While the world shut down like an epic Hollywood movie scene, literally the havoc created by COVID 19 pandemic still looms large.

In this time of despair, every corporate had to shut down offices & ask its employees to work from home.

Indeed the safety of employees is important, however, the question of efficiency during work from home is also a matter of concern.

Here are a few pointers which will help you to work effectively from home.

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1. Fix up a schedule

Work from home can prove to be tricky, especially if you have to maintain a balance between working efficiently & spending time with family.

To do both things efficiently, make a fixed routine & make sure you adhere to it.

Don’t try to be a superhero, prioritize one thing at a time.

Microsoft To-Do: List, Task & Reminder, Task & Project Management – MeisterTask are fews apps which help you to fix up a routine.

2. Find a workplace within the house

It’s important that you find a quiet workplace to make sure that you can focus on your work entirely.

In a house with family all around, it’s hard to focus.

Assign a silent corner of the house for your work & make sure no one disturbs you while you are working.

3. Be connected with your team

Modern corporates largely depend on teamwork for desired results.

While you are working from home like everyone else, make sure you are always reachable for your colleagues.

Use effective methods for seamless communication. Use communication platforms that are easy & convenient.

Applications like MS Teams, Slack, etc help in maintaining communication while working from home.

Tip: Make sure you know the ways to build strong team relations when working remotely.

4. Find a hobby

While work is important, this lockdown can have a huge impact on one’s mental state.

To ensure a healthy physical & mental state, make sure you pick up a hobby.

Do something that relieves your stress. Paint, draw, write, sing, etc, do whatever de-stresses you.

Stress can be fatal for your personal & professional life.

5. Work for fixed hours

When the situation outside is out of control, make sure you are in full control of your life.

Make a fixed work schedule. Log in on time, work efficiently & log off on time. Spend more time with your family & loved ones.

Don’t overexert yourself. Make sure you are honest with the effort you are putting in while you work.

Complete your everyday work within a fixed time. Believe me, you 'll spare a lot of time to spend with your loved ones.

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6. Be healthy

While we all sit in our houses waiting for the lockdown to end, lazing around & lack of exercise surely would have its bad effects.

While you work from home, make sure you also exercise, stay fit & eat a healthy diet.

This lockdown can be a game-changer for each one of us.

We can either healthily shape our lifestyle or end up making it worse.

Youtube videos by channels like SELF, Chloe Ting, help you do a home workout.

7. Keep distractions away

What was created as a boon became a bane?

Social media, television, mobile phones have become such a distraction in every household.

These distractions constantly fill us with so much useless information, that it becomes hard for the mind to focus.

To be effective while working from home, its important that we keep all our distractions away.

While you work, keep all of these distractions away from you & focus entirely on your work.

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This COVID 19 Pandemic has taken the world by surprise, but we hope that you & your loved ones stay safe & healthy.

No matter how hard the situation may be, humanity shall triumph. Stay positive.

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All the best!

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