Changing a job can be a tedious task. Yet, with a positive outlook, we should embrace the idea that change is good! Irrespective of the reason for job change, which could be anything from poor management to a horrible supervisor, never criticize your employer in an interview. Let bygones be bygones. Stay cheerful and give a positive reply. Here are some sample answers to help you ace this interview question!

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When the question “why do you want to change your job?” is asked to you in an interview, you can answer with any one of the many ready-to-use positive replies about a reason for job change. Remember to pick the answer which suits your situation the best.

Possible Answer #1

In my current organization, I am managing a small team of 15 people. I have had a great experience and gained important skills like resource management and client servicing. In the last 3 quarters, I have led the team to beat projected targets by a sizable percentage. I am now eager to manage a larger team because I feel that I am ready to take up more responsibility. My current organization can offer me a promotion, but the team strength would remain the same and the opening that you have clearly seems to be the next logical step in my career. This is basically my reason for job change. Working with your organization will enable me to successfully grow professionally.

Possible Answer #2

There is no particular reason for job change in my case. Let me be clear about the fact that I resigned from my last job. Within a week of joining that company, I realized that my strengths and weaknesses were not aligned with the requirements of the post. It was a great organization but their expectations from the position were different. I decided it was best that I left at the earliest and started to hunt for more relevant opportunities. My reporting manager was a great guy and a true mentor, and he is also one of the references I have mentioned in my resume. Clearly, it shows that I left on great terms with my past employer and had a wonderful learning experience, even if it was a short one. I am looking to work for an organization that has a creative environment. Also, reputation is certainly an important factor. Besides, the job description should match my long term career goals. I have closely followed the growth of your company and read all about its work culture through the company reviews posted by real employees. You have also shared all your values and expectations clearly with me in the job description. Based on this information, I think this is the right place for me to jumpstart my career once again. I have the potential to add immense value to this position and excel within your organization.

Possible Answer #3

My current employer is a leading player in the corporate sector and I have had wonderful opportunities to grow and explore my interests within the organization. I have sharpened my skills in management, resource allocation, fund raising and several other areas. I used to think that my calling was in this sector alone. But lately, I have realised that now is the right time to actually switch. Through my disciplined corporate skills I honestly want to create a greater social impact. As a result, since the past few weeks, I have been seeking a good reason for job change and a great opportunity to make a switch. Your organization gives me the perfect platform to do so. I am a part of the CSR team at my current organization and want to dedicate myself fully in a similar role in your company as well.

Possible Answer #4

My reason for job change is the termination of my contract. For the past 2 years I have worked on a contractual basis as a contractor at several locations. 90% of my time was spent on travelling from one city/country to another. In order to develop my project management skills and explore other fields, I needed a stationary full-time job with minimal travel.  When I read the advertisement for this particular job opening, I was captivated! It looks like a good opportunity for me to work under a stellar leadership as well as hone my skills. I am passionate about such a work environment and have the same views as your organization on zero wastage and inclusive growth. Interestingly, at my current organization I was able to reduce wastage in my department by 37% by suggesting that we only generate e-bills! I am sure that with my diverse background, I will be of great service to this firm.

Possible Answer #5

My current employer is going through corporate optimization and my department is going to be laid off. The reason for job change is I was told by the higher management to look for other avenues of work and they have been extremely helpful during this transition period of 90 days. I have a strong technical foundation and constantly update my skills through online courses and timely certifications. I am now looking to diversify my profile and work with a larger client base. My current employer works with only 11 clients, and I am aware that your company caters to over 50+ clients. This presents a challenging and exciting prospect for me. I am keen to utilize my potentials and skills to add value to your company.

Possible Answer #6

My reason for job change is upward mobility and financial growth. I have worked with my current employer for the last 4 years and have grown well. I am grateful for my experience as I have imbibed a spectacular work ethic and in-depth industry knowledge. However, my work is no longer challenging. I have no new avenues to grow within the organization. That being said, I am keen to make this transition to stay on the path of progress. I am excited to interact and work closely with the thought leaders of our industry who are also a part of the leadership team of your organization.

Possible Answer #7

I joined my current company right after college as an intern, and eventually got absorbed. After 10 long years, I realised that although it has been a great learning experience, I have to move out to grow more. I conducted research on lucrative markets for internal teams, thereby working in close quarters with multiple resources. I loved every single activity that I carried out and all the interactions I had across departments. Over the past 6 months, I have observed and familiarized myself with corporate negotiation skills, grit and perseverance.  My current company cannot offer me any more variety beyond this, and that is my reason for job change. I am eager to switch immediately. I want to start learning immediately and build my skills, as well as help your organization grow like I helped my current company grow. Moreover, I am a loyal consumer of many of your products and it thrills me to have the opportunity to work on them.

Possible Answer #8

Having worked with my current organization for 15 months, I find my daily tasks repetitive. Although the work environment is comfortable, there is no space for skill enhancement. I discussed this with my supervisor and we tried to pitch it to the bosses about expanding my functions.  However, it was not possible given their business goals for the next 18 months. This is the most honest and best reason for job change, that I can quote right now. I have the intent to expand my skill set through the position offered by your company. It is indeed a highly demanding role, but I believe I have a great supply of energy and diligence to meet this demand.

Possible Answer #9

I am currently working for an organization with 700+ employees. The growth of the company has been spectacular in the past 5 quarters and I have had a great experience with my team.  However, I want to work in a more dynamic environment where my experience and skills will be appreciated. I truly believe that I possess immense potential and can contribute more than I am currently able to. A small team like yours encourages one to step out of their comfort zone and that’s where I want to be! I realize that your organization gives opportunities to its employees to broaden their horizons, and even switch teams for more exposure in multiple internal business units. I have some ideas to contribute to your success story that I would love to share with you later.

Possible Answer #10

To be honest, I was not actively looking for a new job. I am happy with my current position and organization. I came across this job posting on a popular job board and applied immediately! On reading more about the company and the responsibilities aligned with this profile, I decided to apply. My qualifications and expertise are a direct match with the requirements of this role. But, the core industry is completely different than the one I am currently in. This presents me with a wonderful opportunity to update my skills and branch out into a new industry. That is my reason for job change.

The hiring manager is eager to know your reason for a job change for obvious reasons. He/she will not hire candidates who resent their current employer or have an attitude issue. Hence, this is your golden chance to convince her/him that by recruiting you, it will be a valuable change for their company and for you too! After all, any change is good, which also includes a reason for job change!

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