1. What to include in a data analyst resume
  2. What hard skills to list in a data analyst resume
  3. What soft skills to list in a data analyst resume
  4. How to list other achievements
  5. Difference between a fresher and senior-level data analyst resume
  6. Data analyst resume sample

With the world being swamped with data, data analyst jobs are one of the most in-demand jobs.

However, to get a data analyst job you need to have a data analyst resume that stands out from the crowd. And to do so, you need to hit all the right notes.

In this piece, we will take you through the tips for writing a perfect data analyst resume and even provide a data analyst resume sample to help you come up with one of yours.

What to include in a data analyst resume

First things first, list down the factors that need to be on your resume before drafting it. Data analyst jobs are in-demand in every industry, be it hospitality, banking, etc., and demand specific skills and requirements based on the industry.

However, although the factors to highlight in a data analyst resume will remain the same, you need to tailor it to the needs of the data analyst job description and the industry.

Here are a few common factors to list in your data analyst resume,

  • Name and contact details
  • Resume objective
  • List of skills (both hard and soft skills) in separate sections
  • Educational qualifications and certifications
  • Work experience
  • Achievements

A resume can only be 2 pages long, so make sure to put down the most relevant information on your data analyst resume.

What hard skills to list in a data analyst resume

Every job profile requires a specific list of hard skills to apply in your daily work life efficiently, thereby making it an important factor to list in your data analyst resume.

Data analytics hard skills can be primarily divided into software (computer languages and tools) and learned skills (specific to data).

Now, remember that a recruiter spares only a few seconds to go through each resume, and the best way to get their attention is by highlighting the keywords similar to the posted job description. Here are a few hard skills to list on your data analyst resume.

  • Data management: SQL, data cleaning, database design, etc.
  • Statistical analysis: Machine learning algorithm, etc.
  • Computer Languages: Python, Tableau, MS Excel, etc.

Hence, before you go about listing your data analyst skills go through the job description as it will help you to understand how much you align with their requirements and what you need to work on.

What soft skills to list in a data analyst resume

Now hard skills are not the only ones to help you get the work done. In order to be effective, you need the help of soft skills to navigate across work.

Here are a few relevant soft skills to list down in your data analyst resume:

  • Efficient communication
  • Report writing skills
  • Business sense
  • Time management

Similar to listing hard skills, highlight the relevant soft skills as required in the job.

How to list other achievements

This section is an optional section in your data analyst resume if you are a senior candidate (eg: 4 years and above). But for those with lesser years of work experience, you can include hobbies/co-curricular activities & other achievements as a section to help demonstrate your skills.

However, avoid highlighting random hobbies and activities. Instead, opt for activities and achievements that highlight qualities you will require in the job.

Pro tip: Use the Situation Task Action and Result (STAR) method to help the recruiters gauge the importance and relevance of the achievement.

Difference between a fresher and senior-level data analyst resume

Although the sections remain the same in the data analyst resume irrespective of your work experience, there are a few facts that seasoned professionals should put in their resumes:

  • Qualifications: Work experience takes precedence over qualifications. However, if you went ahead and completed your Ph.D. in one of the required subject matter (Eg: Mathematical computing) you should be placed first.

  • Hard skills: Ensure that your hard skills are more refined and relevant to the role and reflect your work experience in a positive light.

  • Other factors: Do not shy away from highlighting your professional affiliations be it as members on industry boards or as authors of research papers.

Data analyst resume sample

Now that we have listed all the factors to consider while drafting your data analyst resume, here’s a data analyst resume sample to help you understand better how to proceed.

Anshika Singh,
Data Scientist,

Resume Objective
Data analyst with 3 years of experience in increasing the comprehension of presentations and reports. Extremely motivated, responsible, and a team player with a BSc degree in Statistics. Looking forward to utilizing my BSc in Statistics and MBA in Business Analytics degree to manage your organization's data-related solutions.

Work Experience
Market research analyst at CYS Organization (Dec 2019-June 2021)


  1. Collated and analyzed data on prospective customers, competitors, and marketing sources and channels.
  2. Prepared reports and interpreted consumer behavior, trends, and marketing results.
  3. Helped in increasing performance by 15% by using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager and implementing new scripts.


  1. Increased performance by 15% by analyzing customer behavior.
  2. Reduced downtime by 30%.


  1. Java
  2. Data Mining & Data QA
  3. SQL
  4. Database design
  5. Adaptable
  6. Team player
  7. Excellent communication skills


  1. MBA in Business Analyst from ADF University (2012-2014)
  2. Bachelors of Science in Statistics from SDH College (2009-2012)

To sum it up, when drafting your data analyst resume, ensure that the format is uniform, and once done do not forget to PROOFREAD the document. You do not want to send across the document to your potential recruiter with errors in it as it might represent you in a bad light.

So, always proofread the document at least thrice before sending it. Pro tip: Always sit down to proofread the next day or ask someone to proofread it for you as a fresh pair of eyes can help spot errors quicker.

Hope you find these tips for writing a data analyst resume and the data analyst resume sample helpful.

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All the Best!

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