It is crucial to find an inclusive and supportive work environment, especially for LGBTQIA individuals. Pride Month serves as a reminder to celebrate diversity and promote LGBTQ+ rights.

But how can job seekers identify LGBTQ+-friendly companies that make conscious efforts beyond June?

In this article, we will explore a few unique and creative ways to identify employers who embrace diversity, provide equal opportunities, and create an inclusive culture for all employees.

How to Identify LGBTQ+ Friendly Companies?

While many companies can be inclusive, only a few stand out with visible and thoughtful efforts. Here’s how you can identify companies that are LGBTQ+ friendly:

LGBTQ+ Awareness and Agenda

Identifying companies that promote LGBTQ+ awareness and agenda can be a crucial step in supporting inclusive businesses. Several indicators can help identify such companies.

One key identifier is the presence of LGBTQ+ inclusive policies and practices.

Look for companies that have explicit non-discrimination policies protecting sexual orientation and gender identity, as well as comprehensive benefits that support LGBTQ+ employees, such as transgender-inclusive healthcare coverage.

These policies can usually be found in the company's employee handbook or on their website.

Another indicator is the company's public stance on LGBTQ+ issues. LGBTQ+-friendly companies often publicly support the community's rights, participate in Pride events, and engage in partnerships with LGBTQ+ organizations.

They may issue statements or publish articles expressing their commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equality.

Also, companies that actively promote LGBTQ+ representation and visibility in their marketing materials, advertisements, and leadership positions are likely to be LGBTQ+ friendly.

Look for companies that feature diverse sexual orientations and gender identities in their campaigns, as this demonstrates a genuine commitment to inclusivity.

Lastly, companies that have established LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) or affinity groups can be identified as LGBTQ+ friendly.

These groups provide a platform for LGBTQ+ employees to connect, support each other, and advocate for LGBTQ+ rights within the company.

By considering these indicators, individuals can identify companies that are actively promoting LGBTQ+ awareness and agenda, making informed choices to support businesses that align with their values of inclusivity and equality.

Employee Sensitization to Break Unconscious Biases

Companies trying to sensitize their employees and break unconscious biases are truly using knowledge to overcome stereotypes and discrimination while establishing a sense of acceptance holistically.

These companies create an environment where all individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, feel valued and included.

Here are some factors that can help you assess whether a company prioritizes fighting unconscious biases and fostering an inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ individuals.

Comprehensive Diversity and Inclusion Training Programs

LGBTQ+-friendly companies often provide comprehensive training programs that address diversity and inclusion, including unconscious biases related to sexual orientation and gender identity.

These programs aim to educate employees, raise awareness, challenge stereotypes, and promote a more inclusive workplace culture.

LGBTQ+ Allyship Training Opportunities

Companies that prioritize employee sensitization often offer allyship training programs. These programs educate individuals on how to be effective allies with their LGBTQ+ colleagues.

They provide information on LGBTQ+ issues, terminology, and strategies for supporting and advocating for the LGBTQ+ community within the workplace.

Ongoing Dialogue About D&I

LGBTQ+-friendly companies actively encourage open and ongoing conversations about diversity and inclusion.

They create a supportive environment where employees can share their experiences, perspectives, and concerns related to unconscious biases.

This communication helps to break down barriers, increase understanding, and foster a culture of acceptance.

Organized Panel Discussions, Town Halls, or Diversity Forums

Companies committed to employee sensitization often organize events such as panel discussions, town halls, or diversity forums.

These platforms provide opportunities for employees to engage in meaningful conversations about unconscious biases and their impact on the LGBTQ+ community.

They promote learning, empathy, and active participation in creating an inclusive workplace.

Active LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) or affinity groups

LGBTQ+-friendly companies often have active LGBTQ+ ERGs or affinity groups.

These groups provide a support network and safe space for LGBTQ+ employees, fostering a sense of belonging and promoting employee sensitization.

They organize events, share resources, and advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and inclusivity within the organization.

