The novel coronavirus, COVID-19 has put the career of many professionals at risk.

With salary cuts and layoffs happening in several companies across the globe, it is understandable to develop job search anxiety during these challenges.

Whether the situation has disrupted your plans to land a new job, start a career after graduation or continue to work with the same organization, we suggest not losing hope and staying motivated with some useful tips.

Here are a few tips to cope with job search anxiety in this pandemic.

1. Don’t blame yourself

The common result of layoffs, unemployment or job search challenges is that you start blaming yourself for the situation.

However, putting yourself down will only reduce your self-confidence and increase anxiety.

It is imperative to stay strong and challenge your negative thoughts.

Stop reading or watching excessive news about unemployment and bad situations arising due to the recent crisis.

Keep faith in you and understand the fact that when the economy is not great, it can happen to anyone.

2. Keep your focus in the right direction

Depression, anxiety, and fear are the factors that make it more difficult for a person to get going during such a crisis.

Hence, it becomes crucial to find ways to overcome the feeling of anxiety and start believing that it is the time that is testing your patience, strengths, and capabilities.

Some useful tips to stay focused in the right direction are analyzing your career goals, challenging your weaknesses, learning new things, and boldly accepting the realities.

3. Think about upskilling

Job requirements are going to shift faster than ever even after this crisis gets over.

Therefore, upskilling is the need of the hour to boost your confidence and stay relevant in the changing times in any organization.

Upskill by pursuing any competitive online course and prepare for a promising career.

Learning and growing should be on top of your mind during these times.

4. Upgrade your resume

Take this time to review your resume and upgrade it with the detail of new certifications and online courses to catch recruiters’ attention.

Creating a proper job search plan and setting your priorities can make a significant difference to your job search.

Keep practicing for virtual interviews.

5. Stay relaxed

If you still feel stressed out and depressed, take out some time for exercise, meditation, and yoga.

A pleasure walk and plenty of sleep boost your energy and allow you to lower down your stress level.

When you feel more relaxed and calm, it becomes easier to focus on your job search in a better way.

6. Never give up

Keep a positive feeling and tell yourself every day not to give up.

Psychologically, your thoughts have a major impact on your feelings.

So, keep your spirits high and follow positive thoughts to overcome depression and stay focused on your job search.

You can turn any bad situation in your favor by keeping calm and maintaining a positive attitude.

When the economy is not great, you need to overcome your depression and direct your energies in the right direction to get the 100% result of your efforts.

So, are you ready to overcome the challenges of job search depression with these tips?

All the best!

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