We all have gone through this phase, be it friends bagging job opportunities or moving on in their lives, it is natural to feel FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

The green monster of envy can take its toll on you, especially as you see everyone else move ahead in their career while you wait for the right opportunity.

If you are someone having the same feelings, then this is the blog for you!

In this piece, we discuss tips to deal with the difficulty of waiting for the right opportunity and how to cope with your friends moving ahead.

  1. Acknowledge your feelings
  2. Positive Affirmations
  3. Take a break
  4. Find the problem
  5. Work on upgrading your skillset
  6. Review your resume
  7. Work on your social presence
  8. Work on building your network
  9. Practice your interview skills

Acknowledge your feelings

First things first, identify your feelings when you hear about a friend’s progress. Are you feeling anxious? Jealous? Or, just feeling left out?

Once you recognize your feelings, work on turning the negative sentiments into positive ones. Applying for jobs with a negative mindset can hamper your job search and delay the response you are eagerly waiting for.

Instead, try to reaffirm your credibility by reading old accomplishments or congratulatory emails from friends or colleagues as it will help imbibe self-confidence.

Depending on your situation, you can consider the following tips to overcome the standstill.

Positive Affirmations

An average person can have up to 6000 thoughts in a day. If the only thoughts you remember are the negative ones, it's time to change your thought process.

The first step towards this can be positive affirmations. Affirmations have the power to make us feel better and can help your mind beat the blues.

Here’s how you can reaffirm your credibility,

“ I am a competent _____ and my colleagues have always appreciated my work. One thing I like about myself is ____.

Take a break

When your mind feels fogged and unable to process any information, it is best to take a break for a few days. However, ensure the break is no longer than a week and does not continue for months on end.

During this time take up some activities such as meditation, exercise, sports, or any other hobby that helps you relax.

Avoid thinking about job applications during your break period as it won’t help in getting any clarity.

On the contrary, a fresh mind will help you get better ideas and provide you with fresh energy to seize the day.

Find the problem

The best way to go about solving a problem is to identify the root cause of it.

What is causing the constant rejection? Is it your resume? Or, something that’s not striking the right notes in your interview? Are you not finding the right jobs?

Once you find the problem source, address it accordingly. For example, if you are having problems finding the right job, then there’s a chance you are not looking at the right places. Check out Naukri.com and find your dream job based on your requirements.

Work on upgrading your skillset

You can take this opportunity to work on updating your skills while you continue to work on your job applications.

When applying for jobs, you must have read the job descriptions provided by recruiters. You can take note of that and find courses to build up the required skillset.

This will add weightage to your resume and can increase your chances of getting a callback from your next job application.

Review your resume

A weak resume is one of the major reasons for not getting callbacks for the interview round. You can check out the reasons why your resume is not getting shortlisted and work towards rectifying the mistakes for a strong professional resume.

One of the most important steps to follow while applying for jobs is to always tailor your resume as per the job description, instead of a set template.

Doing the latter indicates that you are not serious about the job and have blindly applied for the same.

Work on your social presence

Hiring managers most of the time want to look up a candidate's online presence to understand if you will be a fit for their company.

Make sure your social media profiles are updated and professional. take down any controversial posts and comments as they might reflect poorly on you.

Work on building your network

Growing your network is one of the ideal ways to generate leads that can help you get a job.

This can be a tough one for introverts as you find it difficult to put yourself out there. So, you can first start by reaching out to your seniors and alumni and then building up your network further.

This will allow you the time to get comfortable in introducing yourself to strangers with ease.

Practice your interview skills

In case you are someone who is hitting the roadblock after their interview rounds, this indicates that you need to work on your interview skills a bit more.

Take your time and answer mock interview questions of the frequently asked interview questions. If you are a fresher, you can check out the common HR interview questions for freshers to help you practice before appearing for an interview.

Apart from this, also work on the technical part of your interview rounds and how you present yourself to the interviewer.

Remember your first impression is the last impression so ensure you are introducing yourself correctly on the day of the interview. If you have any doubts, feel free to find the answers to your confusion in How to introduce yourself in an interview.

Interview skills doesn’t only depend on how well you answer the questions, but also on how you present yourself throughout the session.

So, make sure you present the best version of yourself in your next interview and with preparedness and confidence, you’ll surely make the cut!

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It is natural to feel low when you see all your peers bagging their dream jobs or first break, while you are at a standstill.

However it all depends on how you face the situation, hopefully, these tips will help you to overcome the tough situation and help you move ahead to success.

All the Best!

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