Meghna Pal, Head of D&I, Employee Engagement & Wellbeing – PayU, says

"At PayU India, we wholeheartedly embrace LGBTQ+ inclusion, and recognize its transformative power in shaping our brand's perception.

With a super active Pride Ally Employee Network Group, guided self-paced learning pathways, and webinar workshops, we empower our PayUneers to be strong Allies to the LGBTQ+ community.

By prioritizing LGBTQ+ inclusion, we unlock diverse perspectives, fuel innovation, and stand out as a progressive employer. This forms the bedrock of our success and helps us drive positive outcomes for our business.”

Source: All Things Talent

LGBTQ+ Inclusion Workshops and Training

LGBTQ+-friendly companies offer workshops and training sessions focused on LGBTQ+ inclusion.

These sessions educate employees about LGBTQ+ identities, promote inclusive policies, and address challenges faced by LGBTQ+ individuals in the workplace.

This empowers employees to support and advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and fosters a more inclusive work environment.

About this, Anupam Kaura, The CHRO and President of CRISIL said,

"In the last few years, without making it too obvious or deliberate, we've also started in a big way by celebrating the Pride community and sensitizing our colleagues about the agenda.

We have also enhanced infrastructure to support differently-abled colleagues.

But as a principle, we stayed away from projecting that as a conscious metric because we believe that disclosing those can be discrimination in some of the countries, we have a presence in."

Source: All Things Talent

Vocal and Visible Inclusion

LGBTQIA-friendly companies visibly demonstrate their support by displaying rainbow-themed entrances or ally stickers.

These symbols indicate a commitment to creating a safe and inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ employees.

Rainbow entrances and ally stickers serve as visible markers that assure LGBTQ+ individuals that they can bring their authentic selves to work without fear of discrimination or prejudice.

Srinivas P.M. – Head of Human Resources, P&G India, says

"I believe it all starts with being VOCAL and VISIBLE. The absence of positive signs can be assumed to be the absence of inclusion for the LGBTQ+ community.

Therefore, a lot of our work at P&G focuses on fostering the concept of ‘Visible, Vocal allyship’ to reinforce that everyone is truly welcomed in the organization as they are. It is a collective responsibility that must be shared by all.

At P&G, we continuously work towards creating a workplace that empowers everyone to bring their whole authentic selves to work and has equal opportunities to thrive and succeed.

This ideology translates into meaningful actions and interventions that we drive both inside and outside P&G.

Our colleagues from the LGBTQ+ community share with us, their experiences of witnessing the power of VISIBLE and VOCAL allyship - be it through continued sensitization, inclusive policies, best practices, creating an atmosphere of visible inclusion with safe spaces marked by indicators of allyship like Rainbow entrances or Ally stickers, gender-neutral infrastructure at the workplace, creating circle-of-trusts, or going beyond the workplace and driving inclusion in the communities we serve."

Source: All Things Talent

Companies can stand out as LGBTQ allies by promoting visible inclusion and creating an environment where LGBTQ employees feel valued and supported. Here are some effective strategies to achieve this:

Gender-Neutral Facilities: Provide gender-neutral restrooms and facilities to accommodate the diverse gender identities within the organization. This promotes inclusivity and avoids singling out or marginalizing individuals based on their gender identity.

LGBTQ Employee Resource Groups (ERGs): Establish LGBTQ ERGs that serve as safe spaces for LGBTQ employees to connect, share experiences, and advocate for LGBTQ inclusion within the company. Encourage these ERGs to actively engage with management to drive positive change.

Training and Sensitization Programs: Conduct regular training sessions to educate employees about LGBTQ issues, terminology, and best practices for creating an inclusive workplace. Foster empathy, understanding, and allyship through these programs.

Pronoun Inclusion: Encourage employees to include their preferred pronouns in their email signatures and other communication platforms. This simple step promotes respect for gender diversity and signals a commitment to inclusivity.

