What can be better than getting the job in your desired firm? However, is the firm the one you actually desire for? is quite an important question.

It is very essential to know beforehand. You should be clear about why do you want to join this company? Is this the company you want to work for? Etc.

How can you find answers to such questions? Well, researching about the company beforehand is the only answer.

Not only does researching about the company clear the air in your mind about why do you want to join this company, but also gives you valuable insights about what to expect.

In this blog, we shall discuss various ways how to research the company before joining the company.

How to Research About the Company?

Here are a few ways that can help in you researching the company.

Company Reviews

The best way to get an authentic insight about the company is by hearing from the people who worked in it.

What better way to do that than reading company reviews on AmbitionBox.

Company reviews give a general overview of the happenings in the company thus helping you make an informed decision.

Company values are the foremost essential element of the research as it gives you the initial idea whether you can be fit for the company.

Resonating with the core motto of the company is a must. It can help you in acing since you can share similar interests and passions.

Reading reviews online on AmbitionBox can give you a direct insight into the company.

You can read reviews of the previous or present employees about the work-life balance, salary, and hierarchy or company culture.

Work-life Balance

Timings and the number of working days can determine a lot about the work. If you want to have a work-life balanced job, always look at how many days of work and the number of working hours they offer.


Various companies attract their potential employees with benefits that may include healthcare, team outings, skill development, on-the-job training, high compensation, and sponsored professional courses.

They can be several but choosing what’s best for you is completely on you.


Learning about the company’s hierarchy can give you an input of the social values in the company.

Working in an amiable atmosphere can help you be less stressed in the job.

Research the roles on the company website. Look for leadership roles and check their social media channels. Their posts may reveal a lot about the leadership of the company.


Learn about the company’s services or product, whether it is a start-up business or a long-term business.

Has it grown with time?

What are the hurdles and how can you help the model?

You can mostly gather this information on the company website and learn about their financial information on business websites.

Ask the right questions and seek answers to the same.

Check With Your Network for Suggestions

See if people in your network have ever worked in the company. Ask them for their opinions of the company.

How are the structure and finance of the company?

You can read the company reviews, and ask people in the network about the query.

Follow The Company

In the current world, you can always research the company online. Most of the companies have their social channels and websites.

These are the primary resources where you gather most of the information.
Look for their recent projects or upcoming events.

Also, check the customer forum for any glitches by the company. It can give you an idea of the company’s reputation.

Latest News or Business Journals

Learn about the company from various media sources. That may include local or national news.

You can research by various publications, forums, or blogs.

Finding the right company is paramount in the professional growth of every professional.

Make sure you research the company quite well before taking an employment decision.

Best of luck!

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