Websites and applications are the way of living today- From ordering food and online shopping to peer interaction and so much more, we use apps and websites for everything!

But have you ever wondered how are these websites and apps always comfortable to use and aligned with your requirements? Well, Front End developers are the wizards responsible for this.

Front End developers understand the user perspective and objective of these apps and websites, based on which they build the final interface that is easy to navigate and interact with the users.

But what does it mean to work as a Front End developer, and what does this job entail?

To find answers to these questions and more, check out this interview with Ajay Gupta, Vice President of Engineering, Technology RMS, at, as he talks in-depth about the field and shares advice for aspirants.

1. Please tell us a little about what you do?

I am taking care of the FED (Front end development) team of Naukri Jobseekers. We are developing a website where jobseekers will see jobs, apply and manage their profile.

2. Please walk us through your journey so far

It’s been a very long journey with Infoedge. I started my career with Infoedge as a Senior UI Developer in the Naukri team.

I have worked with different recruitment solutions, i.e.,,,, etc. Now I am working as a VP of Engineering.

3. What got you interested in Front-end development?

The Front-end world is changing very rapidly. We have a lot of scopes to learn new things and implement the same in our future development.

4. Once you decided on your career path, what approach did you use to get your first break?

Before I started my career, I had established my publishing setup during my graduation years.

After that, I completed my MCA and joined my first company as a Graphic Artist. As I love coding, I moved from there and started my career as a Web Developer / Designer.

5. What does a day as a Front end developer look like?

We are working on an agile methodology. We do DIPSUM daily and share the status with everyone.

We receive stories & designs, and we groom them, decide the tech stack and start the development.

We share our learnings with the team through presentations or Brown bag sessions.

6. How has Front-end development advanced since the time you started? And what is the next big thing in the field?

I started working when Back end developers wrote JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

We just created skeletons with some minor JavaScript/plugins. Now we can build a complete website through HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Node, Express, etc.

The Front-end world is changing rapidly, so we need to learn quickly and choose a more appropriate skill-set for our future development.

7. What are the three things that you like & dislike about your field?

Here are some things that I like and dislike about front-end development


  1. Core JavaScript, React
  2. We can create a complete website/app through Front end technologies.
  3. Learning and scope of improvement


Don’t dislike anything about the field.

8. Given the busy nature of your job, how do you maintain a work-life balance?

At Info Edge, work-life balance is in our hands. We have to plan things and efficiently manage them so they do not impact our work-life balance.

9. Now that you have come so far, what is the next milestone?

I love the Front End world, and I am definitely staying in this field only in the near future. My next milestone would be doing some projects which would give me more exposure in other tech stacks.

10. How has Info Edge helped in your career growth?

Info Edge provided me with a platform where I can learn the latest tech stack and share my knowledge through brown-bag sessions, Hackathons, etc.

11. What would you advise our readers planning to pursue a profession in Front end development?

My core mantra regarding the FED is that we should learn the basics of any core concept/language. Everyone can work, but if you have deep knowledge, you can resolve problems very efficiently.

12. What’s the success mantra of your life?

The success mantra of my life is reading & learning. Through this, I have strengthened my skill set and knowledge.

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