Professional interviews are always considered to be challenging. However, sales interviews are considered to be more challenging.

Sales being the core revenue source of most firms, every employer wants to hire the best in the lot.

This makes sales manager interview questions all the more important to prepare beforehand.

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In this blog, we shall discuss sales manager interview questions & provide sample answers for the same.

Sales Manager Interview Questions

Here are some important sales manager interview questions.

Why Do You Want To Work In Sales?

Sample Answer:

I have always been fascinated by sales. There are only a few professions that sharpen your thought process, strategic thinking & power of persuasion. Although the pressure in sales is usually much more than in other professions, the growth both professionally & financially is paramount. Thus I am confident that sales suit my skill set perfectly.

Why do You Want to Join Our Company?

Sample Answer 1:

There are countless reasons why I want to join your company, however, one of the prominent reasons to do so is the glorious history of work of your company. Starting from the XYZ project to the ABC campaign, your company has always set benchmarks.

Working in your company, learning from the best & professional growth within the company is something I seriously look forward to.

Sample Answer 2:

The position you are hiring for perfectly suits my skillset & the idea of having a fruitful career in your company is a dream come true.

The value system of your company, ethical practices & standard set by your company in the business world is exemplary. I feel my career shall soar to new heights if I start a career with your company.

Tell Me Something About Yourself?

Sample Answer:

For Freshers:

Well, I have recently graduated from XYZ University with a degree in ABC. I love to (hobbies). I feel I have acquired the right knowledge to start a professional career with a reputed firm. Apart from this, I am also well versed with a variety of computer software.

For Experienced:

I have experience of XYZ years in the field of ABC. I love to (hobbies). I am a goal-oriented person & have worked on various projects despite obstacles. I learn every day & always look forward to accepting challenges at the workplace.

Have You Handled a Sales Team Before?

Sample Answer:

Yes, Indeed I have handled a sales team before. In fact, I & my team have successfully achieved almost all the targets given on monthly basis. I am a strong believer in teamwork thus the relationship between my team & me has always been professional yet great.

How to Answer "Sell Me This Pen?"

Rather than giving you a precise answer, let's put some points to remember while answering this question.

1. Create a Need:

Why should an interviewer buy a pen? What is the need for him to buy? Take a minute & think about the points which may justify the need to buy a new pen.

2. Ask Questions:

Remember the interviewer doesn't actually want to buy the pen, he/she just wants to know if you have the convincing ability.

Ask more questions about the frequency of the use of the pen, which kind of pen the interviewer likes, when was the last time a pen left him down by not working, etc.

Believe me, you will find arguments within the answers of the interviewer.

3. Be Realistic With the Features:

Most candidates tend to make up features that sound impractical. Everyone knows what a pen does, so stick to that only.

Maybe enhance a feature here & there but don't go over the top.

The above-mentioned five questions are the basic HR sales interview questions that are hardest to answer during a sales manager interview.

However, the above answers shall help you crack your next sales manager interview.

Best of luck!

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