So you’ve managed to find a new job during a crisis such as COVID-19.

But your employer hasn’t rolled out the offer yet.

The negotiations of your salary are pending.

Understandably, you’re more nervous than ever because the whole world is at a halt.

People are being laid off by several companies around the world.

Numerous organizations are facing hefty losses in business.

Cost-cutting is something you’re hearing over and over again everywhere.

So how should you negotiate your salary at a sensitive time like this?

Don’t worry. We got you!

Here are 7 things you can do to make sure you have a solid case for the salary you deserve.

Let’s get cracking!

1. Give solid references

Getting a new job during the COVID-19 pandemic means you must’ve got it remotely.

In a situation like this, especially for employers who generally hire face to face, the trust may be a big issue.

For the same reason, they may not be willing to offer you the salary you want or deserve.

To remedy this problem, you should provide credible references. We generally tend to give out references of the co-workers who we had a close relationship with. Employees who would say only good stuff about us.

But if you want the salary or hike you deserve, you need to ensure that the references you give are highly credible.

Give references for your direct manager or supervisor.

Another great way to gain the trust of your new employers is by providing a reference for the last company’s HR.

This can establish a sense of trust as you’re not afraid to hand out the number of your HR without being asked. Generally, people don’t give out HR’s contact as one of their references as they may expose you.

But in a situation like this… you might as well take the chance. And if your record is clear with your previous company then there’s no need to worry anyway.

2. Build your LinkedIn profile

This is crucial.

During a pandemic when it’s very hard to have a face to face discussion with your new employer, make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date with no discrepancies.

Almost every organization checks your LinkedIn regardless of a pandemic.

However, during the COVID-19 period, you can be assured that your LinkedIn will be scanned thoroughly.

If your employer finds any mismatch of information from your resume and LinkedIn, it will be a huge red flag.

So, make sure you have your LinkedIn up to date with correct information. This will again make a solid case of your genuinity.

3. Make a flawless portfolio of your work

Not every designation or profession requires a portfolio of work.

However, if you want a hike on your salary, it’s better to showcase your worth visually.

Prepare a brief portfolio of work. Include what you have achieved in your career so far, things you achieved in your previous company etc.

So, for instance, if you're a backend developer and you’ve worked on a product, showcase it with screenshots or links.

Add a brief description of what was your role in the project and what you achieved.

This will surely help you gain recognition in your employer’s eyes.

4. Have a genuine reason prepared for your switch

Nobody wants to switch their jobs at a time when the whole world is shut socially.

So, you should have a genuine reason for your switch. This can make or break your salary negotiation.

Your everyday reasons such as “I didn’t get along with my manager” won’t cut it. Reasons like that or similar will only give out the impression that you are not trustworthy.

So make sure you have a solid reason for your switch and make it clear while negotiating your salary.

5. Showcase your productivity of working from home

If you have switched jobs during COVID-19, you must be working from home for your last employer.

Now, the HR may try to cut your salary hike by giving an excuse of working from home. They may say that they’ll give you a raise once you join the office physically etc.

But this where you need to be firm and assure them that you’re as good as when working from home as you’re at the office.

You can always use your last few weeks that you’ve worked for your last employer to back it up.

Make sure you stay firm and assertive to put this point across.

6. Don't be a victim of this crisis

Just because we all are in a pandemic, doesn’t mean you need to settle for less.

Many companies would try to take advantage of this while negotiating salaries.

If they play the victim card… don’t fall for it!

If they can hire you, they can very well pay the salary you deserve. Always remember that!

7. Know your worth

And at last, know your worth!

If you believe that you deserve the salary you want then chances are you do. Stick to your guns but don’t be arrogant.

Assure them that they’ve hired the right person and they can rely on you just like they would’ve during a non-social distancing period.

Assure your employer that you’re the same person whether working from home or working at an office.

Concluding, the above-mentioned points are key areas that you can use to put a solid case forward. Some of the points stated above are the same tactics which your employer may use to negotiate your salary.

So, is it not better that you leave no room for error?

If you are a little more careful than usual, assure your employer of your skills and worth, you will get the salary you want and deserve!

Good luck!

P.s. Stay home. Stay safe!

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