This is one of the most commonly asked HR interview question.

As you prepare to face interviewers and their tough questions, take a deep breath, relax and go through your own professional and academic experiences.

Select the ones you are going to highlight during the interview.

This exercise will help you face the interview question “Tell me about yourself” confidently.

Interviewers can ask in many ways. Describe yourself in 3 words, or one word are some of the other versions of this question.

Summarise all your important academic and professional achievements in a subtle manner. Click here to read detailed article on self-introduction.

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Why do recruiters ask "Tell me about yourself"

Recruiters often begin an interview by asking candidates to "tell me about yourself" for several important reasons.

First and foremost, this question allows the recruiters to gauge the candidate's ability to effectively communicate and present themselves in a concise yet engaging manner. It provides a glimpse into the candidate's communication skills, self-awareness, and overall confidence.

Moreover, the question serves as an icebreaker, allowing both the candidate and the interviewer to establish a rapport and create a comfortable atmosphere for the rest of the interview. By sharing a brief personal introduction, candidates can establish a connection with the interviewer and potentially leave a lasting impression.

Additionally, this helps the recruiters gain insight into the candidate's background, experiences, and achievements. It gives the candidates an opportunity to highlight their relevant skills and qualifications, providing a context for further discussion during the interview.

Recruiters can assess how well the candidate's experiences align with the requirements of the position, enabling them to determine whether the candidate could be a good fit for the role and the company culture.

Overall, asking candidates to "tell me about yourself" at the beginning of an interview serves as a valuable tool for recruiters to evaluate a candidate's communication abilities, establish rapport, and gather pertinent information to assess their suitability for the job.

It sets the stage for a more comprehensive and meaningful interview process, allowing both the candidate and the recruiter to make informed decisions moving forward.

What to include in the answer

When answering the question, "Tell me about yourself," it's important to provide a concise and relevant overview of your personal and professional background. Here are some key elements to include:

1. Personal Introduction: Start with a brief introduction about yourself, mentioning your name and any relevant personal information such as where you're from or where you currently reside.

2. Professional Background: Provide a summary of your professional experience, highlighting your most recent or relevant positions. Mention your job titles, the companies you've worked for, and the industry sectors you have experience in.

3. Key Skills and Expertise: Discuss your core skills and areas of expertise that are relevant to the position or context in which you are introducing yourself. Emphasize the skills that align with the requirements of the role or showcase your strengths.

4. Accomplishments: Highlight some notable achievements or accomplishments from your career that demonstrate your abilities and the impact you've made in your previous roles. This could include specific projects you successfully completed, awards you received, or any quantifiable results you achieved.

5. Educational Background: Mention your educational qualifications, such as degrees or certifications, particularly those that are directly related to the position or industry you're currently involved in.

6. Career Interests and Goals: Briefly discuss your career aspirations and what motivates you professionally. This can help provide context and demonstrate your alignment with the opportunity you're pursuing.

7. Personal Interests: Optionally, you can share a few personal interests or hobbies that are relevant to the conversation or help create a well-rounded impression of yourself. This can help establish common ground or showcase your personality outside of work.

Remember to keep your response concise and focused, typically lasting between one to three minutes. Tailor your answer to the specific context or job you're applying for to make it more relevant and compelling.

Tell Me About Yourself Sample Answers(General)

Possible Answer 1:

“I am a self-starter with strong interpersonal skills. I work efficiently both as an individual contributor as well as along with a team. I seek new challenges and try to think out-of-the-box while looking for creative solutions to a given problem.

Besides the details given in my resume, I believe in character, values, vision, and action. I am a quick learner and believe in learning from my mistakes for I strongly feel that this virtue will take me ahead in life and career.”

Possible Answer 2:

“I can sum up my entire personal and professional life in three words – I can win! My dad and my current boss, both would vouch for the fact that I have a havoc wrecking never-say-die spirit! It is impossible to subdue me, no matter what.

