1. Traditional industries looking for IT skills
    1. Automotive
    2. Construction
    3. Manufacturing
  2. Most popular IT skills in traditional industries
    1. Salesforce
    2. Quality engineer
    3. AWS
    4. Business analyst
    5. Cloud
    6. Azure
    7. Devops
    8. VMC
    9. Python
    10. R

The IT industry has come a long way since its inception. The exponential growth of IT has extended its reach into other sectors and industries.

While IT in itself is a gargantuan industry, its growing need in other industries cannot be ignored.

Most popular industries these days are looking for people with IT skills as each industry is slowly adopting operational methods that involve IT.

So, today we’ll take a dive into some of these industries and how the IT skills demand is increasing within these popular industries.

For the sake of simplicity, I’ve divided the blog into two sections. First being the industries that are looking for IT skills in their employees and the second section will cover which IT skills are popular within these industries.


Let’s begin…

Traditional industries looking for IT skills

There are many traditional industries that are seeking out IT skills in their employees as a lot of them have evolved into an IT based operation from a traditional working system.

Here are some of these industries:


The automotive industry is one of the biggest industries that is seeking out skilled IT people.

Modern automotive ventures are in sync with technological advancements, which is why software in the automotive industry is becoming a common norm.

  • Autonomous vehicles: There are several projects carried out by several top automotive companies that are planning out autonomous vehicles and vehicles that have an intricate dashboard for the consumers. Most of these technologies in the automobile industry are being created by IT professionals.

  • Digitization in automobiles: With the advent of new technologies, vehicles are now being developed with a tamper-proof digital identity. This will help in tracking the vehicles for insurances, fleet management and driver safety.

  • Artificial intelligence: AI and Machine Learning are at the top in automobile projects as engineers are trying to figure out ways to make vehicles autonomous. But more than that, AI and Machine Learning is being used in robotics, a subcategory of automotive industry.

So, overall there are several jobs in the automotive industry where there is a need for IT skills.


Construction is one of the sectors that is booming with the demand of IT. Construction projects are vast and require IT assistance in streamlining operations and having a more efficient outcome.

  • Data compilation: Construction companies require a lot of data collection which can be easily resolved with simple IT tools. The skills IT professionals possess make the construction professionals’ job a lot easier when it comes to data management.

  • Project management: IT professionals can help in management of projects better via cloud tools. Digital processes make the project accessibility much easier for everyone. Everyone can have access to updated plans and documents from anywhere without any discrepancies. This opens up a lot of IT jobs in the construction industry.

  • Automation in the construction industry: Automating machinery, and tools via developed software will help in reducing construction costs and increase efficiency of the construction industry in general.

There are a lot of jobs in the construction industry that require a lot of scope of IT skills and it will only increase with time.


Another giant industry is the manufacturing industry.

The global manufacturing industry is massive and is benefitting from the technological adoption of IT in their modern methods.

  • Automation in manufacturing: With the help of IT, manufacturing lines can be automated with a set of instructions and without any discrepancies. Automation not only reduces the manufacturing costs but also allocates their human resources at the jobs which require human intelligence.

  • Predictive analysis: Data has always been important and IT has the most efficient methods in managing data. When it comes to the manufacturing industry, predictive analysis of data is crucial in streamlining the manufacturing process. Analysis of data opens up IT jobs in manufacturing.

  • Artificial intelligence: AI and machine learning can again help in the process of manufacturing.

It can help machines identify defective products on lines and make conscious decisions without the intervention of human intelligence.

With such a scope in the industry, you can be assured that there are several jobs in the manufacturing industry.

The above mentioned industries are just some examples because there are many more industries that require skilled IT professionals in their offices.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most popular IT skills that these industries look for in candidates.

Most popular IT skills in traditional industries

Following are some of the many popular IT skills needed in the traditional industries:


Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM tools in the world. As every industry is run on customers, it’s inevitable that most companies use this CRM.

While using Salesforce is a pretty easy job, developing APIs, integrating it with other tools within the organization requires IT expertise.

This is where Salesforce engineers are in popular demand by traditional industries.

Quality engineer

Every company requires quality engineers to make sure their development, operations and maintenance of IT systems are being carried out by the quality standards set by the company.

Most companies have at least a basic IT setup as most of the work is now being done online. The quality engineer becomes essential as every company needs to maintain high quality standards.


AWS or Amazon Web Services is the most popular on demand cloud computing and API platform service provider for companies and governments.

AWS is massive and most of the companies host their online work on AWS. This again requires engineers who can setup, maintain and handle AWS operations for the company.

Business analyst

Most business analysts come from IT backgrounds as they’re more savvy in using analytical tools. Business analysts are in high demand by most companies because every company needs great analysis for their business to grow.

Most desirable business analysts are the ones with the IT background as they can use intuitive tools to help companies get the right forecasts and numbers.


Since most companies have set up their operations on cloud, it’s suffice to say that its planning, set up and maintenance requires an expert.

This is where cloud engineers are needed to help set up, plan and design cloud operations for a company. Also, they’re needed to maintain the entire operations on a daily basis.


Similar to AWS and cloud, Azure is a cloud computing service provider from Microsoft. This requires an engineer who is seasoned in designing, planning and setting up operations on Azure.

Companies that choose Azure as their cloud computing solution generally need an Azure engineer to help them carry out their operations.


Devops is the practice of combining software development and IT operations. Devops help companies develop products and streamline their IT operations at the same time.

Devops help companies in deployment, server maintenance, and server security, which are essential for any company in traditional industries.


Vertical Machining Centers or VMC programmers are needed to programme machines that are used in the manufacturing industry.

CNC machines are Computer Numerically Controlled machines that are the modern machines used in the manufacturing industry.

This is where VMC engineers are needed as they’re solely responsible for programming the machines to do tasks that are required by the company.


Python is the most in-demand language in the world as it is needed by IT and traditional industries alike.

Python is used in data science, big data and for various other operations in companies, which makes it a highly desirable skill by most companies.


Similar to Python, R is a programming language which is a popular IT skill. R is widely used in data science and data analysis.

R is favoured by staticians and data miners for data analysis. This makes R an essential IT skill desired in traditional industries as data analysis is a key part in any business.

In conclusion, the mentioned industries and IT skills are some of the most popular ones in the traditional non-IT industries. However, there may be many more in the future as the demand of IT skills is growing rapidly all round the world.

The graph of IT and its skills in every industry has been on an exponential rise which is enough evidence to suggest that the IT skills will slowly become the most in demand skills in the future for every industry.

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