1. Factors to consider before writing a resignation withdrawal letter
  2. Tips to consider while withdrawing resignation
  3. Withdrawal of resignation letter sample

So, you have already submitted your resignation letter and now rethinking your decision? Don’t worry, it can happen to the best of us.

Wondering how to write a resignation withdrawal letter? In this blog, we will walk you through the entire process to undertake for withdrawing resignation and also provide tips along with a withdrawal of resignation letter sample for better understanding.

Factors to consider before writing a resignation withdrawal letter

Now, before you go ahead and start typing your resignation withdrawal letter, you need to check and undergo a few processes before withdrawing your resignation mail.

Here are a few steps to undertake before drafting your resignation withdrawal letter.

Go through your company policy handbook

The first step to withdrawing resignation is to go through the policy handbook of the company. Try to find out the policies about employment and about a resignation withdrawal letter.

In case you do not find anything about withdrawing resignation, you can start by typing your retraction statement after talking to your Manager and HR.

Check your rights

Withdrawing resignation might not be a very common practice, but not completely alien in concept.

Check your rights before you go ahead with the retraction process, as it may vary from country to country. This step is to protect yourself from wrongful termination if the boss had previously given his word that you could stay.

So, it is wise for every working professional to be aware of your labor laws.

Talk to your Manager and HR

You may find this a bit embarrassing, but talking to your supervisor is your best possibility to allow you to continue working on the team. There could be a chance that they have already hired your replacement.

This will also allow you to understand their attitude towards your decision and also help you set the resignation withdrawal letter.

Open up the line of communication

Much similar to exit interviews, you need to keep the line of communication open. Let your manager and HR know that you are open to discussing the different options that would allow you to stay and continue at your current workplace.

Also, ask for a date when you can expect to receive a decision on the same.

Start preparing evidence

You can always prepare evidence to back your reasons for you wanting to continue at your workplace.

For example, if you submitted your resignation mail to take care of either of your parents, then you need to submit proper receipts and a doctor's note that states that the patient has/ is on the way to recovery.

This will help you to write a convincing resignation withdrawal letter and also convince the employer that your cause was genuine and won’t recur again.

Do not slack on performance

Many professionals start cutting themselves some slack after they submit their resignation mail. Instead, maintain your performance level, if not exceeding your past performance. This will show that you did not give up on being committed towards your job.

Tips to consider while withdrawing resignation

Now, once you have followed the above mentioned steps, you need to keep in mind a few things to put in your resignation withdrawal letter.

Address your Manager and HR

On the top of the letter mention the date you are withdrawing resignation. The first thing to address in your resignation withdrawal letter are your Manager and HR.

Remember you need to follow the exact manner in which you had addressed your resignation.

For example, If you have addressed your resignation mail to your Manager and marked a copy to your HR, then you need to follow the exact manner in your retraction mail too.

Begin with a retraction statement

Similar to an other professional letters, your resignation letter format should also start with a statement highlighting the subject of the letter. Remember to put the date of your resignation mail in order to establish a timeline.

Pro tip: Make the statement simple and to the point. DO NOt use any ambiguous language.

Instead, state clearly that you are withdrawing your resignation.

Make a request to allow to continue

Next, seek permission to continue in your position. This will acknowledge the fact that the management has the right to decline the resignation withdrawal letter but allowing you to continue can benefit them in more ways.

In addition, add a line of apology for the uncertainty and confusion created. Explain it in writing that you didn't want to confuse the team nor distract anyone. This will showcase your humility and sincerity.

Pro tip: To show your loyalty to the company, you can continue in the same position or work in another team if required.

Explain your reason properly

When withdrawing resignation you need to provide proper explanation behind the decision.
Considering the above mentioned example, if you had submitted a resignation mail citing a family member's medical care, then ensure to attach doctor's note that state his/her recovery. This will show that your reason is genuine.

Enlist the benefits of keeping you onboard

Adding your performance record or outstanding achievements in your resignation withdrawal letter can help in reminding the management about your positive attributes that add value to the team.

Keep it brief

These factors seem like a lot to include in your resignation withdrawal letter. However, you need to be smart and be tactful while explaining your achievements and reasons. Remember, a resignation withdrawal letter is a professional letter and hence needs to be concise.

Pro tip: Edit and proofread your letter thoroughly for a error-free resignation withdrawal letter.

Remember to end the letter by thanking the people addressed.

Withdrawal of resignation letter sample

Seems like a bit too much? Wondering how could you possibly add so many things in your resignation withdrawal letter?

Don’t worry, you can take a look at this withdrawal of resignation letter sample to clear your confusion and understand the structure better.


Your Name

Your Post

Your Manager's name

Your Manager's Title

Hi/Dear (Manager's name),
I am writing this letter to withdraw my resignation dated (resignation submission date) from my position as (Job title). I no longer wish to resign and would like to request to be allowed to continue working in my current position.

I understand the inconvenience caused by a resignal mail and sincerely apologize for the same. I originally had to take the decision of putting down my papers as my Mother was seriously ill and required homecare. However, my circumstance has changed and I am now able to continue working as (provide the reason for wanting to continue).

If you allow me to continue, I will continue to bring success to the team by (List your achievements). Also, my current expertise and contact in the industry can be of immense value to our company.

I understand that my uncertainty caused inconvenience, but I assure you now with the change in my situation, I will continue to grow at (name of the company) for the long-term. Kindly find attached the Doctor's note as an assurance for my reason behind withdrawing my resignation.

Thank you for considering my request to be reinstated as (job title) will continue to support my team for as long as I am allowed.

(Your Name)

We understand it is not easy to write a resignation withdrawal letter for a working professional and you might feel flabbergasted thinking about many things, but hopefully these tips of withdrawing resignation can help you overcome your awkwardness.

You can also take inspiration from the withdrawal of resignation letter sample to draft your own retraction letter.

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