1. Tips to writing a team leader resume
  2. Leadership skills for a resume to highlight
  3. Team leader resume sample

A team lead holds great responsibility towards their team. It takes a great deal of energy, compassion, and dedication to keep a team constantly motivated.

So, if you believe that this is a role of your calling, then you have landed in the right blog! But before anything else, let’s get your team leader resume perfected.

In this piece, we will take you through tips to writing a team leader resume and the leadership skills for resume that you must incorporate.

Tips to writing a team leader resume

Apart from the usual resume writing tips, a team leader resume requires additional attention to details as well.

Here are a few factors to remember when drafting your team leader resume.

Understand the job description

Reading and understanding a jo description is extremely critical for an aspirant applying for a team lead position.

In a job description, recruiters not only mention the required skills, but also the keywords to incorporate in your team leader resume.

So, go through the job description carefully and list down your skills that match with the ones mentioned by the recruiter.

This will present your eye for detail as well as your ability to carry out the task.

Add specific details accordingly

Highlight your achievements when listing your key responsibilities in prior jobs. This helps to add value to your abilities instead of leaving it to the imagination.

For example, if you are into social media marketing, you can state that there was a 5% rise in subscribers in your social media profiles and 10% increase in engagement.

Include prior leadership experiences

Remember you are drafting a team leader resume, so incorporate the times you have successfully led a team.

It could be a campaign, event, or even an office sport (inter-team football or basketball tournaments, or inter-team competitions, etc.).

Leadership skills for a resume to highlight

Every resume has a skills section, so when you draft your team leader resume make sure to list your leadership skills for a resume.

Here are a few important leadership skills for a resume to note down;

Project Management

A team leader has to coordinate several projects and teams, making project management an important leadership skill to note.

Project management involves adhering to budget constraints, deadlines and criteria to incorporate in the final product.

Listing project management showcases your experience in leading a team while adhering to the rules set down.

Delegation of roles

Delegation allows you to understand and align tasks as per importance and to the right team members.

This skill is an important part of a team lead's daily tasks making it essential to list in your team leader resume.

Effective communication

Communication is another critical leadership skill as you will need to convey messages in clear and concise manner.

Your team can function only if their team lead conveys their expectations, requirements, etc. efficiently.

Recruiters always prefer team lead candidates to have strong communication skills as it improves the chance of improving the team’s performance.


It is impossible to lead a team without empathy. Being a team lead, it is important for you to hire the right talents along with maintaining the balance.

Team leaders currently require to be multi-tasking and pro at managing stress, not just personal but ensuring that team members are also not feeling burnt out, all this with a smile.

This makes listing empathy as an important skill to list in a team leader resume.

Conflict resolution

Another important and crucial leadership skill is to solve any difference, whether inter-departmental or intra-departmental.

As a team leader, you can neither let slip your composure, nor be biased.

So, as a team leader you would require to encourage dialogue between the two parties and move past the differences.

Thus, listing conflict resolution as a leadership skill for resume will allow the recruiter to understand that you are capable of dissolving differences and reducing any form of conflicts.

Team leader resume sample

Here is a team leader resume sample to inspire you to draft one for yourself.

Anshika Singh, MBA, HR Ops
Human Resources Operations Associate,

Resume Summary
Dedicated professional with 2+ years of experience in HR associate operations. Demonstrated commitment to providing top-quality support to the management for the growth and development of the businesses. Executed successful programs in training to upskill and enhance employee capabilities.

Work Experience:
Associate VP of Human Resources at CYS Organization (Dec 2019-June 2021)

CYS organization is a multimedia organization focusing majorly on domestic and international current affairs and finance.

Worked towards a better Application Tracking Systems that increased hiring efficiency by 30%

Received Leadership Award for Outstanding Performance


Technical skills:

  • Talent acquisition
  • HR tools & interfaces
  • Administrative processes

Soft skills:

  • Leadership
  • Public speaking
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Project management
  • Time management
  • Delegation


  • MBA in Human Resources from ADF University (2017-2019)
  • Bachelor's of Science in Economics from SDH College (2014-2017)


Apart from following these tips to writing a team leader resume, do not forget to proofread the document!

Even the tiniest mistake can nullify your chance at impressing the recruiter irrespective of possessing all the skills and requirements.

Hopefully the team leader sample will help clear any confusion and inspire you to draft your own!

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All the Best!

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