Naukri Job Alerts are a unique set of jobs that match your profile and the resume you uploaded on our site. This match is based on the text in your resume, and some chosen fields such as functional area, department, job role, and industry. Each of these parameters along with your current salary, experience, and preferred location, are used to find best-fit jobs for you.

Let us now deep dive into some important details about Naukri Job Alerts.

Increase relevance of job alerts

If you are getting jobs that are not relevant, we suggest the following five steps:

1. Keep your profile updated

If you have added new skills, moved higher in your organization, got a salary increase, or changed your job, you should incorporate these changes into your default Naukri Profile to receive better-matched job alerts.

2. Mention the right key skills

If you have mentioned key skills in just your CV and but not in the Naukri Profile field, you may miss jobs that match your current skills.

To edit your key skills, log into your Naukri Account and follow My Naukri –> Edit Profile –> Key Skills.
List those skills that are relevant to the job you are looking for and not your previous jobs. For example, if you are looking for a Sales Manager role but you used to work as a Java developer, consider removing skills like Java, J2EE, etc. and add skills such as Channel sales, Business development, etc. to the Key Skills field.

3. Specify your preferred location

Your job alerts are classified into two parts - jobs matching only your preferred locations and jobs matching other locations. You can specify your preferred location by logging in and following My Naukri –> Settings –> Job Preferences -> Desired Location

4. Add a descriptive designation in Naukri profile

Indicate your department/role in the designation. For example, use "Senior Manager - Accounts" instead of "Senior Manager" if you work in Accounts department.

If your skills are broad-based and not limited to an industry, then consider using a more generic designation. For example, use “Senior Relationship Banker – Corporate Division” instead of “Senior Relationship Banker – Agriculture and Food Industry”.

5. Select a specific functional area

If you select your Functional Area or Role as “Others”, Naukri does not precisely know what your department is. Therefore, select the closest matching Functional Area or Role, instead of selecting “Others”. Please note this will not limit the jobs you receive for the role that you have selected since Naukri also sends jobs in similar roles, not just the role that you selected.

Not all jobs are sent in job alerts
Only jobs posted in last two to three days are used to match your profile and are sent in the email. However, a link at the bottom of the job alert mailer lands you on recommended jobs page which shows all jobs on that particular day, matching your profile.

Different ways to receive relevant job alerts

  • If you don’t find the job recommendations relevant, you can create a Custom Job Alert in Naukri where you can specify criteria such as industry, functional area, role, and location.

  • You can also choose to be notified of jobs matching a search result by clicking on “Set As Alert” after conducting a search on Naukri. You can set very specific criteria using the search filters and get only those jobs that match these criteria.

  • If you find a job in the search result that you think is interesting, you can also ask to get alerted on similar jobs by clicking the “Send me jobs like this” link in the job description.

However, if you still don’t find the job recommendations relevant, please give us feedback by answering the “Are these jobs relevant” section in the emails sent to you. This would help us to improve in the future.

In order to get real-time updates on jobs, download Naukri App.

How To Use Naukri Job Search