1. Tailor it to the job requirements
  2. List down the keywords based on importance
  3. List down your most relevant skills
  4. List down relevant accomplishments
  5. What to keep in the education section
  6. Other basic tips to remember
  7. Financial analyst resume sample

Over the past few years, we have seen the development of new and exciting job demands in the field of data, finance, etc. One such job profile is of a financial analyst.

To begin with, a financial analyst is one who analyzes and helps people to decide the best ways to invest their hard-earned money.

If you are a financial analyst aspirant, then you have arrived at the right blog. Surely you have a resume already in place, but in this blog, we will provide tips for writing the perfect financial analyst resume along with a resume sample for better understanding.

Tailor it to the job requirements

One size truly does not fit all, even more so if it is your financial analyst resume. Every industry requires a specific skill set and qualifications from a financial analyst.

Going through the job description will help you understand which of your skills, qualities, and accomplishments need to go up in your resume. This will also help you to formulate a relevant resume/career objective for your financial analyst resume.

List down the keywords based on importance

The best way to stand out from the crowd is to highlight the relevant keywords similar to those mentioned in the job description.

You can list down the relevant keywords from the job description and highlight the ones occurring over time as it implies their importance.

So, when you list them down in your financial analyst resume, make sure to mirror them. For example, if the job description states "Proficient in MS Excel" don't just leave it at "Microsoft office suite".

List down your most relevant skills

Once you have all the required data to incorporate into your financial analyst resume, work on the outline of the resume.

Remember, your resume should not exceed 2 pages.

To begin with, the skills you possess are the most crucial section in your financial analyst resume. You can either divide the skills section into two (technical and soft skills) or balance the two sets of skills under one section.

Pro tip: Note down only the skills relevant to the job role and not more than 4/5 each.

List down relevant accomplishments

Simply making claims of your skills is not enough to convince the recruiter. To seal the deal, you need to list down your job responsibilities and accomplishments. This will reflect that you actually possess the stated skills and you have put them to use.

Use bullet points when you list down your previous work experience and accomplishments.

Pro tip: You can follow this simple formula while listing the bullet point.

Action verb +Job duties +Skills, technology/process used +Outcome

Also, do not forget to QUANTIFY your accomplishments as it strengthens your case.

What to keep in the education section

Now, some companies might have particular requirements from candidates, such as they want fresher candidates with CGPA 8 and above. If you are applying online, you can find it in the requirement section of the job description.

Remember, your financial analyst resume needs to be concise and short. So, highlight your CGPA of your college/ MBA degree only if you are a fresher.

In case of an experienced candidate, you may do away with the marks of the degrees.

Other basic tips to remember

Apart from these tips, here are the basic rules to fixing a perfect financial analyst resume.

  • Decide on a format and stick to it. There are 3 types of format you can choose from, namely, Chronological, Functional, and Combination.

  • Consider adding location in your financial analyst resume. Take for example, if you are willing to relocate, you can add (relocating to 'X' city)

  • Avoid flashy formatting and keep it simple and clean.

  • Edit the document to 1-2 pages as recruiters don't have much time to go through a lengthy resume.

  • Proofread, proofread and proofread your financial analyst resume to remove any error. You can also take the help of family or trusted friend(s) for the same.

Financial analyst resume sample

Here’s a resume sample of a financial analyst resume to help you get a better understanding.

Anshika Singh,
Financial Analyst,

Resume Objective
Detail-oriented financial analyst with 2 years of work experience. Dedicated and committed to teamwork in order to lead the team to success. Driven towards constant professional and personal growth, including business and knowledge on the economy.

Work Experience

  1. Financial analyst at CYS Organization (Dec 2019-June 2021)


  1. Streamlined the analysis of financial data, increasing the forecasted revenue projection accuracy by 7%
  2. Work on weekly reports and head presentations on briefing the team regarding the financial outlook of the upcoming quarters


  1. Increased average annual revenue by 5% via an optimized investment strategy


  1. Analytical skills: Market analysis, risk identification, budget optimization, projection modeling, Microsoft Excel (pivot tables, forecasting)
  2. Technical skills: Tableau, Microsoft (SharePoint, Word, Outlook, and Excel)
  3. Soft skills: Leadership, public speaking, and excellent written and verbal communication


  1. MBA in Finance from ADF University (2017-2019)
  2. Bachelors of Science in Economics from SDH College (2009-2012)

Hopefully, you find these tips and the resume sample helpful for drafting a perfect financial analyst resume. You can also create a great financial analyst resume from Naukri’s resume builder.

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All the Best!

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