I also make sure that this attitude becomes contagious within my team. Some of my colleagues say that I encourage my teammates as a football coach during crunched situations!”

Possible Answer 3:

“I am a dynamic figure. In my mind, I am often climbing mountains and crushing huge icebergs under my pirate ship! I have been known to remodel the electricity supply system of the entire city during lunch breaks.

In my free time, I compose poetry or paint, which shows that I am an artistic person who can also manage free time efficiently!

I agree that I love to work hard, but I am also a social butterfly and can party all day and night long for two days in a row! I am a great cook too and can stir up my favorite thirty-minute pasta dish in under fifteen minutes.

I am an expert roller skater having performed at several Skate Shows and won a handful of them. I am also an automobile maniac and a gadget freak. Honestly, I love this question and can talk for hours about myself but I feel I should stop now. :)”

Possible Answer 4:

“I am an abstract artist, a civil engineer at heart, and a ruthless bookworm. I have a great dressing sense and I love to follow fashion trends closely. Being a cleanliness freak, I like to keep my den and my work desk spic and span at all times.

I am not an outgoing person, and love to stay indoors with a book instead of partying in a regular weekend. I love my pets, yes I have four dogs and they are my family now.

If I do go out, I prefer to go on solo trips. Last summer I toured the entire East and West Malaysia. I have a weakness for fresh flowers, which obviously means that gardening is my hobby.”

Possible Answer 5:

“I am a sportswoman (man) at heart. I can hurl a tennis racket, a cricket bat and even a golf chipper at small moving objects with deadly accuracy. The laws of physics do not apply to me! I know the exact location of every food item in the supermarket, yes I am a diehard foodie.

While on vacation I strictly follow a well thought out budget to travel as long as possible, which means I have great negotiation skills. On weekends, to let off steam, I participate in half and full marathons.

I have made extraordinary four course meals using only a rice cooker and a toaster oven! I have won cliff-diving competitions in Sri Lanka, and spelling bees at New Delhi.”

Possible Answer 6

A Fresher’s Answer to the Question

“Hi, I am Shakeel. I am from Delhi. I completed my English Honors from Hindu College which is affiliated to Delhi University. I completed my twelfth grade from Delhi Public School with 89% from CBSE Boards.

My family includes my father who is an engineer, my mother who is a lawyer and my brother who is pursuing his MS in Computer Science from Cornell University. I love playing chess and have represented my school in various district and state level chess competitions.

I am also a part of Rotary Club where I have participated in community service at various schools teaching the underprivileged and visiting a number of old age homes. Being part of the Rotary Club has given me a different perspective of life which makes me appreciate what I am and where I am.”

Possible Answer 7

Sample Answer for a Software Tester

“Firstly, thank you very much for giving me this golden opportunity. I am Sapna Sharma. My father, Mr. Shyam Sharma is a teacher and my mother a homemaker. I have 2 other siblings and they are still in school.

I completed my engineering from Annamalai University in 2014 and since then, I have been working as a software tester. During my under graduation, I completed several projects on testing, where I excelled in my work and even got certificates for the same.

Now, I am interested in expanding my career graph by joining your reputed organization as a software tester where I also look forward to attaining people management opportunity in my area of work.”

Possible Answer 8

How Possibly an Academician cum Trainer Could Answer this Question

“I have been engaged in the education industry for the past 4 years. My most recent work was at a Play School as their Branch Manager. I was personally responsible for coordinating and managing the day to day operational matters of the school.

With my leadership abilities and strong communication skills, I was able to develop a healthy atmosphere driven by team spirit amongst the teachers and the lower staff as well.

I played the role of a mentor where I taught the teachers life skills which in turn, they passed on to the children attending the school. Now at this point of time, I am looking for a company that values teamwork and the group dynamic, where I can leverage my experience and learnings to my as well as the organization’s benefit.”

