To help jobseekers make informed decisions around job search, upskilling and building a robust career trajectory,, India’s No. 1 job-site, unveiled Naukri Pulse IT skills report that captures the top 100 skills that recruiters are looking for. The report also contains “Fast-Emerging”, “Evergreen” skills along with granular insights across top cities and experience bands. The IT industry insights are available on the Naukri portal under a dedicated microsite named Naukri Pulse.

The Naukri Pulse insights are based on the hiring behavior of more than one lac recruiters on the platform. Apart from this, Naukri Pulse also covers insights around “Skills with the higher than average salary”, again broken down into key cities and experience clusters for more relevant insights for jobseekers across a wide spectrum.

With this initiative, intends to empower the IT jobseekers with relevant hiring insights to make more informed career decisions. Given the appetite for digital transformation across industries – the demand for IT professionals seems very robust in the mid to long term.

Top IT Skills

Naukri Pulse shares quick insights on top 100 IT skills basis recruiter demand. As per the Naukri Pulse data, Java continues to be the most popular choice for recruiters in the IT sector followed by Angular JS, JavaScript, .Net, and ReactJS. Skills like Python, AWS, Node.JS, CSS, and CoreJava are also listed amongst the top 10 IT skills.

While Java, AngularJS, and ReactJS are driving the most demand from IT recruiters in Delhi/NCR, AWS and Node.js are among the most in-demand IT skills in Bangalore. Python is a popular IT skill after Java and JavaScript in Mumbai.

Fast Emerging IT Skills

Kubernetes, React Native and Redux have come up as the fast emerging IT skills of choice for recruiters.

According to Naukri Pulse IT Skills data, Kubernetes has jumped 53 ranks up to reach 32 in a year. React Native has jumped 59 ranks and Redux 40 ranks to stand at 42 and 66 respectively. Proficiency in skills like Kafka, Magento, and Docker can also help job seekers gain a competitive edge.

Other hot skills include Typescript, GCP, Ansible, Spark, Servicenow, Architecture, Scala, Laravel, and PostgreSQL.

Highest Paying IT Skills

Naukri Pulse reports that certain IT skills can give salary advantage to professionals.

Freshers at the entry level with skills such a Golang, Microservices and Hive can have a competitive advantage with salaries up to 11 lacs p.a. Professionals with experience of 2-6 years armed with skills like Kubernetes, Algorithms, and Multithreading earn over 13.5 lacs p.a. For Mid-Management executives with experience up to 10 years, a skillset that includes React Native, Azure, and Ruby Rails can demand salaries of 22.5 lacs p.a. React Native, pays the highest to IT professionals at a leadership level, upwards of 43 lacs p.a.

According to the Naukri Pulse data, skills like Kubernetes, Kafta, GCP, Spark, salesforce, etc, give a 40% salary advantage over other IT skills.

The Naukri Pulse microsite makes job discovery simpler; each skill comes with a clickable link that helps job seekers discover current openings for that particular skill on the Naukri platform. Apart from marquee companies like IBM, Cognizant, Accenture, TCS, Dell, Tech Mahindra, MindTree, Xerox, and Adobe, top internet companies such as Ola, Flipkart, UpGrad, Zoomcar, and Groupon too are hiring for IT roles on Naukri.

Check out the complete Naukri Pulse IT Trends here:

Naukri Pulse IT Trends


Naukri Pulse IT insights report is being published with the intent to empower IT jobbers with relevant hiring insights, thus, helping them in their career progression. The Business Intelligence team at has mined lakhs of data points around recruiter actions on the platform to come out with meaningful insights for IT professionals. The top 100 IT skills are based on recruiter searches on the Naukri platform in July-Sept’20. The data on rank movement has been culled out from recruiter searches in July-Sept’20 as compared to July-Sept’19. The salary data is based on the 75th percentile CTC (in lacs) pulled from jobs posted in July-Sept’20.

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