This is your step by step guide to write a recommendation letter. We all know that writing a recommendation letter can be tricky, but we are here to help you in all the ways we can. Given below is a step by step guide for writing a recommendation letter and we are sure that it will serve your purpose. Read on!

Paragraph 1: Your Introduction

Hello {new employer’s name},

My name is {your name} and I am the {your designation} of {your company’s name} where Mr/Ms. {candidate’s name} has worked as {candidate’s designation}. I am writing this letter to support Mr/Ms. {candidate’s name} and his/her desire to join your firm {new company’s name} as a {the applied post}. I have worked closely with him/her as his head/supervisor for the duration of {number of years} years. I am completely aware of {Candidate’s name}’s abilities and attributes.

Paragraph 2: Candidate’s abilities and achievements

{Candidate’s name}’s scintillating ability to {mention the work s/he did best} is truly commendable and he has always proven himself to be a valuable asset for {your company’s name}. Not only has s/he been an excellent employee, but s/he has always presented an excellent example of working in a team. {Mention any project that the candidate led or was an important part of}, showed {candidate’s name} as a hardworking and determined employee who has always tried to bring out the best in himself and his/her colleagues as well.

Paragraph 3: Wrapping it up with your contact details.

With his/ her abilities, dedication and talent, {candidate’s name} will be an ideal addition to {new company’s name}. I am positive about his skills and knowledge in the field of {the field of candidate’s work}, and we at {your company’s name} would always want him to soar higher in all his endeavors at your company. If you have any other queries or doubts regarding Mr/Ms. {Candidate’s name}, feel free to contact me at the above-mentioned address and phone number {your phone number}.

{Your name}.

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Do not be too rigid about the given format and edit it the way your company prefers. Recommendation letters play a key role in determining the chances of any candidate getting hired for a job and you should be very careful while making and giving one. You can either email a recommendation letter or send it by post, whichever way is preferred by your company when it comes to providing recommendations.

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