While the global patterns of interviews more or less match each other, some specifics have quite a value.

Interview questions like why do you want to work here? Or why do you want to work for us?

Though these questions are quite common, but can prove to be tricky during interviews.

In this blog, we shall provide sample answers for one such interview question, why do you want to work here?

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Why do you want to work here?

Possible answer #1

"I have always been a person of learning. I have learned all the “must have’s” in my previous organization.

However, in 5 years of my professional experience, I have worked on many projects.

I feel that now I have an expertise in my domain. I am ready to move ahead in life.

I feel ready to take more professional responsibilities to shape my career in a better way.

When I got to know about this opportunity, I wanted to apply right away.

A career in your firm is a dream for professionals like me. I assure you that not only will I be an asset to this firm.

I will also work to the best of my knowledge to personally sharpen my skills to bring profit to the company."


This answer to why do you want to work here justifies why you are keen to get this job & how you have the right skills for this job.

This also shows the interviewer your zeal to learn & achieve maximum productivity.

The simplicity of this answer is indeed its biggest strength. In this answer, you put across all the right reasons as to why you are the right candidate in the most subtle way.

Possible answer #2

"I have an experience of 5 years & have the relevant expertise & skills required for this job.

Previously I have worked on all the softwares & other skills, which are a must for this position.

I have always been a strong believer in teamwork & your firm is known for its culture of achieving success through teamwork.

Lately, I have been reading about the recent achievements of your firm.

I was fascinated to see, that all those achievements have been a result of excellent teamwork & coordination.

Being a firm believer in teamwork, I feel joining your firm would be an excellent step for my career & growth."


It’s important that you know how the culture of the firm works. This can be done through AmbitionBox, where you can find reviews, salary insights of the company before you join the firm.

Choosing one crucial value of the firm & merging it with your belief, surely would give you an edge over other candidates.

In the above answer, the same is done.

One crucial value of the firm is being highlighted by the interviewee, thus providing an interviewer another aspect to consider along with experience & expertise.

Possible answer #3

"I look at this opportunity as a dream come true. I have always been wanting to work in your firm, however, never got a chance or right opportunity.

I saw this opening in your firm & had to apply.

I feel this opening would boost my career in the right direction & provide a perfect platform to grow.

This opportunity would help me to work with experienced professionals.

I shall give my 100% to ensure I deliver the best. Along with the learnings, the benefits & salary offered for this position is also exciting.

I believe that with the right remuneration & right work culture, professional growth is inevitable.

Your company has always been known for striking this balance."


The above answer to why do you want to work for us, explains about the reputation that an interviewee holds about the firm.

The growth he/she looks towards if they join the firm. It also reflects upon your satisfaction with the benefits & salary offered, which can be quite handy for the interviewer.

This indeed gives a clear view of an interviewer of your wish to join the firm. Sometimes along with relevant experience, that passion also needs to be there.

Possible answer #4

"I had seen an opening in your firm a week back & instantly I knew I had to apply.

I have been following the impeccable case studies of your company & have been wanting this opportunity for long.

I feel your firm values the mind & talent of professionals & provides the right kind of environment to grow.

Besides the position you are hiring for, I feel I am the best fit.

I have an overall experience of 5 years & have the required skillset apt for this job."


This answer gives the interviewer a clear heads up on your positive view about the company. Also, it provides a view of your ambition to work for his/her company for a long career ahead.

This answer also subtly puts across your relevant merit to get this job.

Though the answer to such questions can be many, however, the above mentioned are the ones which surely shall leave an impact.

While all the answers given during an interview are important, why do you want to work for us, remains the basic question asked?

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So next time make sure you are well prepared to answer this question during an interview.

Best of luck!

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