1. Reasons interviewers ask “what is your dream job?” in an interview
  2. Tips to answer “what is your dream job?”
    1. Refrain from giving a title
    2. Tailor to fit
    3. Align your values with the company's value
    4. Match your future goals to the position
    5. Discuss why you want the job you are interviewing for
  3. Field-specific sample answers
    1. General sample answer
    2. Sample answer for freshers
    3. Sample answer for engineers
    4. Sample answer for graphic designers
  4. Interview preparation tips:

One of the most common interview questions asked by recruiters is “what is your dream job?”

Although interviews are pretty nerve-wracking, we have put together some tips and sample answers to help in your interview preparation!

Reasons interviewers ask “what is your dream job?”

The common misconception that prevails among interviewees is that recruiters want to hear that their job is your dream job.

However, that's a myth that needs to be busted. When recruiters ask, "what is your dream job?" they actually want to get an idea of what the interviewee is actually passionate about, their goals and what makes them feel motivated.

A major reason for this is because every recruiter when hiring wants the candidate to remain in the organization for the long-run.

So, here are a few tips for you to consider while framing your answer.

Tips to answer “what is your dream job?”

Before answering “what is your dream job?” it is important to take into consideration these following factors.

Refrain from giving a title

Instead of talking about job titles (like content writer or so) speak of a general description.

Sample answer
"I would want my dream job to be an opportunity that will allow me to reach out to the people through my work. I would want to make a mark in the industry for the work I have done."

Tailor to fit

Okay, so this is probably one of the most important factor to remember while answering "what is your dream job?"

It is really important to build up your answer around the job profile you have applied for.

Take for example, you have applied for the job profile of a data analyst and go about describing about how you dream of becoming a travel blogger. Instantly, your interviewer will assume that you are not much interested or passionate about the post you are interviewing for.

Sample answer
"I would like to lead a team which will make a difference in the field through their work. I have heard that your company provides a lot of learning opportunity. I would like to be a part of it and achieve my dream in your company."

Align your values with the company's value

There is no doubt that skills play an important role while answering "what is your dream job?" But what also needs to be remembered is that, you must align your values to the values of the company.

Recruiters want candidates who will stick with the organization for which it is important to have a similar value with the company.

Now, value could be anything, as for example work life balance, work culture and so on. So, accordingly here is how you can answer.

Sample answer
"I believe that media has the power to impact the people on a greater level. And the major reason why I came into the media field is because I believe I can make a difference under the guidance of great journalists your company possesses."

Match your future goals to the position

Adding to the above mentioned points, it is important to make sure that your dream job should be in perspective to your future goals.

But it is also important to match it to your profile. This will help the recruiter to believe that you are willing to join their company for a long run and you are committed to it.

Sample answer
"Ever since high school, I have been admiring journalists and editors of the media houses. The way journalists bring news to the public and the way editors work so hard to showcase the news in a beautiful story like manner has always inspired me.

One of the reasons why I joined journalism was, I always dreamt of being a great editor like (name of your idol). I know being an editor of that stature is a big deal and I am willing to learn and work along-side talented people to achieve my dream."

Discuss why you want the job

Apart from these factors, remember to sum up your answer by citing why you want this job. You can explain how the company reviews or something about the job role got you excited.

Sample answer
"The reason why I applied for this job, is because I have heard and read a lot of great stuff about your company.

But what really got me excited was the immense learning opportunity that is presented to its employees. I have read about the team's works and it would be a great opportunity for me to be a part of it."

Field-specific sample answers

General sample answer

"I had pursued my medical degree with the hope and vision to help the people. But over time, after serving in the industry as a cardiologist, I realized that medicines in India is a luxury afforded by a few.

It was then that I realized that I was not being able to justify myself and my vision.

But I also realized that I lacked the experience to help me achieve it. I pursued my MBA with the focus to achieve my vision of making generic medicine available to all.

So, my dream job will be to work for a company that shares the same belief and is willing to make generic medicine available to the needy. This will help not only the patients but also the doctors who truly believe in their passion to cure illness."

Sample answer for freshers

"I have always dreamt of being an editor is a leading media house. And what better company than yours? I know there is a long way to go, but I am willing to make the effort.

I am willing to climb up the ladder from just a sub-editor. I believe I will be able to do so under the mentorship of great talents you already possess."

Sample answer for engineers

"I pursued engineering with a focus to make my mark in the renewable energy sector. Renewable resources for energy are an important source of energy. We can solve many problems of modern-day India through its usage.

So, my dream job will be the scope to work with a company that has the same belief and is willing to create a future with a better environment."

Sample answer for graphic designers

"Ever since childhood I have been really fascinated with cartoons and video games. The creativity that goes behind structuring a character is amazing. And it did not take me long to decide on my career path when the time came.

Growing up, I really enjoyed the works of (name of your idol) and how beautifully their work leaves a mark on the minds.

Being an ardent admirer of their work, my dream job is to create work of a stature where my designs will be able to make a change in the way people conceive.”

Interview preparation tips

Answering "What is your dream job?" provides you with an amazing opportunity to showcase your ambition and how passionate you are about achieving your future goals.

This not only helps the recruiters to understand you better but also gives you a clear picture of where you want to see yourself in the future.

This way you can get proper guidance from your seniors, managers, and colleagues to help you shape your career in a better manner.

Apart from these above mentioned tips, here are a few general interview tips to consider for your interview preparation.

  • Research about the company.
  • Make a list of relevant questions for the interviewer.

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  • Make a list of key selling points which you can showcase. These points must highlight why you are the best suited candidate for the job.
  • Prepare some basic interview questions and answers for the interview.

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