The most crucial step in the life of a fresher is to get the first job as it lays the foundation of an unprecedented career.

This foundation is very significant as it dictates the path of one’s professional life.

So, let's try to answer the question on every fresher’s mind, “How to get a job?”

Naukri is the perfect platform to find a job for any fresher or a fresh graduate.

However, there are certain tips that you should follow when you’re looking for a job as a fresher. Following are some of the tips that you should consider when applying for jobs on Naukri:

1. Complete your Naukri profile

A completed profile is a must if you want recruiters to contact you via Naukri.

As a fresher, you do not have any experience to showcase on your Naukri profile, which is why it’s essential that you complete your profile to the maximum.

Half a page of scribbled lines or in other words, an incomplete profile will not only make a bad impression on recruiters, but also the recruiters that don't post any job openings and rather directly search candidates won’t be able to see your profile.

Also, if you have an incomplete profile and miss out some crucial fields, you won’t be able to apply for jobs on Naukri.

2. Upload an appealing resume

It goes without a question that you need a resume as the first step in the job application process.

However a lot of freshers make the mistake of not following industry standards when it comes to resumes.

It is highly important that as a fresher you have your resume in a certain format and order. This format and order can make an impression on recruiters.

Recruiters when hiring freshers look for personalities rather than skills as skills can be acquired later on through training and mentorships.

A personality that takes the extra effort to research about how to format a resume and incorporates industry guidelines even before stepping into an office for an interview is more likely to make a lasting impression.

So, research and find the best formats for your resume and how to get them right.

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3. Never skip important fields in your profile

Naukri’s search algorithm helps recruiters search for potential candidates for their job openings.

So, a recruiter can fill in the details they’re looking for in a candidate and go through Naukri’s database to find themselves the right candidate.

For example: a lot of the recruiters may select a prerequisite of education in their search and if you haven’t filled those fields correctly, your profile will not even come up in the search.

This way you can lose a lot of opportunities if you haven’t filled the important details on your profile.

4. Stay active on Naukri

Staying active on Naukri is essential in getting interviews. Naukri constantly monitors your activity level and recruiters are more likely to reach out to people with high activity levels.

A highly active profile on Naukri simply means that you’re actively in search of a job.

We recommend that you login to your account at least once a week and more if you want to increase the chance of landing an interview.

5. Keep your profile updated

Updating your profile regularly will keep you on top of recruiter search results.

Everytime you update your profile, it gets refreshed and gets preference in the search results of recruiters who are looking out for candidates that are searching for jobs.

6. Reply to recruiter emails

Recruiter emails are sent to your inbox on Naukri.

Make sure you always keep a check on your inbox and reply to those recruiter emails as they will increase your chances of getting more calls and emails from recruiters.

In closing, as a fresher you can take advantage of Naukri’s platform to get yourself the right job to kick start your career. Make sure that you utilize the tips mentioned above and also, ensure that you don’t actively apply to jobs that are looking for experienced candidates as it may mess up your recommendations.

Your activity on Naukri will generate similar recommendations for you which can help you discover the right company and job post for you. So, make sure you apply to job postings that are relevant to you and your on work profile.

***All the best! ***

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