Visible Allyship: Encourage employees to display allyship visibly, such as wearing LGBTQ-supportive pins or displaying LGBTQ flags or stickers in their workspaces. This helps create a visible and welcoming environment for LGBTQ individuals.

Celebrate LGBTQ Events: Recognize and celebrate key LGBTQ events and milestones, such as Pride Month, Transgender Day of Visibility, or National Coming Out Day. Organize inclusive events, workshops, or panel discussions to raise awareness and show support.

Collaborate with LGBTQ Organizations: Form partnerships with LGBTQ organizations and actively participate in LGBTQ-related initiatives and campaigns. This demonstrates a commitment to the broader LGBTQ community and fosters a positive social impact.

Transparent Communication: Maintain open lines of communication with LGBTQ employees and seek their feedback on policies and initiatives. Actively listen to their experiences and concerns and take meaningful action to address any issues that arise.

Inclusive Artwork and Decor: Companies that embrace LGBTQIA inclusivity often incorporate inclusive artwork and decor. By featuring LGBTQ+ artists or showcasing visual representations of LGBTQ+ culture, these organizations create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. Inclusive artwork and decor send a powerful message of acceptance, affirming that LGBTQ+ employees are valued members of the company.

Inclusive Engagement and Opportunity Creation

Identifying LGBTQ+ companies that inclusively engage with the community and provide opportunities is crucial for supporting businesses that actively contribute to LGBTQ+ advancement.

Here are key indicators to look for when identifying such companies.

Organizing/sponsoring LGBTQ+ events and initiatives: LGBTQ+-friendly companies actively participate in Pride parades, and LGBTQ+ cultural events and sponsor LGBTQ+ organizations to engage with the community and showcase their support.

Providing opportunities for LGBTQ+ individuals Look for companies that offer mentorship programs, internships, or scholarships targeting LGBTQ+ individuals, demonstrating their commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive workforce and promoting career advancement.

Partnerships with LGBTQ+ organizations: LGBTQ+-friendly companies collaborate with LGBTQ+ advocacy groups, provide pro bono services, or make financial contributions to support LGBTQ+ causes, showcasing their dedication to making a positive impact and advancing LGBTQ+ rights.

LGBTQ+ representation in leadership: Look for companies that have openly LGBTQ+ individuals in senior management or executive roles, indicating their commitment to inclusivity and providing role models for LGBTQ+ employees.

Supporting and working for such companies contributes to the progress and empowerment of the LGBTQ+ community. P&G is one such example with its constant, effective, and bold efforts.

Srinivas P.M. – Head of Human Resources, P&G India commented,

"Along with the confidence of safe spaces and allies, another important aspect is how we engage with the community and what opportunities we curate for them.

Equal access to progressive and inclusive policies is crucial to exemplify the culture of inclusion.

For instance, at P&G, we transformed our comprehensive financial and medical benefits into a fully inclusive and equality-based program, which extends to partners of our LGBTQ+ employees.

This includes medical benefits and hospitalization coverage, emergency financial assistance, childcare benefits under our ‘Lead With Care’ policy as well as our recently announced infertility treatment support policy that provides more inclusive opportunities for family planning, among others.

We have launched the OUT and PROUD chapter, to empower and encourage employees from the community to come together and support each in a circle of trust, maintaining 100% confidentiality of the people, even for those who have chosen to be selectively out in the organization."

Source: All Things Talent

Comprehensive Benefits

LGBTQIA-friendly companies provide comprehensive benefits that extend to LGBTQ+ employees and their partners.

Inclusive medical coverage, emergency financial assistance, and policies supporting family planning demonstrate a commitment to equality.

By offering equal access to benefits, these companies prioritize the well-being and equality of their LGBTQ+ employees and their families.

Identifying LGBTQ+ companies in India that offer inclusive benefits is crucial for individuals seeking an inclusive and supportive work environment. Here are key indicators to consider when identifying such companies.

