If finding a job wasn’t a hard enough task already, the Covid-19 pandemic has made it all the more difficult.

The job losses have been staggering & the economy is in the literal doldrums.

The whole world has come to a standstill.

Starting a career or finding a job during a pandemic is quite an uphill task. However, the dark clouds have a silver lining too.

With the introduction of vaccines globally, some sort of assurance & stability has returned to the job market.

Does this make your job search easier? Perhaps not, however, we believe it’s not impossible either.

How to find a job?

Well, in this blog, we shall provide you with important tips for freshers to find a job during the pandemic.

How to Find a Job During a Pandemic

If you are a fresher, then here are some tips which can help you find your first job during the pandemic.

1. Draft a Resume

The first step towards finding a desired job is drafting a strong resume. This can prove to be an uphill task especially for fresher’s.

To make your life simple, we recommend you to go through these articles to draft a perfect resume.

2. Draft a Cover Letter

A cover letter is an important tool that comes in handy during a job search.

Attaching a cover letter to your resume increases your chances of getting shortlisted.

A resume gives brief information about a candidate’s educational qualifications, achievements, objective etc. but a cover letter covers all other aspects which may be important for an employer to know.

An Ideal cover letter briefly sheds light on the general professional zeal of a candidate.

Spend time on compiling an effective & informative cover letter.

Make sure maximum information is provided to an employer in a few sentences. Your aim, mission, skills & experience (if any) should be conveyed to an employer effectively.

Applying for a job during Covid 19 pandemic without a cover letter is like going out without a mask.

Strictly not advised!

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3.Identify People Who Can Help

Make a list of people who are within your professional network & identify who can be of any help. Reach out to your seniors from college, school or acquaintances.

In times like these, a strong reference can be quite useful, especially when you are applying for your first job.

Getting a job during a pandemic can prove to be much more convenient if efficient leads could be provided through different people in your network.

4. Use Naukri Job Portal

Naukri.com has been a leading job portal for more than 2 decades, providing jobs to millions of job seekers in all these years.

An opportunity of finding a job during a pandemic is multiplied 10x by using the Naukri.com portal for your job search.

Update your resume on Naukri & apply for companies that accept applications from freshers.

Apply actively for jobs on Naukri.com & keep updating your profile regularly. Set job recommendations as desired to get notifications about jobs matching your profile.

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5. Learn New Skills

For every job opening, the competition is fierce. Every job seeker should be well versed with a variety of skills to fit well within the structure of companies they apply for.

The global pandemic has provided us a unique opportunity to learn new things & skills every day.

If you are a fresher, then this is a unique opportunity to mix & match various professional skills.

6. Be Open to Internships or Freelancing Projects

Finding a job during a pandemic may force jobseekers to alter their preferences to fit in within an organization.

Be open to internship opportunities or freelancing projects, this also plays an important role in strengthening your resume.

Internships & freelancing projects accumulate enough important experience which can be used in finding jobs in the future.

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7. Use Social Media Platforms

These days the world is on social media platforms. Social media platforms can be used to reach out to professionals whom you may know personally or from mutual connections.

Reach out to people on various social media platforms & ensure that mutual connections have an effective role to play in finding you a job on social channels.

8. Practice Mock Interviews

Being a fresher, it’s important to understand the importance of a positive impression during an interview.

Practice mock interviews with people related to your desired profession & seek feedback for the same.

Focus on constructive feedback & ensure implementation for better results.

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Times may be tough, however, humanity is holding on to the hope of returning to normalcy.

Similarly, while the job market seems to be quite tough to crack at this hour, it’s not impossible.

We hope the above-mentioned tips shall help you find your desired job & kick start your career.

We hope the worries of the world die down soon.

We wish you all the best!

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