1. Work on a solid resume summary
  2. Gather all the necessary information to ensure that its ATS friendly
  3. Pack your employment history with concrete data
  4. Add relevant Hard and soft skills
  5. Format your education history correctly
  6. Add a separate section for achievements and awards
  7. Other basic tips to follow
  8. Account executive resume sample

An account executive job description comprises bringing in new business by pitching and negotiating contracts and deals and working towards fulfilling the terms of the contracts and maintaining happy clients.

With the rising demand for account executive jobs, one must first work on perfecting their account executive resume.

In this blog, we will provide tips and an account executive resume sample to help you get an understanding.

Let's begin!

Work on a solid resume summary

A resume summary is an elevator pitch for your account executive resume. Consider this section as your 2-minutes to fame where you need to get the recruiter intrigued to continue with your candidature.

A resume summary comprises 3-5 sentences that not only highlight your excellent sales pitch talent but also presents your communication skills. After all, this section is your best shot to present yourself as the best possible candidate for the job role.

So, carefully draft the resume summary section of your account executive resume and highlight your best achievements and introduce yourself the best way you can.

Here’s how you can write an impressive resume summary:

  • The first sentence should be a general introduction about yourself
  • The following 1-2 sentences should highlight your education history
  • The next should be about your personality and work style

Tip: The resume summary should only highlight the most impressive facts of your career. You have the cover letter to elaborate on others.

Gather all the necessary information to ensure that its ATS friendly

Read the job description thoroughly before drafting your account executive resume. The job description is the key to your success in getting the interview call.

The job descriptions published by the recruiters provide the essential skills and requirements they are looking for in their ideal candidate.

Adding these skills by tallying them with the ones you possess can help match the keywords in the recruiter’s Application Tracking System (ATS) scan.

An ATS-friendly resume can help your account executive resume to reach the next round of deliberation where the recruiter will go through it and decide whether to call you for the interview.

Pack your employment history with concrete data

Ensure to highlight the value you have added in those positions as it will give the recruiter an understanding of how well you can add value to the team.

In addition, consider the following factors when drafting your employment history section in your account executive resume.

  • Use the STAR method to highlight your achievements
  • Keep the sentences short
  • Back up your statements with numbers
  • Use strong and relevant Action verbs

Add relevant Hard and soft skills

The skills section of your account executive resume provides your attributes, thereby clarifying whether you will fit the job.

The skill section should be divided into Hard and Soft skills for clarity and to emphasize the importance of each.

When listing the hard skills in your account executive resume, ensure that the list matches that in the job description.

The skills section of the resume plays a crucial factor in the ATS scans that can make or break your chance of getting the interview call.

Another factor to remember, use strong action verbs to list your soft skills.

Format your education history correctly

Remember, an ideal account executive resume should not be more than 2 pages long. If you have sufficient work experience, provide your education history accordingly.

So, if you have work experience of 5+ years, you can drop off your school education history and keep it from college onwards.

Also, make a separate section for certification courses as it will reflect your willingness to learn and stay updated.

Add a separate section for achievements and awards

You can also add a section for awards and achievements in your accounts executive resume. This will provide a more put-together account executive resume for the recruiter to go through smoothly.

Other basic tips to follow

Apart from these tips, follow the basic tips to ensure an error-free account executive resume.

  • Decide on a format and stick to it. There are 3 types of formats you can choose from, namely, Chronological, Functional, and Combination.

  • Consider adding a location to your account executive resume. For example, if you are willing to relocate, you can add (relocating to 'X' city)

  • Avoid flashy formatting and keep it simple and clean.

  • Edit the document to 1-2 pages as recruiters don't have much time to go through a lengthy resume.

  • Proofread, proofread and proofread your account executive resume to remove any errors. You can also take the help of family or trusted friend(s) for the same.

Account executive resume sample

Here’s a resume sample of an account executive resume to help you get a better understanding.

Anshika Singh,
Account executive,

Resume Summary:
In my 7+ years as an Account executive, I have focused on building diverse client relationships. In my years of experience, I have a record of 97% positive feedback and my eye for detail helps me to see and create business opportunities to increase profit.

Work Experience:
Account executive at CYS Organization (Dec 2019-June 2021)


  • Managed 20 key accounts with a focus on planning, strategy, budget, and execution to enhance client relationships
  • Managed and trained 4 new account executive trainees. The team was responsible for upping the profit by 10%

Received “Best Sales executive- June 2011” Award
Received Leadership Award for Outstanding Performance

Technical skills:

  • Salesforce
  • Account planning
  • Budgeting
  • Efficiency & organizing
  • Research

Soft skills:

  • Leadership
  • Public speaking
  • Excellent written and verbal communication


  • Masters of Science in Economics from ADF University (2012-2014)
  • Bachelors of Science in Economics from SDH College (2009-2012)

Hopefully, you find these tips and the account executive resume sample helpful for drafting a perfect resume. You can also create a great account executive resume from Naukri’s resume builder.

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All the Best!

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