Possible Answer 9

This Sample fits for a Professional with around 5 Years of Experience

“Hi, I am Manisha Singh. If you talk about my educational background, I completed my Bachelor of Engineering degree in 2006. After that, I changed my line of profession and got into writing for the English language always remained my first love.

I started writing for a news magazine following which I got involved in some serious kind of writing. I started preparing resumes, essays, and statements of purpose for students aspiring to go abroad for higher education.

I supplemented this with blog writing where I gained exposure in online content. Working in all these spheres gave me an overall experience in the field of content creation and editing to enhance which, I am looking to join your organization for the further development of my skills.”

Possible Answer 10

A Software Engineer’s Answer to the Question

“Born and brought up in Patna, Bihar, I studied in a convent school and it was around my ninth grade where I developed a keen interest in Internet and Technology. Following my interest, I pursued my Bachelors in Computer Application from Women’s College, Patna.

As part of my curriculum, I particularly found the subjects of Computer Networks and Design of Algorithms highly intriguing, as these subjects created in me a passion to study the computer related courses in much more detail.

Alongside, I also started preparing for my Master of Computer Application course. Besides my curriculum, I participated in various events pertaining to art and culture held in my college.

Talking about my profession, now I am qualified computer programmer where I work on various programming languages such as C, Java, PHP, JavaScript, C++, Python, Shell, Ruby, Objective-C and C#. Besides my work and academic, I am extremely passionate about playing Guitar, which is a great stress-buster for me.”

Possible Answer 11

An HR Professional’s Take on the Question

“My name is Shreya. I am from Noida. My experience as an HR officer has given me the opportunity to specialise in delivering trainings and I have conducted several trainings on various HR related topics in the past years.

My strengths lie in  organising learning modules, creating instructional activities and presenting concepts. I am go-getter and intend to put in my efforts towards channelizing my knowledge and skills while moving ahead with my career in your organisation.”

Possible Answer 12

How to Mould the Answer for a Sales Executive

“Being part of Sales team at I for over 4 years gave I was a part of sales team for 3 years in Talent Plus Plus, Gurgaon. My efforts increased the sales by 40% grew the customer base in the Northeast.

Sportspersons are given a lot of weightage in this company and I am very much interested in football. I have also played at national level and was involved in coaching. It is important to me the company holds the same values.”

Possible Answer 13

How a Sales Supervisor’s Answer Could Look Like

“My name is Gaurav Dev. I am from Noida. I have worked for 3 years in Mamsys Technologies as a Sales Supervisor. During this stint, my responsibilities included selling computers and its parts along with which, I have also had the opportunity of managing a 5-member team.

I would like to emphasise on the fact that my team has always outperformed other teams and managed to spike the sales volume every quarter. For this, I as well as my team have received several awards also.

Thus, my qualification and background as a reliable resource to my past company makes me a suitable candidate for the position of a Sales Manager at your reputed firm.”

Possible Answer 14

Sample for an Academic Counsellor

“I have been working in the Study Abroad industry for the past 10 years. I have always enjoyed interacting with people of varied profile which brought me to select counselling as a career. My job profile entails me to counsel students aspiring to go for further studies to reputed international universities.

My profile gave me an opportunity to study the world geography, their education pattern and also about the various courses being offered at world class institutions.

It also enabled me to interact with students and professionals with high acumen, brainstorm with them and come up with out of the box solutions to their queries related to international education, which highly intrigued and stimulated my mind and personality on a whole.

Tell Me About yourself Sample Answers for Experienced

Sample Answer 1:

"I have over 10 years of experience in the marketing industry, specializing in digital marketing and brand strategy.

Throughout my career, I have successfully developed and executed numerous integrated marketing campaigns for global brands. I thrive in fast-paced environments and have a proven track record of driving measurable results.

In my previous role as a Senior Marketing Manager, I led a team of talented professionals and consistently exceeded our targets. I'm excited to bring my expertise to new challenges and contribute to the success of your organization."

