Lat year has been a year of extremes, from career to jobs, from finances to health, everything took a hit for most of us.

However, 2021 brings new hope for the entire world.

India experienced huge job cuts in 2020, with all hopes on 2021, it is expected to be much better in terms of employment. The initial trends are already to be seen.

In this blog, we shall discuss the job trends expected in 2021 in India.

Job Market in 2020

Last year has been a tough year for India as well as the world. According to a report published in Deccan Chronicle , As per CMIE, in the month of October, the employment rate in India was at 37.8%.

Massive job cuts happened amongst small traders & wage laborers. Massive unemployment surged mostly in rural India in 2020.

A massive dip in the employment rate was seen with a net 5.5 lakh job cuts in these categories in the year 2020.

In August 2020, an article in business-standard stated that in April 2020 alone, 17.7 million salaried jobs were lost, followed by 100,000 job losses of salaried employees in May 2020.

The above stats clearly show how 2020 proved to be a testing year for all of us.

However, most experts believe that 2021 shall prove to be great in times of rise in employment in India.

What to Expect in 2021?

Initial job market trends already show positive signs in 2021. While most of the companies have already started to realign themselves with the changing economy, the rest are almost there.

The demand for skilled human resources is expected to be on the rise this year due to the surge in job cuts last year.

According to a report ,One-fifth of recruiters already are expected to bounce back to their regular hiring ways as it was before COVID 19 pandemic within the next 3 months.

As per the Naukri Hiring Outlook survey done in Sept’20. 26% of employers predict that it would take 3-6 months for normal hiring to resume, while 34% said that it would take their organizations 6 months to 1 year.

Sales & Marketing

2021 is expected to see a rise in jobs especially sales & marketing jobs in India.

One of the prime reasons for this assumption is the fact that most companies are expected to primarily focus on increasing revenue this year.

Since sales & marketing directly impact the revenue of firms, most experts believe that companies shall focus on hiring the best sales & marketing workforce to boost profits.

IT professionals

Since the world has become virtual, digital presence for firms is of utmost importance.

The target audience of most firms are now present on digital spaces than conventional face to face consumer vendor dealing.

Here is where IT professionals come into the picture, a strong IT workforce would help these firms to reach their desired audience virtually.

Firms that didn’t even have an online presence shall now be forced to be on digital platforms. So the demand for IT professionals is expected to grow rapidly.

Sectors to Expect Job Growth in 2021

According to an employment outlook survey by Manpower Group which included almost 1500 employers in the country , it was realized that in 2021, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Mining, and Construction sectors are expected to see a huge surge in employment.

65% of employers showed positive signs of returning to pre COVID hiring within 9 months compared to 44% in the last quarter.

However, it is worth mentioning here that most firms would now expect much more from potential candidates than mere knowledge of the subject.

Communication & interpersonal skills would also be put to test by firms before they hire the right candidate.

2021 shows all signs so far to be a promising year for the job market in India, let’s hope all the miseries of 2020 is taken away by this year.

All the best.

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