1. Do’s of serving notice period
  2. Don’ts of serving notice period

So, you have found an exciting new job opportunity and have handed over your resignation letter, and are currently serving notice period.

Serving your notice period does not mean an employee can slack off as it can sour your relations with the current employer. But first, let’s start with the meaning of notice period before we jump into the Do’s and Don’ts of serving notice period.

So, what is a notice period? It is the period of time an employee has to set between submitting your resignation and their last day of work in the organization.

Usually, a company sets a notice period of 1-2 months when an employee puts in their papers. An employee can, however, negotiate their notice period during their exit interview and highlight it in their resignation letter.

Now let’s find out tips to serving your notice period.

Do’s of serving notice period

When serving your notice period, treat it with as much sincerity as your first day in the organization.

Here are a few ways you can ensure that you leave on a positive note with utmost integrity, as a good word or two from your employer can act as a positive aspect in furthering your career.

Continue with the same productivity

It is very easy to feel tempted to cut yourself slack when serving your notice period. However, avoid such temptation as it can lead to a heap of unfinished business for the team you have been working with for so long.

So, try to maintain the same level of productivity, and even if you can't complete every task till the last day, let your team know of the status as it can help them pick up the pace.

Ensure there are no loose ends

You need to focus on finishing the active projects when serving your notice period. However, it might be a possibility that you cannot finish every project.

In such cases, you can draft a summary of the unfinished projects when handing over your responsibilities as it will allow the onboarding replacement to pick tasks up without much delay.

This will show that despite resigning you had the team's best interest in mind and is a very strong showcase of your integrity as an employee.

Keep your professional network informed

You also need to update your clients, associates, and colleagues about your last day of work when serving notice period. You can provide them with the contact details of your Manager or even the next in command on the team for the smooth flow of work and communication until your replacement takes over.

Don't let a change in team spirit affect you

Let’s admit there are certain changes within the team once you start serving notice period. You may not be invited to team meetings discussing future endeavors or other important meetings, team lunches, etc especially if you are joining a competing organization.

Don’t feel bad, keep smiling and look ahead instead of feeling ignored and unfamiliar amidst your team.

Be grateful and diplomatic

As tempting as it may be, avoid giving in to gossip, criticizing the organization, or bragging about the new company out loud. Instead, focus on the good, be grateful for the opportunities you received in the organization.

Also, maintain a diplomatic stance and provide constructive criticism when asked to provide feedback about the organization during your exit interview. For example, you can cite a stronger training program.

Don’ts of serving notice period

With the Do’s of service notice period sorted, let’s take a walk through the Don’ts of the same.

Don't take it as a holiday

Although you might feel like the majority of the workload is off your shoulders, don't laze around at your desk because of it.

You can offer your help to your teammates instead of taking personal phone calls or scrolling through social media. You are, after all, on a notice period, not a holiday.

Don't brag about your new job

It is natural to feel excited about the new office, their cool office spaces, entertainment zones, etc but don't go about bragging about it in the bay amidst your team. This can not only disrupt the work environment but diminish the positive environment during your notice period.

Don't leave on a sour note

There might be reasons for you to have negative feelings towards certain aspects of your organization, but letting it out while serving notice period is not the way to go.

The industry circle is really small and it won’t take much time for the word to spread like wildfire and you wouldn’t want a bad reputation for yourself and dampen your chances of a brighter future.

So, the best policy is to forgive and forget and part on a positive note.

Don't forget to write a formal goodbye mail

Sure your team is aware of your last working day at the organization, but remember to draft a goodbye email to leave a positive impression on the team.

Take this opportunity to appreciate their guidance, help, and all the good times you have shared and taken as learnings.

Hopefully, with these tips for serving your notice period, your final days with the organization will be positive and smooth sailing.

However, no matter what, absolutely DO NOT miss sending out your goodbye email on the last day of your notice period.

All the best for your future endeavor!

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