2022 has been quite a ride! Offices started to reopen, we had to get out of the comfort of our homes and start traveling and much more.

With NYE right around the corner, we are preparing our resolutions for 2023. Now, as we get our personal goals in place, let’s not forget our careers!

Here are 7 top career resolutions for 2023 to include in your list!

Finding a new job

We ran a poll run on Naukri.com, where 9280 users said that their career resolution this year is finding a new job.

Here’s what Garima Gulati, HR Director, Client Associate, ex MobiKwik had to say to all job seekers on Naukri Workwise,

Take a step back and remember the 3 P’s; Purpose, Position, People, and then Paisa. All this needs to start with the purpose with which you are picking what you are picking.

So, Purpose is the use case that you are trying to solve. The position is the subpart that you are responsible for doing attached to the big purpose. People are the team with which you will be solving the problem, and Paisa is of course your compensation attached to it.

This order might vary from person to person, but the key is to be self-aware, assess your order, and then take calls about what will serve you well in the future course of time.

Rightly so, many of us tend to get starry-eyed about our salary package and forget to check whether our purpose for the switch is being met.

So, people looking at switching jobs in 2023, try to follow the simple formula of the 3 P’s to ensure that our decision is well-rounded and don’t end up hopping from one job to another by the year-end because sooner or later this will reflect poorly on your resume.

Improve your work-life balance

The pandemic has taught us the harsh truth of having a healthy work-life balance. 2 years after surviving the Covid-19 pandemic, we are not surprised that 4396 Naukri job seekers have voted for a better work-life balance as their career resolution for the coming year.

As important as it is to work hard, it is also important to work smart to avoid burnout at work. After all, all work and no play make life dull. To ensure a healthier life holistically, you need to have reduced stress which can only be achieved by clearly demarcating work hours and personal time.

Getting a promotion

Around 1675 users on Naukri voted for aiming at getting a promotion as a career resolution for 2023. While only 1548 Naukri users have aimed for a good increment as their career resolution for the next year.

For all the employees looking forward to a promotion at work, you must understand where you stand currently. Next, chart out your course of action like, what skills you need to work on, and so on. This will help you create a roadmap and build your case during your annual appraisal meetings.

There’s no point in making a case for a promotion or even a good hike based on empty claims. You have to show for it as well.

Look for a mentor

We often undermine the role of a mentor when we start our career journey. Whereas we all need the guidance of field experts to move ahead in our careers.

They can provide advice and insights about upcoming changes in the field, skills that will be in demand, etc. These insights can benefit you a lot in your performance and upskilling.

So, try to network and find a mentor who can guide you.

Be more open to job opportunities

This new year try to push yourself to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. Say ‘yes’ to tasks and job opportunities that you think are beyond your league.

As daunting as the thought might be, you will not be able to know your true potential unless you challenge yourself. Also, getting too comfortable with the same tasks can bring about stagnancy and boredom, which will soon start affecting your work satisfaction.

So, in 2023, make it a resolution to try out new opportunities no matter how nervous you feel about the change.

Work on upskilling yourself

Upskilling is another important resolution to list for 2023, as fields are changing dynamically and skills need to be updated accordingly. This not only will help you progress in your career but also help add value to your resume.


We understand resolutions are extremely personal to one and all. However, we would advise you to be self-aware of the purpose of your resolution to have clarity on your road map for the year.

Hopefully, you can resonate with these 6 career resolutions for 2023 and incorporate them into your list.

Wishing a very Happy and Prosperous New Year to all our readers from Team Naukri!

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