In the modern world, computer technology has become ubiquitous. Whether it is in our personal lives or for our professional commitments, we rely heavily on devices that help us stay connected.

Our mobile phones, tablets, laptops are all powered by software that help us achieve our goals, big and small.

Simple applications like calendars and task managers, complex games, video and audio calling services, all of these are software created to serve our needs.

And with the rise in demand for software, comes the rise in demand for software developers. Software developers are one of the most sought after professionals in current times.

According to Naukri statistics, in comparison to other engineering courses, people with specialization in computers tend to out-earn the ones in non-computers engineering courses by up to 27%.

This difference is similar for both premium and non-premium college segments.

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Now, let’s take a look at the lucrative opportunities you can come across when you have a graduate degree in BTech Computer Science.

Higher Salary Packages

One of the major reasons to look forward to a career in IT is its handsome take-home package if you have a BTech degree in Computer Science.

However, according to ResearchMatters’ article on the quality of Computer scientists in countries like China, Russia, India, and the USA, it was shown that “In each country, the students in the elite institutes performed better than those in the non-elite institutes.”

There is a stark difference in a BTech graduate's salary depending on the college they graduate in BTech Computer Science from.

Did you know that people with Computer Science degrees from premium engineering colleges earn 1.8x more than non- premium engineering colleges? That’s a huge difference!

At the same time, according to Naukri statistics, premium non-engineering graduates earn 10% less than non-premium engineering college graduates with specialization in Computers. So it is the specialization that can be the true differentiator.

Based on 2019 data, a graduate after BTech Computer Science from a premium engineering college lands an average package of 9.58 LPA whereas a non-Computer graduate from a premium engineering college earns 7.44 LPA on an average.

Nearly recession-proof

The rising importance and indispensable character of digitization have rendered jobs relating to IT, software engineering, software development, etc. more secure from recession and lay-offs in comparison to other job profiles.

In fact, with its growing demand, there is a rise in job openings for BTech Computer Science graduates which come with handsome salary packages!

Ample opportunities to be creative

Many jobs tend to become mundane after a few years, but a Computer Science engineer’s job never does.

Technology is one area where constant innovation is required to lead us to advancement. With up and coming fields like Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Big Data, etc., there is a constant demand for innovation and creation.

And it helps that the pay is great!

So, as a BTech CSE graduate, you can understand the requirement of being on your A-game at all times to climb up the ladder of success (while also earning more).

Collaborative effort along with individual flair

Computer Science engineers have one of the most brain stimulating jobs that can be offered in the market, along with the amazing figure offered as a salary after BTech.

Quite contrary to the image of a lone wolf working away on his computer in a dark room, a computer engineer’s job requires a lot of human interaction to deliver a product.

Not only that, irrespective of team efforts, the role allows you to showcase your flair for creativity as well. Need we say more?

Diverse career opportunities

We cannot emphasize enough the ever-rising opportunities for Computer Science professionals all over the globe.

If made to compare, there is a fairly high demand for a computer engineer in the job market as compared to other non-engineering fields.

This is reinforced by the fact that India has a major demand for IT professionals as compared to other engineering fields.

So far, looking at the numbers, it can easily be said that a job after BTech in Computer Science earns you a lucrative package, more so if you are from a premium college.

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Hope you find this information helpful.

All the best!

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