If finding the desired job tops every jobseeker list, getting the desired package is right next to that.

Rather than being occupied with questions such as how to negotiate salary, how to discuss salary with HR, & so on, it’s better to get relevant tips to successfully negotiate a higher salary.

In this blog, we shall discuss various things to keep in mind before negotiating a salary package for your new job.

How to Negotiate Salary in a New Job

"Teach him to sell his brawn and brain to the highest bidders but never to put a price tag on his heart and soul" - Abraham Lincoln

While the former president of America had valuable advice for all of us in the past, it’s paramount that we apply the same today.

Well, we would love to help.

Here are some important things to keep in mind before initiating a negotiation of a salary package for your new job.

1. Understanding Average Salary Trend

Equality above all, Well, it applies in professional fields too.

Negotiating a salary majorly depends on the average salary trends in your specific field. This data shall help you negotiate salary packages on reasonable & justifiable grounds.

Websites such as AmbitionBox.com help you get accurate salary insights categorized under companies, experience, or relevant fields.

2. Know Your Value

Before negotiating salary with HR, it’s important that you have analyzed your value as an employee well.

There are several factors that shall help you determine your professional value.

These parameters include your experience, education, skills, certifications, location & achievements.

You need to consider these parameters before negotiating a salary offer with your new employer.

Each parameter holds some value which is important in salary negotiation.

3. Be Prepared for Obvious Questions

Why should you be paid this much? Why do you expect such a big raise from your previous salary package? These are some obvious questions that HR’s may ask while negotiating a salary package.

Be prepared beforehand with answers which can justify your salary expectation.

Here is how you should answer such questions:

Stress upon your professional achievements & highlight their impact.

Talk about the average market package offered to professionals with your kind of professional experience.

Identify your expertise in key skills required for that specific job & how does it make you stand apart.

Highlight awards or appreciations which you may have received for a project which may be relevant.

4. Be To the Point

While negotiating salary with HR, keep the conversation to the point & precise. Do not beat around the bush. Put your facts across & reasons why you expect the desired package.

5. Negotiate, Don’t Bargain

There is a huge difference between negotiating a salary offer & bargaining a price. Negotiating a salary with HR or even negotiating a salary over a phone is purely a professional conversation, don’t at any point make it a shopping bargain.

Every employee should know how much salary package to ask for, so should every employer know how much to offer.

Looking at parameters, facts & skills, both parties should come to a common package in the most professional environment.

6. Don’t Be Afraid To Take Decisions

Rather than accepting a package half-heartedly, it is better you let it go. We have a reason to say so!

It’s mostly seen amongst employees that if they aren’t happy with the remunerations, they end up being unproductive, thus negatively impacting their professional growth.

Hence, if you aren’t convinced with the salary package offered, don’t be afraid to walk away from an offer.

Negotiating Salary on an Email

Here are some samples of how to negotiate a salary package in an email.

Sample 1:

Hello Mr/Ms. XYZ,

Thank you so much for your job offer for the position of XYZ. I am delighted & am looking forward to being a part of your prestigious firm.
However, before we complete the joining formalities, I would like to discuss the salary package offered.

Honestly, I feel there is room for an increase in the proposed package.

As already mentioned at the time of the interview, I have X years of experience with expertise in XYZ skills. I have already been awarded the XYZ award twice in my previous firm for projects I had undertaken. I have headed a project which increased organic traffic of our website by 5x.
Looking at my previous experience & achievements, I expect at least a 10-15% more hike than the package offered by you.

Please let me know the way forward & the appropriate time to reach out to discuss the same.

Looking forward to connecting soon.


Negotiating a salary is an important step in the whole hiring process which needs to be given proper attention at the time of accepting an offer. With the right approach, it becomes much easier to negotiate a job offer.

This is exactly what we intend to do with this blog. We hope this blog will help you negotiate well to get the desired package.

Best of luck!

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