Sample Answer 2:

"With over 15 years of experience in software development, I have worked across various domains, including e-commerce, finance, and healthcare. I have a strong technical background and have led teams in delivering complex projects on time and within budget.

In my previous role as a Software Engineering Manager, I was responsible for overseeing a team of developers, implementing best practices, and ensuring the successful delivery of software solutions.

I am passionate about leveraging technology to solve real-world problems and look forward to applying my skills and knowledge to drive innovation in your organization."

Sample Answer 3:

"I am a seasoned financial analyst with more than 12 years of experience in the banking industry. Throughout my career, I have honed my skills in financial modeling, risk assessment, and investment analysis.

I have a deep understanding of market trends and have successfully provided strategic insights to senior management. In my previous role as a Senior Financial Analyst, I was responsible for analyzing complex financial data, developing financial models, and presenting recommendations to support business decision-making.

I am results-driven and thrive in high-pressure environments, and I am eager to contribute my expertise to help your organization achieve its financial goals."

Sample Answer 4:

"I have been working as a project manager for over 8 years, leading cross-functional teams and delivering complex projects in the IT industry. I am skilled in managing project timelines, budgets, and resources, and have a proven ability to align project objectives with business goals.

In my previous role as a Senior Project Manager, I successfully led the implementation of a major software system that resulted in significant cost savings and process improvements for the organization.

I am highly organized, detail-oriented, and thrive in dynamic environments. I look forward to utilizing my experience to drive successful project outcomes in your organization."

Sample Answer 5:

"As an experienced sales professional with a track record of exceeding targets, I bring over 10 years of expertise in B2B sales and account management. I have a proven ability to build and nurture long-term client relationships, identify growth opportunities, and close complex deals.

In my previous role as a Regional Sales Manager, I consistently surpassed sales quotas and developed a high-performing sales team. I am a strong communicator, skilled negotiator, and thrive in competitive markets.

I am excited about the opportunity to leverage my experience and contribute to the growth and success of your organization."

Tell Me About Yourself Answer for Freshers

Sample Answer 1:

"I recently graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. During my studies, I developed a strong foundation in programming languages like Java and Python.

I also gained practical experience through internships, where I worked on software development projects and collaborated with team members to deliver quality solutions.

I have a passion for problem-solving and enjoy staying updated with the latest industry trends and technologies. I'm excited to apply my knowledge and skills to contribute to a dynamic organization and continue to learn and grow in a professional environment."

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Sample Answer 2:

"I am a recent graduate with a degree in Business Administration. Throughout my academic journey, I developed a solid understanding of key business concepts, such as marketing, finance, and management.

I actively participated in various extracurricular activities, including organizing events and leading student clubs, which enhanced my communication and leadership skills.

I am eager to kick-start my career and apply my theoretical knowledge in a practical setting. I am a quick learner, detail-oriented, and highly motivated to contribute to the success of an organization by bringing fresh perspectives and a willingness to work hard."

Sample Answer 3:

"I am a passionate and dedicated individual who recently completed a degree in Electrical Engineering. During my studies, I focused on subjects like circuit design, power systems, and electronics.

I also had the opportunity to work on hands-on projects, including designing and implementing a small-scale power distribution system. I am fascinated by the possibilities of renewable energy and its impact on sustainability.

I am eager to apply my technical skills and contribute to the development of innovative solutions in the field. I am a team player, detail-oriented, and open to learning from experienced professionals to further enhance my knowledge and expertise."

If you notice, the answers are brief and to the point. The interviewer does not really want you to list out things that are already mentioned in your resume. They want to see first how comfortable you are in your own skin and second how you can put that across to the interviewer.

As mentioned at the start of the article, it is an ice breaking question and if you manage summarise your profile with confidence and a genuine smile…. there you go… the rest of the ride becomes a bit easier.”

So relax and take the interview as a pleasant journey and not a dreaded ride. Hope this article helps you to achieve the same.

