1. What is Interior Design?
  2. What does an Interior Designer do?
  3. Why Build an Interior Design Career
  4. Pros and Cons of Interior Design Career
  5. Qualifications of an Interior Designer
  6. Interior Design Jobs in India
  7. Interior Design Job Roles
  8. Interior Design Salaries
  9. Interior Designing Skills
  10. Interior Design Tools
  11. Interior Design Common Career Path
  12. Tips to Get an Interior Design Job
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Evolution of mankind led to the modern lifestyle we lead today. Designed by gut and perception, we have defined a way of life for ourselves.

As life gets busier and hectic, people wish to unwind and relax in happy and snug places. A beautiful and well-designed home impacts lifestyle, bringing interior designing to the front seat.

But an eye for interior design is gift to a few.
If the thought of design, colors & creating spaces gets you excited and your aim is to become an interior designer, this blog is for you.

In this blog, we will discuss in depth how to build an interior design career in India.

What is Interior Design?

A profession about 100 years old, interior designing has come a long way from being about simple decoration of rooms to the effective utilization of spaces and trendy home decor.

Interior design is about our experience with places and shaping indoor spaces with beautiful aesthetics.

By definition, it is “the art and science of enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and aesthetically pleasing environment.”

Related to architecture, interior designing involves designing of man-made spaces to make them pleasant and comfortable.

Often confused with interior decorators, an interior designer is equipped with a professional degree and training in interior designing apart from their knowledge of colors, fabrics & furniture to enhance the outlook of spaces.

What Does an Interior Designer Do?

The desire to have beautiful, plush homes is as old as the evolution of mankind. An interior designer makes this wish come true and makes places worth living.

Interior design is all about research, conceptual development, efficient planning and creating a relaxed environment for the stakeholders.

Professional interior designers possess the working knowledge of space planning, textiles, color schemes and more.

They work with architects, engineers & builders to plan how spaces will look and function and take care of inspection regulations and building codes.

Why Build an Interior Design Career?


With relative changes in lifestyle and fast-paced urbanization, there seems to be a significant scope of interior designing, making it one of the most sought after creative professions in India today.

The interior design market is driven by the influence of cosmopolitan culture, fueled by social media trends.

The market trend shows a remarkable growth in the demand of Interior designers as more and more people rely on professionals to build new spaces or renovate old ones to enable a comfortable & happy living.

With booming property prices, Indian homes are becoming smaller and house owners seem to have found the solution to space crisis in the face of interior designing.

People are attracted to have theme-based interiors and styles to make their homes stand out, leading to the potential increase in interior design jobs in the coming years.


The interior design market is expected to see an exponential growth by 2025 globally.

As per “MarketWatch, In 2018, interior design market was valued at 130,100 million USD and can expect a potential (CAGR) growth rate of 8.5% between 2019-2024, leading the market to be valued at 212,300.

Talking about Indian Market, in a research conducted by CII, the number of designers in India was estimated at 36,387 out of which 10.17% were interior designers.

As per a report by Brandongaille , interior design jobs are expected to see an estimated increase by 13% in the next decade.

Going by statistics and the increasing number of people opting to get homes designed by interior designers, their demand is bound to significantly increase in the years to come.

Pros and Cons of Interior Design Career

Pros Cons
Creative Freedom No Fixed Clientele
Growth prospects Constant Knowledge Updation
Growing Demand Work pressure
Flexible work schedule No fixed salary
Job Satisfaction Requires attention to detail
Financial rewards Pressure from stakeholders

Qualifications of an Interior Designer

Anyone who is creative and passionate about designing properties can become an interior decorator. But an interior design career isn't easy to build.

Here are some Qualifications you need to become a professional interior designer:

10+2 with any stream: The individual should have passed 10+2 in any stream with minimum 50% marks to pursue a graduation course in interior designing.

Take All India Entrance Examination for Design (AIEED): Few colleges select candidates based on AIEED rank. It is conducted for students seeking admission to undergraduate courses in interior designing.

Completion of a Bachelor’s of Science (B.SC) in Interior Design degree: The individual must earn a B.Sc. in Interior design degree from a recognized university.

Diploma in Interior design: An individual who has passed their 10+2 or equivalent exams with 50% marks can also opt for a Diploma in Interior Design.

Further, an individual can also pursue a Master’s of Science (M.SC) in Interior Design or MBA depending on how in-depth one wants to learn.

MBA in Interior Design: It is a 2-year course. The individual must have completed a Bachelor’s or Master’s from a recognized university with a minimum of 45% marks.

Interior Design Jobs in India

Here is a list of Interior design jobs in India.

Jobs Naukri Indeed Monster LinkedIn Total
Interior Designer 4.9k 720 148 1.4k 7.2k
3D Interior designer 5.4k 214 97 854 6.5k
Interior Architect 2.2k 643 16 226 3.08k

Interior Design Job Roles

Interior Design is a multi-faceted field and designers can work on different fronts based on their area of interest.

Here are 5 popular interior design job roles:

Role Major responsibilities
Residential Interior Design Styles homes, understands client needs, space management, color theory and emerging trends to create unique designs and comfort
Commercial Interior Design Works on designing workspaces, retail stores, hotels, etc. to provide easy functioning of tasks and add visual aesthetic
Exhibition Design Works on exhibition layouts and venue decor; understands custom build designs, modular stand designs, floor management and museum designs
Lighting Design Works with luminaries, shades and light fittings to create lighting effects and ensure adequate lighting
Kitchen Design Conceptualizes, Designs and executes kitchen interiors

Interior Design Salaries

Salary packages can vary depending upon the organization, skillset & experience of the candidate.

