Let’s break the myth, job searching has not completely ceased during the COVID-19 crisis.

It has changed the way how recruiters are now hiring.

We are in the “new normal” situation where job seekers need to focus on creating a resume that focuses on certain abilities during these testing times.

Whether you have been laid-off due to the ongoing situation or voluntarily looking out for a job change, it’s time to dust-off your resume and get back to an active job search with the help of a winning resume.

Here are some useful tactics for writing a professional resume that can create a good impression on recruiters.

Take a look!

1. Think of your resume as a sales pitch

Indeed! Companies will now be focusing on bringing those employees on board who can show up the capability to add value to their company’s revenue creation with their good work.

Use your resume as a sales pitch to show how you have been an asset to your previous companies.

Your resume should focus on mentioning how you have achieved this thing in the past.

Add some measurable accomplishments from your previous work to support this quality.

2. Show your expertise in remote-working tools

Now when work-from-home is the “new normal”, employers would expect job seekers to be well-versed in remote-working tools.

For some companies, remote working is going to be the future for a longer time.

Show how you have efficiently delivered your work when working remotely and maintained work productivity and quality.

Your intention here should be to rightly communicate how comfortable you are in working remotely and possess the complete knowledge of any such tools.

Your resume should also demonstrate how efficiently you understand online workflow communication tools.

3. Show ability to take important decisions

Working remotely often requires employees to take important work decisions to maintain a smooth workflow.

In the situations of ambiguity where you are working remotely, employees demonstrating the quality of decision-making are always encouraged by managers.

Here your resume should focus on showcasing some experiences when you addressed key business problems without any road maps.

This shows leadership qualities in you that should always be highlighted on your resume.

4. Make resume layout clean and simple

Considering the volume of job applications and resumes recruiters receive every day, don’t keep them hunting for the right information on your resume.

That’s a complete loss for you and not for them.

Keep a simple layout that makes the available 6-9 seconds of scanning time easier for them.

Use a layout with proper spacing and margins to keep the content in place.

Important information must be at the top and in bullet points.

Use clear and easy-to-read fonts such as Helvetica, Arial or Verdana.

5. Add references who can vouch for you

While a few months back, adding references on a resume was not always required, but in the current times, it makes sense to add good references.

Mentioning references on resume adds value to your application and help vouch for your skills.

These references can be either your ex-colleagues, clients, or former supervisors.

These uncertain times should not be a reason to stop looking for new opportunities.

Pivot your job search with these resume writing tips and start afresh.

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