Start by looking for companies that provide comprehensive non-discrimination policies explicitly mentioning sexual orientation and gender identity.

These policies ensure that LGBTQ+ employees are protected from discrimination in hiring, promotion, and workplace practices.

Another important indicator is the availability of inclusive benefits. LGBTQ+-friendly companies in India often offer benefits that cater to the specific needs of LGBTQ+ individuals.

This may include gender-affirming healthcare coverage, which encompasses medical procedures and treatments related to gender transition.

Additionally, companies may offer support for same-sex partners in terms of health insurance, family leave, and other family-related benefits.

Furthermore, companies that actively promote LGBTQ+ inclusivity often have Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) or LGBTQ+ affinity groups.

These groups provide a platform for networking, support, and advocacy within the company. They organize events, training sessions, and awareness campaigns to educate employees and promote LGBTQ+ acceptance.

Additionally, look for companies that have participated in LGBTQ+-focused initiatives, such as sponsoring Pride events or partnering with LGBTQ+ organizations.

These actions demonstrate their commitment to the LGBTQ+ community and their willingness to contribute to its progress.

By considering these indicators, individuals can identify LGBTQ+ companies in India that prioritize inclusive benefits.

Choosing to support and work for such companies helps foster an inclusive work environment and contributes to the overall advancement of LGBTQ+ rights in India.

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Inclusivity Beyond the Pride Month

One of the key identifiers of an LGBTQ+ company is allyship throughout the year, not in June alone.

Many companies participate in campaigns, workshops, and sensitization about the LGBTQ+ community during the PRIDE month which is also a great effort.

But true allyships should be consistent throughout the year. Companies that promote LGBTQ+ opportunities and inclusivity throughout the year are truly the most LGBTQ+ Friendly companies.

Ruhie Pande, CHRO at Godrej Capital talks about a 360 approach for this. She said,

Genuine representation, inclusion, and engagement of LGBTQIA talent can only come when organizations are committed beyond Pride month to stand as strong allies to the community.

A 360 approach is essential for making LGBTQIA talent find meaningful career opportunities.

The starting point should be the culture of the organization, and an inclusive policy on non-discrimination which covers all people and not just gender is needed.

Sensitizing people about the multiplicities which exist and how to break unconscious biases and work alongside all people in the spectrum respectfully & with equity is one important area that organizations can impact.

Actively hiring people from the community via referrals or dedicated talent partners is the best way to take career opportunities to the talent pool who may otherwise be apprehensive of the treatment they may face in the mainstream job market.

A step up would be to create special programs such as internships or training for freshers on the skillsets which are in demand in the organizations is a commendable way to contribute to building employability.

LGBTQIA talent can identify such companies by the representation numbers present in these organizations and their journeys in terms of learning, growth, and support that their community peers have experienced.

Source: All Things Talent

Here’s how you can identify LGBTQ+ companies in India that demonstrate a genuine commitment to year-round inclusivity.

Consistently prioritize LGBTQ+ inclusivity beyond token gestures or specific events:

Look for companies that consistently prioritize LGBTQ+ inclusivity throughout the year rather than limiting their efforts to a single event or month.

This can be demonstrated through ongoing initiatives, policies, and programs that foster a culture of inclusion and acceptance.

Have explicit non-discrimination policies protecting sexual orientation and gender identity:

LGBTQ+-friendly companies in India have explicit non-discrimination policies that explicitly include sexual orientation and gender identity as protected characteristics.

These policies ensure that LGBTQ+ employees are treated fairly and equitably in all aspects of employment, including hiring, promotion, and workplace practices.

Offer gender-neutral restrooms, support for gender transition, and inclusive employee benefits:

Inclusive companies go beyond legal requirements and provide facilities such as gender-neutral restrooms to accommodate individuals of all gender identities.

They also offer support and resources for employees undergoing gender transition, including access to appropriate healthcare and leave policies.

