Upskilling is never passé when career growth is on your mind. In fact, learning and development is the need of the hour.

Continuous learning is the key to success, especially during a tough job market.

With the ongoing pandemic, freshers struggle more to get a lucrative job with less or no work experience.

So, how can you make yourself an asset for the organization you wish to join?

Upskilling helps you to stay relevant in the current job market and outstand the competition.

Here’s a list of some useful free online courses that can be studied by freshers to develop skills that are needed in any domain or industry.

As you continue to grapple with these uncertain times, life must go on, and so should your learning.

Here you go!

1. Problem Solving with advanced analytics

Every employer looks out for candidates who can successfully solve a business problem and bring an advantage to the business.

You can develop this key skill by pursuing an online course in problem solving.

About the course: Problem solving with an advanced analytics program by Udacity aims to offer fundamental knowledge to use data analytics for creating business insights and advance in your organization.

You will also learn analytical methods to solve business problems with the help of available data and learn from industry experts.

2. Public Speaking Course

Anyone interested in improving or learning public speaking/speech/presentation skills can take up this trending course that is free.

Freshers who want to feel more confident while speaking in front of others or want to outperform with presentation skills in their office meeting, this course is the right choice for them.

About the course: This course offered by Udemy includes 25 speech/presentation guide books that help you to increase your confidence when speaking or presenting in front of many people.

You can enroll for free and earn a certificate of learning on course completion.

3. Digital skills: Web Analytics

With every business transforming into digital processes now, learning digital skills and analytics is of utmost importance these days.

You can learn these analytical tools in shorter span of time and value to your CV.

About the course: No prior qualification or experience is required for enrolling to this online course.

The course curriculum focuses on developing entrepreneurial skills while preparing you for the dynamic workplace requirements.

4. Google analytics

If you are particularly planning to get into a tech or marketing job, learning Google Analytics tool helps you to stay ahead in your job role.

This course will help you to learn how to leverage your data to its best use.

Get ready to get your personalized certificate issued by Google on completion of the course.

5. General management & communication skills

Developing in-demand skills such as general management and communication skills offer a great boost to your career advancement.

In the corporate world, developing leadership and inter-personal skills pays off in the end.

Freshers can take up this course to learn these skills and perform in their respective domains.

About the course: GMCS is a 15 days full-time course that provides an in-depth understanding of business environment opportunities in the ever-changing socio-economic scenario.

The course curriculum includes several case studies, projects, presentations, mock interviews, and management quizzes to help you prepare well.

Key benefits of learning and upskilling for freshers:

  • These courses can be easily completed along with your full-time job.
  • Learning with the help of these online courses enables you to develop industry skills that help in your job search.
  • You can anytime explore and choose the best-fit course for yourself and prepare to stay relevant to recruiters.
  • Online courses are mainly designed in collaboration with industry experts to help you gain maximum learning.
  • You can develop or improve your skills to gain a competitive advantage.
  • You can earn a Certificate of Completion and add value to your CV.

So, interested in exploring some relevant course to kick-start your learning process?

Under the Step-Up initiative, offers the complete detail of trending online courses that will help you to upskill and advance in your career.

All the best!

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