Are you getting started with a new job soon?


Joining a new company can be nerve-racking. Especially now, when the entire world is taken down by a global pandemic.

If you are wondering how to begin this new phase of your career in these troubled times, this blog is for you!

Here are 5 things to make sure you start your new job the right way, even in the lockdown!

1. Stay on top of the onboarding process

Most companies begin an employee’s journey with an onboarding process.

The onboarding process is like a prep session to help you fit into your new company and team.

Given the crisis at hand, your onboarding will probably take place remotely. But don't be disheartened.

While an in-person orientation can impact a lot more than a remote one, we suggest you use this opportunity to find all about your role and the company.

Start by reviewing the onboarding material like handbooks, paperwork, and assess the process.

In case you do not have an official onboarding, don't worry!

Just note all your questions and seek clarification for them as and when you can.

2. Introduce yourself on a lighter note

The thing with first impressions is that there is no second chance to make them.

Most companies have virtual communication tools to stay connected- use that to your benefit and announce your joining.

Put your awkwardness aside and break the ice by introducing yourself to your currently remote team.

Keep your introduction crisp and fun. The more approachable you seem, the easier it is for people to reach out to you.

Gauge your audience, use casual language, and throw in some emojis to express yourself in a more relatable and quirky way.

Here is a sample introduction for you:

Sample introduction

Hey everyone,

My name is (Your name), and I'm joining your team as (Your designation).

It feels great to be a part of this team already, and I'm looking forward to having a good time working with you!

I love football, and my favorite club is Real Madrid. I also am a Potterhead, and love reading crime-thriller novels.

Anyway, feel free to reach out to me and let’s chat up?

Maybe we can even discuss some Breaking Bad fan theories or bond over progressive rock! :)

3. Get hands-on with apps used for team functions

Since many teams are now working remotely, almost all companies are using communication apps to stay virtually connected.

Now, you may not be fully aware of how these apps work, but we suggest you take some time and get savvy with them.

Learn how to use Slack, Google Hangouts, Skype, Asana, MS Teams, or whichever app is used by your team for easy communication, and to understand the tools you are dealing with.

4. Develop adapt-to-change attitude

Joining a new company and having to work from home in the initial days can be quite complicated.

We know that being physically present in office would have made it easier for you to understand the work and team culture.

But since that is not an option at the moment, we suggest you develop an adapt-to-change attitude.

To do so, always act with a purpose, go beyond your limits, and take feedback with a positive attitude.

5. Observe before you act

Use the first couple of weeks to observe how your team functions and make up for the lack of social cues with technical ones.

Instead of decoding body language and expressions, read between the lines and pick up on the non-verbal context.

Understand how the team communicates and what channels they use to ensure clear and swift communication.

Make sure you reach out to the right people and ask important questions beforehand.

Tip: While asking lots of questions is a good idea in general, we suggest you prioritize your doubts and get clarity on one thing at a time.

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Your new job may have started in a rather unexpected way, but with these 5 ideas up your sleeves, we are sure you will be able to fit in well in your new role.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and definitely stay indoors!

All the best!

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