With technology advancing by the minute, upskilling is the only way to have an edge over the competition.

Software engineers in the tech world realize this and the importance of constantly learning new languages and skills.

Learning new skills helps software developers become more competent in their field, in turn helping them with a career boost and better job opportunities.

But the important question is which of these software engineer skills can get you better job offers? If this is a question that you have been asking too, you have reached the right place.

In this blog, we will discuss the top 10 highest- in demand, fast-growing skills that software engineers should learn today to get better career opportunities.

1. Kubernetes

If you are associated with IT, you must have heard of Kubernetes. An open-source platform, Kubernetes is the fastest growing software engineer skill.

No wonder the job postings demanding expertise in Kubernetes have grown exponentially over half this decade.

Kubernetes is an open-source container that is extensible & portable that allows you to deploy containers to a scalable cluster and automate the orchestration of containerized applications.

According to Thomas Hatch, CTO and co-founder of SaltSack,

Kubernetes gained dominance by bridging the gap between development and application deployment.

By learning Kubernetes, you can kick-start a career in roles like DevOps engineer & Cloud engineer. Here are a few courses you can consider:

  1. Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD)
  2. Kubernetes, for people in a hurry.. 0XI|
  3. Introduction to Kubernetes
  4. Learn Devops Kubernetes deployment by kops and terraform
  5. Just enough kubernetes to be dangerous

Learning Kubernetes can help you with a few things like accelerated speed, reduced costs, cloud flexibility, and scalability of products.

Software developers can also learn about making infrastructure explicit, which is a crucial part of their jobs today, making it the ideal choice for software developers and engineers.

It is a skill that comes with great career opportunities. Learning Kubernetes can help you land a great job, making it a high-in-demand skill for software engineers.

2. Redux

Redux is another skill that is high in-demand. It is a predictable container for apps run on Javascript.

With Redux, developers can write applications that have consistent behavior, can run in various environments, and can be tested easily.

A system made to make the development of Interface Programming Applications (IPAs) simple and its maintenance easy, Redux is a programming tool that manages the data displayed to the users and its reaction to the interface commands.

To convince the software engineers reading this, here is a list of reasons why Redux is the skill that can help you in career advancement. Here are a few benefits of using Redux:

  1. Improvement in API performance
  2. Easy to access and an easy to maintain code
  3. Compatible with various devices, allowing the applications to run consistently across user platforms
  4. Has user-friendly code and allows novice programmers to learn coding basics quickly
  5. Redux helps simplify the interface application development process.

One of the reasons behind the popularity of Redux architecture is the unidirectional data flow, allowing the apps to follow a similar life cycle, making the app simple and predictable. If you wish to learn Redux, here are some courses you can explore:

  1. Modern React with Redux [2020 Update]
  2. Building Applications with React and Redux
  3. Server Side Rendering with React and Redux
  4. The Complete React Js & Redux Course - Build Modern Web Appsby UDEMY
  5. Advanced React and Redux

If you find yourself asking, Should I learn Redux?, the answer is yes!

Even though Redux is a new skill to many, investing some time in learning it is bound to reap benefits in the long run. We believe it is a skill that can help software engineers grow and get a career boost.

Still not sure? Here are some Redux jobs for you to explore.

3. Docker

Docker containers allow the software developers to package all the application contents and deliver them as one package.

It is a crucial skill for software engineers and learning it could lead to you getting a plethora of great job opportunities.

This app can further be deployed on Linux machines without installations taking place. It is used by developers and system administrators.

For developers, Docker is a great skill to develop as it allows them to focus on writing codes and not worry about the environment in which it is deployed.

System admins can also learn Docker as it can lead to a smaller footprint and lower overhead, meaning that the number of systems needed for application deployment can be minimized.

What sets the Docker containers apart is that they are faster, smaller, and more agile, saving the labor and infrastructure overheads.

