Have you received a Skype interview invite?

Congratulations for landing a video interview!

You would have guessed already that this interview process will happen over a video chat via yur phone or computer.

Treat this Skype interview call or any other video interview (say a Google hangout or a Zoom or a GTM interview) as a blessing in disguise.

You can attend this interview from the comfort of your own home and also have a lot of time to prepare, minus the hassle of travel.

Nail your upcoming Skype interview like a pro with these amazing tips we have curated for you below.

What to do before a Skype interview? Follow these interview tips

Download the app - Skype at least a few hours in advance!

It is an app to 'talk, chat and collaborate' and is owned by Microsoft.

Skype calls are generally free however there are paid versions available as well.

This app is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux users and is a boon to make affordable international calls.

Skype can be used on computers, tablets, mobile devices, the Xbox One console, and smartwatches that have an internet connectivity.

Create a professional username and lo behold! You are all set to go.

Note: Skype is not a replacement for your telephone and cannot be depended upon for emergency calling. (Also, pinging the recruiter right after the interview is not recommended at all!)

Practice well in advance

To be perfect, ensure you speak your answers aloud and correctly while you practice a mock video interview.

Involve your family or a friend to help you with a dry run.

Afterall, your Skype call should not feel awkward. Speaking into the camera should not be a pain but a smooth experience.

Try and make all your adjustments and practices in advance so that you can shine during the Skype interview and not get distracted.

Choose a tidy location for your interview

Prep your surroundings such that the area is quiet and has a sober backdrop.

Sit down and adjust your laptop or phone camera so that you are positioned at the focal point of your screen.

Get rid of distractions and tidy up the area for a neutral experience.

If you choose a window as your background, ensure that it is closed shut and the curtains or blinds are closed shut before the interview.

Tip: Unsure about the background? Simply turn on background blur!

Set your camera's viewing angle

Please set up the angle of your camera or webcam or laptop such that the interviewer is seeing you directly.

Raise the device up to a level where you’re looking straight at it, and not down at it or from a weird angle.

This will render a natural look to your image as well as avoid a bad shot.

Dress to impress

Ensure to dress appropriately for your Skype interview. You need to be dressed in a friendly way.

Avoid narrow and close together stripes or checks. These can appear distorted on camera, creating a distracting zigzag pattern for the interviewer.

Also, avoid bright colors. Choose calm shades that are pale or neutral. Bright reds, oranges and whites can 'burn up' on camera.

What to do during a Skype interview? Follow these interview tips

Be mentally present

Ever heard of active listening? Especially during a Skype or phone interview, it is important to give the other caller periodic clues that you’re still there.

It is only a way of signalling that you are attentive and are taking mental notes of all the points they are making.

Make eye contact

Look into the camera lens and not into your screen while speaking.

This will help you maintain eye contact with the interviewer.

It is tempting to watch your interviewer's face or yourself on the monitor, but doing so will make the interviewer see nothing but you looking off to the side! :)

Look straight into the camera to give an illusion that you are making eye contact.

Do not stare unblinkingly and keep it as natural as possible. Please blink as well!

Note: Sometimes, interviewers choose a one-sided video interview. Here, your camera is on but their camera is off.

Do not panic as they can see you just fine.

Also, talk naturally even if you are looking into a blank screen.

What to do after a Skype interview? Follow these interview tips

Jot down important points

Note all the key points and worthy mentions during your Skype interview.

Ensure that your points have a reference to the interview question asked.

Send a 'Thank You' note

Send out your note of gratitude within the next 24 hours of your Skype interview call, as your application is still fresh in the HR spoc's mind.

Take advantage and hit the iron when it's red hot!

Here's a sample to help you get going after your Skype interview is done.

Subject Line: Thank You (name of interviewer)!
Header: Hi (name of interviewer),

Opening Paragraph: Thank you so much for taking the time out and talking to me about the position of the (job role) with (company name) yesterday.

It was a pleasure to learn more about (job description in brief).

Body of mail: Our conversation made me all the more eager to join (company name).

What interested me in particular was how sharply your efforts are focused on the actual stakeholder experience, not just dry technicalities.

I’m sure my skills and experiences can translate into a success story as your new (job title).

Closing paragraph: If you need any additional information from me at this point, please feel free to contact me on my phone number or revert on this email id (email address).

Looking forward to hearing back from you. Thanks again for your time!

Your Name
Your address in short

Follow up if you don’t hear back

How to follow up after sending out a Thank You email is an art. Here's how you can go about it.

  • Wait at least a week after the interview to contact the prospective employer.

  • Call or e-mail the hiring manager to learn about the decision-making process. Please do not pester them.

  • Keep your call or e-mail short and express your eagerness about joining.

  • Reason with yourself why you should contact or e-mail the hiring manager once a week after your initial follow-up contact. Remind them subtly that they need to make a decision.

  • After you are done with the thank you note and you have already contacted the hiring manager by e-mail or on call, invite them to join your social networking business group on sites such as LinkedIn.

  • Stay away from their personal handles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • Even if you do not get the job, this is your chance to craft a new professional relationship that can be leveraged in the future.

Tip: Proofread your email 3 times. Use apps like Grammarly or Language Tool to avoid spelling bloopers, typos and bad syntax.

Skype interview checklist: Dos and Don'ts

• Do not be too casual while speaking to your interviewer.

• Do a trial run before the actual Skype interview day with friends or family.

• Be well aware of your background. Have a clean, simple backdrop to make the surroundings look professional.

This makes sure that the interviewer focuses on you and nothing else. Have soft, natural lighting around you.

• Do not get confused. In case you are, avoid excessive physical movements to let the interviewer know about your confusion or nervousness.

• Be technically prepared. Use high-quality sound equipment and a name brand HD web camera.

If possible, borrow from friends for the interview. Upgrade your mic so that every word you say is heard loud and clear.

• Don’t forget body language. Your body language should express that you are engaged. Lean forward as you communicate.

Show interest, concern and engage your audience. Also, convey eagerness and willingness.

Avoid excessive physical movements to avoid distractions.

How to show enthusiasm over a Skype interview?

  • Boost your energy level

  • Ask a lot of questions

  • When something sounds interesting, say so

  • Compliment the interviewer

  • Perfect your posture and display an attentive body language

  • Finish strong!

The idea is to show interest and enthusiasm in all your interviews. It is the key to land relevant job offers.

Abide by the Skype interview tips shared above.

Also, remember to turn up more enthusiastic than ever in all your telephonic, online and face to face interviews.

As you tell the interviewer about yourself and your skills, portray a smart body language as well.

Guess the end result! You would for sure make a better impression than your peers and eventually land not just this job offer, but anyone that you desire.

Secrets to rock an upcoming Skype interview

So what if you are new to this set up? You can still rock a video or Skype interview like a professional any day!

All you have to do is dress professionally (take cues from above) and master the digital handshake!

  • The first 5 seconds will make or break your Skype interview

  • Land a digital chemistry with your HR Manager in the first few seconds

  • Keep them engaged in this digital conversation

  • Start with a digital handshake or a slow, confident, professional, and firm nod

  • Display that you are excited to be there and ready to get down to business

  • Focus on keeping your eyes on the camera

Tip: Remember to practice the Skype interview tips before your next online/telephonic/Skype interview.

The tips we have shared above actually call for steady practice so that habits can be formed.

Do hold a perfect posture, remember to make eye contact, and keep modulating your tone of voice and volume while speaking.

Practice some Q&As daily and converse in English with friends and family to ace it like a pro.

That is the simplest way to build confidence, boost articulation and ace an interview on Skype or even the ones face to face.

All the best!

Thanks for reading!

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