Additionally, these companies provide inclusive employee benefits that consider the needs of LGBTQ+ individuals and their families, such as same-sex partner coverage and family leave policies.

Celebrate and participate in LGBTQ+ events and initiatives throughout the year:

Look for companies that actively engage in LGBTQ+ events and initiatives throughout the year.

This can include organizing and sponsoring Pride events, participating in LGBTQ+ cultural celebrations, and supporting LGBTQ+ organizations.

By demonstrating their involvement, these companies showcase their ongoing commitment to LGBTQ+ rights and visibility.

Training and workshops to raise awareness about LGBTQ+ issues:

LGBTQ+-friendly companies in India invest in training and workshops to educate their employees about LGBTQ+ issues, promote awareness, and foster understanding and empathy.

These sessions may cover topics such as LGBTQ+ identities, pronoun usage, inclusive language, and strategies for creating an inclusive work environment.

By providing these educational opportunities, companies foster a culture of acceptance and equip employees with the knowledge and tools to support their LGBTQ+ colleagues.

Participation in Events and Forums

When identifying LGBTQ+ companies in India, one important identifier is their external engagement, specifically their representation at LGBTQ+ events and forums.

LGBTQ+-friendly companies in India actively engage with the LGBTQ+ community by participating in and supporting various LGBTQ+ events and forums.

This involvement demonstrates their commitment to LGBTQ+ rights, visibility, and advocacy.

Look for companies that have a visible presence at LGBTQ+ events, such as Pride parades, LGBTQ+ cultural festivals, and conferences.

For instance, P&G has stood out in representing their LGBTQ+ employees on external forums, which perfectly reflects the company's allyship.  

Srinivas P.M. – Head of Human Resources, P&G India continued,

We are also focusing on creating special moments for our LGBTQ+ colleagues when they get a chance to represent us at external forums.

Be it the first-ever ‘Vanavil: P&G - IIT Madras Equality Summit’ to advance equality and inclusion for the LGBTQ+ community in colleges and workplace, or the Sydney WorldPride and Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras 2023, where out-leaders from P&G India joined the festivities as India’s official representatives, our people are leading with love to champion the LGBTQIA+ visibility and spark a change in the society.

We have continued to partner with Pride Circle for ‘RISE’ - India’s premier LGBTQ+ job fair and conference, to continue to build more diversity in our workforce.

In line with our philosophy of being a #ForceForGood in communities we serve, we have also extended our efforts beyond P&G.

At the 4th edition of our flagship equality & inclusion summit #WeSeeEqual, we announced our commitment to partner with 50+ educational institutes across the country to foster safe spaces, visible markers and positive ecosystem changes for the LGBTQ+ community as part of our initiative #ShareThePride.

This extends to not just students, but also administration and staff at colleges"

Source: All Things Talent

They may have employee-led contingents, colorful floats, or sponsorship banners, showcasing their active support for the LGBTQ+ community.

In addition, LGBTQ+-friendly companies often participate in forums and conferences focused on LGBTQ+ issues, inclusion, and diversity.

They may send representatives or speakers to share their experiences and insights, contributing to the discourse around LGBTQ+ rights and workplace inclusivity.

By participating in these external events and forums, companies show their solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community beyond internal policies and practices.

They demonstrate a willingness to engage in broader discussions, share best practices, and contribute to the advancement of LGBTQ+ rights and equality in society.

When researching companies, look for evidence of their external engagement, including photographs, media coverage, or testimonials from employees who have represented the company at LGBTQ+ events and forums.

Prachi Rastogi, Diversity and Inclusion Leader, IBM Asia Pacific says,

In today's world, employees seek meaningful work with companies that make a positive impact on society as a whole.

Merely focusing inward is insufficient for attracting and retaining intelligent and conscious employees.

At IBM, we understand this and actively engage in initiatives that demonstrate our commitment to LGBTQ inclusion.

For instance, we recently sponsored the Out and Loud film festival, showcasing global movies that brought together diverse audiences from across the country.