Bonus Tips

1. Be concise and focused: Keep your response brief and to the point. Aim to deliver a clear and concise summary of your background and qualifications. Avoid going into excessive detail or rambling.

2. Structure your response: Organize your answer into a logical structure. You can start with a personal introduction, move on to your professional background, highlight key skills and accomplishments, and conclude with your career goals or aspirations.

3. Tailor your response: Customize your answer based on the context of the situation. Focus on aspects of your background that are most relevant to the specific job or opportunity you're discussing. Highlight experiences and skills that align with the requirements of the role.

4. Highlight your strengths: Emphasize your key strengths and skills that make you a valuable asset. Showcase your unique abilities and what sets you apart from others. Provide specific examples or anecdotes that demonstrate your capabilities.

5. Stay positive and professional: Maintain a positive tone throughout your response. Avoid speaking negatively about previous employers, colleagues, or experiences. Present yourself in a professional and confident manner.

6. Practice and prepare: Take the time to practice your response beforehand. Rehearse your answer to ensure a smooth delivery and build confidence. Consider recording yourself or seeking feedback from a friend or mentor to refine your response.

7. Be adaptable: Be prepared to adapt your answer based on the situation or the person you're speaking with. Tailor your response to match the level of formality and depth of information appropriate for the conversation.

8. Connect your experiences to the role: Whenever possible, link your past experiences and achievements to the requirements or responsibilities of the position you're applying for. Show how your skills and expertise can benefit the organization or team.

9. Be authentic: While it's essential to present your best self, be authentic and genuine in your response. Let your personality shine through, and share insights that reflect who you are as a person and a professional.

10. Engage and ask questions: Use your response as an opportunity to engage the interviewer. Ask questions that show your interest in the role and the company. This demonstrates your enthusiasm and proactive approach.

Remember, It is often the opening question in an interview or networking situation. By preparing a concise and compelling response, you can create a positive first impression and set the stage for a successful conversation.

Key Takeaways

  1. Be concise and focused, delivering a clear and brief summary of your background and qualifications.
  2. Structure your response in a logical order, including a personal introduction, professional background, key skills, accomplishments, education, career goals, and personal interests if relevant.
  3. Tailor your answer to the specific context or job you're applying for, highlighting experiences and skills that align with the requirements of the role.
  4. Emphasize your strengths and unique abilities that set you apart from others, providing specific examples or anecdotes to demonstrate your capabilities.
  5. Maintain a positive and professional tone throughout your response, avoiding negative comments about previous experiences.
  6. Practice and prepare your answer in advance, rehearsing it for a smooth delivery, and be adaptable to adjust your response based on the situation or interviewer.

Remember, these points can help you craft an effective and engaging response to the "Tell me about yourself" question.


Q1: What is the best answer for Tell me about yourself?

A: The best answer for "Tell me about yourself" is to briefly talk about your background, experience, and skills relevant to the job. Start with a quick introduction, mention your education, highlight any work experience, and discuss key skills that make you a good fit for the position. Keep it concise and focused on professional aspects.

Q2: How can I tell me about myself?

A: To learn about yourself, you can start by reflecting on your interests, strengths, weaknesses, values, and experiences. You can also ask for feedback from others, like friends, family, or colleagues, to gain different perspectives. Additionally, you can try activities like journaling, taking personality tests, or seeking guidance from a mentor or counselor. It's important to be open-minded and willing to explore different aspects of yourself to gain a better understanding of who you are.

Q3: How to introduce myself in interview?

A: Hello, my name is [Your Name]. I recently graduated from [Your University] with a degree in [Your Field], and I have [X years] of experience working in [relevant industry or role]. During my time at [Previous Company], I was responsible for [mention a specific achievement or responsibility]. I'm particularly skilled in [mention a relevant skill], and I'm excited about the opportunity to bring my expertise to [Company Name] as a [desired position].

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