Job role Average annual salary (0-3 years of experience) Salary Range (LPA)
Interior Designer 469k 228k-790k

Interior Designing Skills

Here are important skills required to have a successful career in Interior Designing.

Core Skills:

Skill Details
Spatial Awareness Understanding spaces and utilization while planning interiors, ambience and room function
Technical Knowledge To digitally create designs for clients, designers must be hands-on with software like Vectorworks, Autodesk Revit, 3D Max, Archicad, AutoCAD, Sketch Up, 3D Homeplanner and Chief Architect
Budgeting Designers must be able to forecast expenditure, make budgets, identify hidden costs, negotiate and be good at book keeping for efficient use of money.
Time Management Designers must know how to manage calendars, delegate and manage time to get work done before deadlines.
Dynamic Creativity An interior designer must be creative and have the knowledge of artistic styles, colors, fabrics and emerging trends.

Soft Skills:

• An interior designer must have excellent communication skills as a major part of their job is to communicate ideas clearly.

• They should be good at problem solving for effective process management, prioritization of tasks and trouble shooting.

• Interior designers must be proactive and critical thinkers who can solve problems at the earliest.

• An interior designer must be organized to be able to complete projects on time and in assigned budget.

Interior Design Tools

Some of the common tools used by Interior designers are:

Job role Tools
Interior Designer Vector works, Autodesk Revit, 3D Max, Archicad, AutoCAD, Sketch Up, 3D Homeplanner and Chief Architect

Interior Design Common Career Path

Here are some common paths you can choose to make a Interior Design Career:

Career Path 1:

Complete your 10th class-----Complete your 12th class-----Apply for entrance exams-----Get an admission in B.Sc. in Interior Design-----Take internships-----Apply for a job & become an interior designer

Career Path 2:

Complete your 10th class----- Complete your 12th class----- Apply for entrance exams-----Complete Diploma in Interior Design-----Take Internships-----Apply for jobs in interior designing.

Career Path 3:

Complete your 10th class-----Complete your 12th class---- Apply for entrance exams-----Get admission in B.Sc. in Interior Design----Get admission in M.Sc./ MBA in Interior Designing----Apply for a job & become an interior designer

Tips to Get an Interior Design Job

1) Research about the field

Research well and learn everything there is to know about your field. Understand the different aspects of interior designing and gather relevant information to choose a specific area of work.

2) Learn the necessary tools

Make sure you are hands on with software like AutoCAD, Sketch Up, 3D Homeplanner, Vector works, etc. These are important software used by interior designers and learning about them will help you start strong and grow early in your career.

3) Get a degree in interior designing

Just being creative and fond of decorating rooms is not enough. Earn a formal degree to get well-versed with the technicalities and details of the profession before you set out to get a job in it.

5) Make a Portfolio

A portfolio is an asset to your career and shows professionalism. It is a collection of your best work. You can include sketches of ideas, before & after images of work sites, fabric samples etc.

A portfolio will help you take potential clients through the best of your work and will prove your credibility as an interior designer.

5) Intern to train

In a profession like interior designing, work experience counts a lot. Before aiming for an interior design job, intern for 6-12 months to understand the critical aspects of interior design.

Popular Interior Designing Blogs

Here is a list of popular Interior designing blogs:

  1. Young House Love
  2. Decorilla
  3. Apartment Therapy
  4. The Inspired Room
  5. Studio Mcgee
  6. Hunted Interior
  7. Coco Lapine
  8. Old Brand New
  9. Wit and Delight
  10. Liz Marie
  11. DPages

Popular Must Read Interior Design Books

Here is a list of popular Interior Design books

  1. The Monocle Guide To Cosy Homes

  2. The Inspired Room: Simple Ideas To Love The Home You Have

  3. The Maker

  4. Dream Decor

  5. Farrow & Ball: How to Decorate

  6. Home Decor Cheat Sheets: Need-to-Know Stuff for Stylish Living

  7. Simple Decorating: 50 Ways to Inspire Your Home

Popular YouTube Videos & Channels

Here is a list of popular Interior Designing channels you must follow

  1. Studio McGee

  2. House and Home

  3. Three Birds Renovation

  4. Emily Henderson

  5. Apartment Therapy

  6. Jenna Sue

Interior Designing Forums

Here are 5 popular interior designing forums for you to explore

  1. Houzz

  2. International Interior Design Association(IIDA)

  3. Zingy Homes

  4. The Future Of Design (TFOD)

  5. Common Floor

Interior Design Webinars

Here is the list of most popular Interior Design Webinars

  1. Tools for Beautiful and Effective Design WEBINAR

  2. Dassault Systèmes Interior Cabin Design with CATIA Creative Design and CATIA Icem

  3. Interiors and Architecture

  4. KeyShot Webinar 55: Master Lighting and Interiors

Top Interior Design Companies to Follow

Here are a few top interior design companies to follow in India

  1. Acme Interiors

  2. Carafina

  3. Spacewood

  4. Brawn Globus

  5. Space Matrix

  6. Monnaie

  7. Dream Space India

With the growing demand of interior designers today, it is one of the best fields to explore if one has the creative zeal and love for designing. If you think you have it in you to learn new things and create amazing spaces, an interior design career is a good choice.

All the Best!

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