The pandemic impacted the lives of everyone across the globe in several ways- one of the major ones being how people want to define their professional lives.

This led to an increase in resignations, furthering a massive power shift- instead of working for any job offered, the job seekers have taken it upon themselves to look for the opportunities they want.

With people rethinking their priorities, The Great Resignation has transformed into a phenomenon like never before. Enter The Great Reshuffle- where millions of working professionals quit toxic work cultures and stagnant roles that lacked job satisfaction, work-life balance, and career growth.

In this article, we explore the Great Reshuffle and its effects on the Indian job market.

What has led to the Great Reshuffle?

Today, work-life balance seems to be of utmost importance to job seekers.

So much so, that people have quit demanding jobs and are instead looking for fulfilling opportunities that add value to their careers without compromising the work-life balance.

With The Great Reshuffle, working professionals are now seeking jobs that interest them and offer a promising career trajectory while meeting their terms.

The phenomenon is a product of people looking for better opportunities that suit their lifestyle and pays them their worth. As we mentioned in our article on The Great Resignation,

“The Great Resignation has created a job seekers’ market. Earlier, the supply of talent and resources was often more than the demand, especially in countries like India, where the resources are almost unlimited, but job opportunities are scarce.

But with the advent of The Great Resignation, many people have left their positions in the workforce, making it a job seekers' market and giving them the freedom to choose the companies they want to work with, and not the other way around.”

With this in perspective, it was only a matter of time before people realized their impact in defining the new terms of the job market.

The Great Reshuffle in India

The Indian job market has witnessed several upheavals over the last few years. Since the pandemic brought people face-to-face with the bigger challenges in life- from dreading mortality to the uncertainty of it all, the shared experience has impacted everyone, leading to massive changes in employee behavior everywhere.

The Great Resignation, followed by The Great Reshuffle, had a significant impact on India over the last couple of years and may continue to do so longer than anticipated.

As per a report by The Michael Page India Talent Trends 2022 ,

...there has been a wave of resignations in India with over 38% of employees who have been at their current jobs for not more than two years and 86% of employees will be looking for new career prospects over the next six months.

Furthermore, as per their Talent Trends 2022 The Great X report,

“61% of respondents in India are willing to accept a lower salary, or forgo a pay rise or promotion for better work-life balance, overall well-being, and happiness.”

As a work-life balance, career growth, work from home, and other such benefits take priority, monetary compensation, while still a great motivator, is just not enough!

The traditional pattern in the Indian job market, where people believed that staying associated with organizations for decades was a good idea, is not what the new generation wants.

As more and more people risk the opportunities in hand to seek better career growth, comfort, and culture, it is up to the companies to find ways that ensure a better attrition rate for them.


Several people joined The Great Resignation, but not all quit the workforce entirely, leading to The Great Reshuffle.

As job seekers look for opportunities to work with companies of their choice- those that offer job satisfaction, work-life balance, and a good work culture apart from the salaries, it becomes imperative for employers to draft policies that appeal to the former.

Because one thing is certain- The Great Reshuffle is here to stay!

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All the best!

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