1. The standard method
  2. Recruiter’s method
  3. Steps to get your CV shortlisted
    1. Complete your Naukri profile
    2. Log in frequently
    3. Regularly update your profile
    4. Keep an eye on your inbox

Naukri has been the biggest platform for jobseekers in India. It is the household name when it comes to looking for jobs in any profession.

While there are lacs of job listings on Naukri every month, there are certain things a jobseeker may not essentially know about.

In this article, we’ll unravel the hidden demand for candidates on Naukri, which will help you in landing more job interviews.

The more interviews you can land the better it will be for your career and job hunt.

So, let’s start by understanding how Naukri works and how you can get a job through Naukri.

The standard method

  • You create your profile on Naukri and fill it to the best of your ability and knowledge.

  • Then, once you have a decent looking profile, you search for jobs based on your industry, role, experience, salary etc., all of which are filters you can use on Naukri’s search console.

  • Once you find the desired job postings by recruiters you hit apply.

  • Your applications are then reviewed by recruiters and get shortlisted based on their requirements.

  • Recruiters shortlist your CV for an interview.

  • You get hired.

Most Naukri users know and follow the method mentioned above where they find job postings and apply.

However, there’s an alternative way of getting hired on Naukri without even applying for jobs on the platform.

Here’s the second method of recruitment on Naukri.

Recruiter’s method

  • Similar to the previous method, you create your profile on Naukri.

  • Recruiters search for candidates based on their requirements.

  • Then, they download or view your resume if it matches their expectations.

  • You receive their job posting either over the mail or phone.

  • You apply to the posting and then recruiters contact you for an interview.

  • You get hired.

Now, you must be wondering, how to get shortlisted for an interview? How to get your CV shortlisted?

Everytime anybody creates a profile on Naukri, it gets added to the Naukri database. This database is at recruiters’ disposal which they can use to search for candidates.

Most of the recruiters on Naukri don’t even post a job posting on Naukri!

On an average, recruiters make more than 7 lacs searches everyday through the Naukri database!

And about 50-60% of hiring happens this way on Naukri!

Here are some of the top companies that were actively recruiting on Naukri in the month of January ‘21 but may not have active job posts on Naukri:

  • Snapdeal
  • BrowserStack
  • Tokopedia
  • Meesho
  • Groupon Shared Services
  • Uber
  • Media.net
  • Bigbasket
  • Hike Messenger
  • Grofers

Now, your next question after that big reveal would be… how to get more interview calls from these companies?

Don’t worry, we got you covered!

So, even though you can’t know that there are companies actively looking for candidates to fill in positions in their companies, you can still do a few important things to catch their eyes!

Steps to get your CV shortlisted

Here are some crucial things that you should do to get your CV shortlisted and get more interview calls:

Complete your Naukri profile

Fill in important details of your profile such as work experience, education, key skills etc.

Also, make sure you complete your profile as much as you can.

The more complete a profile you have the more easy it will be for recruiters to find you!

Log in frequently

Recruiters are generally looking for profiles that are actively seeking out jobs as they want to fill in the vacancy as quickly as possible.

So, they seek out profiles that have been active on Naukri recently.

Logging in frequently on your account will ensure that you stay on the radar of recruiters.

Regularly update your profile

This is probably the best hack we can give you to get a recruiter's attention.

Updating any information on your profile will put you on the top of recruiter searches on Naukri.

So, regularly updating your profile can help you appear more in recruiter searches.

Keep an eye on your inbox

When a recruiter will contact you, you will receive an email on your inbox as well as your email.

Always make sure that you’re swift in responding to these emails.

Recruiters will send out these bulk emails to their top candidates.

So, make sure you’re an early respondent as it will increase your chance of getting your interview call!

While Naukri does host tons of job postings on its platform regularly, there is another side of recruitment on Naukri that’s not known to the average jobseeker.

We hope the information shared in this article will help you get more interview calls and jobs through Naukri by tapping into recruiter searches by adopting the tips we have given you!

All the best!

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