1. Communicate on a level playing field
  2. Put business ahead of everything else
  3. Be empathetic
  4. Strive for clarity
  5. Communicate with a cool mind
  6. Exhibit confidence

IT is the biggest it has ever been in the last decade or so. With advancements in technology, it suffices to say that the demand for IT professionals is more than ever before.

This surge has created more and more people enrolling for IT courses and jobs in search of a more lucrative career.

But having the skills and knowledge of tech isn’t enough to be a complete and successful IT professional. That’s only half of the story.

Recruiters these days seek people who have not only got the skills nailed down but also for people who can work in a dynamic and agile work environment.

Organisations want people who can communicate effectively in a fast-paced working environment.

So, while IT skills for an IT engineer are essential to land a good job, having effective communication skills is something that will increase your chances of getting a good job and boost your growth in your existing role. .

There are some crucial communication skills that every IT professional should possess or at least try to learn to further their career.

Let’s discuss the 6 Must-have communication skills for IT professionals:

Communicate on a level playing field

When you’re working in an organisation, always remember that there will be business people around who will not understand IT terminology.

Most IT companies are either selling services or IT products that are fronted and sold by business people. So, as an IT engineer, you will interact with marketing, sales, product and many other people who do not understand the technical side of the business.

Always make sure that you keep the jargon aside and talk about the use cases rather than the technicalities of whatever you’re discussing.

An IT professional who can explain complicated technicalities to non-tech people will not only have a better relationship with colleagues from other departments but also have a better chance of getting into roles of management.

Put business ahead of everything else

Being a person who loves and enjoys working in technology, you may forget a lot of the times that business is what makes the product or services sell.
Whenever speaking to your peers outside of the IT department, always remember that business is what helps pay bills and salary in a company.

So, when you have an idea that you think is beneficial for the company, always make sure you have thought of a business gain for it.

Always thinking about expanding the business and numbers when brainstorming will result in more of your ideas being heard at your workplace.

Be empathetic

When working in a professional environment, it’s important to establish workplace camaraderie among your peers.

Before discussing anything with your peers, always step into their shoes and frame your statements and questions accordingly.

It’s easy to take an “It’s not my job” attitude when conveying deadlines or discussing projects.

But that’s not effective communication and will only lead to animosity around you. To have a successful career, always make sure you have empathy towards your peers and work collaboratively.

Strive for clarity

Clarity is probably one of the most important communication skills you need to have a successful career.

When you have clarity in your communication, there’s no space for discrepancies or misunderstandings. This can make your professional life a lot more smooth and efficient.

Always make sure that you get your point across when communicating with your peers, managers and employers.

If you’re not able to get your point across via emails or with any other written communication switch to a phone or face to face conversation. The quicker you clear the communication the less chance of a misunderstanding there will be.

Communicate with a cool mind

There are many days when we are not feeling great and having a cool mind at such a time in itself is a skill.

Having professional disagreements with peers or managers is a very likely scenario to happen. But always make sure that you do not let your emotions get the best of you when dealing with such situations.

Always take some time before communicating with someone you’ve had a disagreement with or someone you just don’t get along with professionally.

It’s not a horrible thing to admit that there are people in your organisation that are hard to deal with for you.

But to have a successful career you need to have the skill to deal with those people without disturbing the professional harmony as well as your peace.

The best way to do this is to let your mind cool off before sending that anger-filled email or quick-tempered text to your peer. Always be careful of the words you chose, in both your written as well as verbal communication.

When it comes to communicating with your superiors, it’s of utmost importance that you don’t lose your cool as it can put your job in jeopardy.

There are times when you won’t agree with your superiors and that’s fine. But it’s better to take some time off and construct your opinion in a non aggressive way than say something to your superior spontaneously.

Exhibit confidence

Confidence is everything when communicating with your colleagues in a working environment.

Always speak in a direct and confident tone without sounding arrogant or too proud. There’s a very thin line between confidence and arrogance and this can ruin your professional image.

So, always make sure that you listen before you speak and understand your peers and manager’s perspective before putting your point across.

But when putting your point across always be firm in your opinion and what you believe is right. Confidence is always desired by everyone and confident people are far more effective in communicating and leading a successful career.

In conclusion, IT professionals or not, communication skills are very important in any and every work environment. As IT professionals, to have the technological arsenal is only half of the battle but to have the right communication skills is something every company looks for in an employee.

Make sure that you practice the communication skills mentioned in this article as they will help you excel in your career and be a much better professional at your workplace.

***Good luck! ***

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