking to work on their own time, and at their own pace, content writing is most likely the place for you.

While making a career out of freelance writing can take some effort on your end, it can be one of the more personally driven careers to work from home.

Content writing is not for everyone, of course.

It does take a basic, to advanced, grasp of not just the language you are writing content in, but grammar as well.

Most sites, such as Textbroker offer a fully relaxed atmosphere, and getting started is, essentially, a snap! All you have to do is apply to the site, provide a writing sample, and off you go.

Of all the jobs on this list, Freelance writing could be the easiest to start up.

However, it is also the one that takes more self-discipline and time management.

Web Search Evaluator

A web search evaluator, essentially, is the person who ensures that web search results remain accurate.

For this job, you will need a
VPS hosting for startups and small businesses, high-speed internet, as well as a reliable computer.

According to some web developers who work from home they find it incredibly helpful to have a quiet and peaceful place to work.

Web Search Evaluators can make somewhere between $12 and $15 an hour searching the web, and all from home.

As an added benefit, this job is set by you. That means you work the hours you want to work when you want to work them.

To become a website evaluator, first, you must understand that you will not be an employee, but an independent contractor.

This means you will be in charge of paying your taxes, as well as tracking your hours.

A few of the key places to hire Web Search Evaluators are Leapforceathome and Appen Buttler hill.

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