By supporting such events, we aim to foster an open and accepting society, irrespective of whether individuals join IBM or not.

Additionally, we conduct free training programs and panel discussions on internal & external platforms, to create opportunities for people to learn about and embrace different communities.

We firmly believe in sharing the benefits of our initiatives beyond our employees, as doing good is the right thing to do.

By being an empathetic employer, we consistently attract and inspire young and vibrant minds.

While gaining eminence was never our primary objective, our commitment to inclusivity has earned us a notable reputation.

Source: All Things Talent

Look for companies that actively encourage their LGBTQ+ employees to represent the organization at external forums and events. This demonstrates the company's commitment to LGBTQ+ visibility and advocacy.

By participating in external events, these companies contribute to shaping public perception, promoting LGBTQ+ rights, and acting as agents of change in society.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DE&I)

When identifying LGBTQ+ companies in India, one important identifier is their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

LGBTQ+-friendly companies in India prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion in their workplace culture, policies, and practices.

They recognize the value of a diverse workforce and strive to create an environment where all employees, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, feel respected and valued.

Look for companies that have explicit DEI policies in place, which encompass LGBTQ+ inclusion. These policies should address non-discrimination, equal opportunities, and inclusive practices.

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They may include language that specifically protects sexual orientation and gender identity, ensuring that LGBTQ+ employees are treated fairly and equitably in all aspects of employment.

Inclusive companies go beyond policies and foster a culture of acceptance and belonging. They may offer employee resource groups (ERGs) or affinity groups dedicated to LGBTQ+ employees.

These groups provide support, networking opportunities, and a platform for advocacy and education.

Furthermore, LGBTQ+-friendly companies actively recruit and retain diverse talent, including LGBTQ+ individuals.

They may participate in LGBTQ+ job fairs, collaborate with LGBTQ+ organizations for talent acquisition, or implement inclusive hiring practices.

By prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion, companies demonstrate their commitment to creating a safe and inclusive space for LGBTQ+ employees.

Look for their DEI efforts through their public statements, employee testimonials, and recognition or awards they have received for their inclusive workplace practices.

Identifying companies that prioritize DEI ensures that LGBTQ+ individuals can thrive in an environment that values their contributions and supports their professional growth.

Sujitha Selvaraj, Head Of DE&I, ThoughtWorks India, said

"A diverse and inclusive workplace ensures equal support and opportunities for all employees.

Members of the LGBTQIA+ community who want to build their careers should seek organizations that integrate DEI thinking across all aspects of the business.

The leadership at LGBTQIA+-friendly companies are, most importantly, ready to learn and pivot as needed to be the progressive workplace they want to be.

They value transparency and regularly update their employee policies — which fosters an empowering work environment.

These companies actively provide career pathways that enhance the advancement of the community.

They regularly network and connect with the LGBTQIA+ community for knowledge sessions, recruitment activities, skill training opportunities, and more.

Inclusive companies 'walk the talk' of belonging by showcasing diversity in their leadership teams. They proactively highlight the impact of being a diverse company.

At ThoughtWorks, we are committed to challenging the heteronormative hierarchies in the tech space and leading with policies that make the company a safe and inclusive space for every single employee.

Through LGBTQIA+ affinity groups such as ‘Mitra’ and skill-enhancing initiatives such as ‘Interning with Pride’, we continue to connect with the community and promote allyship.

Thoughtworks aims to collectively further the continuous evolution of a more diverse and equitable tech industry."

Source: All Things Talent


In the quest to find LGBTQIA-friendly employers, it is crucial to look beyond surface-level indicators and consider these unique and supportive efforts to identify inclusive workplaces.

Companies that actively celebrate Pride, promote awareness, provide comprehensive benefits, support resource groups, and engage externally showcase their commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusivity.

By prioritizing diversity, equality, and inclusivity, companies can create an environment of respect and support, these organizations empower their LGBTQ+ employees and drive positive outcomes for both individuals and the company.