To learn more about Docker, take a look at these courses:

  1. Docker Certified Associate
  2. Docker for the Absolute Beginner - Hands On - DevOps
  3. Prepare for the Docker Certified Associate (DCA) Certification
  4. Docker for the Absolute Beginner - Hands On - DevOps
  5. Machine learning with Docker

The demand for Software engineers skilled in Docker is rising rapidly. It is a software engineer skill that can impact everyone in the field of IT as it has proved itself to be a developer tool that just can’t be ignored.

It holds the capacity to replace VMs for good. You can take a look at some <a href= "https://www.naukri.com/docker-jobs?utm_content=naukriblog/"title="" target="_blank"> Docker jobs to understand its scope and relevance.

4. AWS (Amazon Web Services)

A constantly evolving cloud computing platform, AWS by Amazon has a mixture of IaaS (infrastructure as a service) and PaaS (packaged software as a service) services.

Being the world’s broadly used cloud platform, AWS offers more than 200 services from various data centers and has millions of customers globally.

AWS is easy to use, has a diverse range of tools, has unlimited server capacity, and has several other benefits to its users. Hence, there is a rise in the demand for AWS engineers that create, maintain, and evolve AWS cloud infrastructure to enable a smooth running of applications.

An AWS engineer has various responsibilities, depending on the company they work in. Some basic responsibilities include implementation and growth of AWS, managing its configuration and continuous integration, ensuring necessary system security, handling CI/CD pipelines, and a lot more.

You can learn all about AWS today, with these helpful online courses:

  1. AWS training and certification
  2. AWS Solutions Architect Certification Training Course
  3. AWS Architect Certification Training
  4. AWS certification training
  5. AWS fundamentals

Given that companies of various segments, from small startups to large companies and government agencies, are all saving costs and making way for rapid innovation through AWS, it seems to have become one of the fastest-growing software engineer skills.

This is why upskilling and finding AWS jobs
seems to be a great idea for software engineers everywhere.

5. Azure

Azure is a cloud platform that can host both existing and new applications and can enhance these applications. Its storage capabilities are highly reliant and can be used to develop hybrid apps.

To become an Azure developer, some of the skills you need are:

  1. Unit integration testing
  2. Prototyping and software construction
  3. Quality assurance application scaling
  4. Experience with web applications and database components
  5. Monitoring pipelines

For everyone planning on pursuing Azure, here are some of the top-ranking courses you can take up to get certifications

  1. Microsoft Azure cloud - Beginner Bootcamp
  2. Microsoft Azure Certification
  3. Microsoft certified: Azure Fundamentals
  4. Cloud Architect Masters Program
  5. Cloud Computing with Microsoft Azure BUNDLE 2021 [updated]

Azure is one of the more popular software engineering skills in demand in the IT sector and is gaining momentum by the second. The job opportunities for those with a certification in Azure have significantly multiplied.

In fact, according to a report by Microsoft, 57% of Fortune 500 companies are using Azure .

Given its exemplary potential and high growth rate (154% YoY), upskilling with the skill can help you grab a great job and a magnificent career boost.

6. Kafka

Developed by Apache Software Foundation, Kafka, or Apache Kafka (as it is also known), is an open-source framework that enables companies to manage real-time data efficiently.

It is written in Scala language and is a major help for managing data and real-time analytics of dispersed systems.

It flaunts features like low latency, ability to handle large numbers, scalability, data partitioning, making it a good fit for data integration, activity tracking on the website, stream processing, and operational metrics.

If this is a skill that interests you, take a look at these courses:

  1. Learn Apache Kafka for Beginners
  2. Apache Kafka Series - Kafka Cluster Setup & Administration
  3. Kafka Streams for Data Processing
  4. Kafka Connect Hands-on Learning
  5. Getting Started with Apache Kafka

While it is essentially a software engineer skill, it is a must-have for Project managers working on messaging systems, quality testing professionals, developers aiming to accelerate their career, and big data architects

Learning Kafka can assure a great career in Big Data Analytics and is a good career option for those looking to enhance their software engineering skills.

You can also take a look at some Kafka jobs to understand what the recruiters are looking for.

7. Ansible

Ansible is an open-source automation tool that helps with IT tasks like app deployment, intraservice orchestration, provisioning, & configuration management.

Ansible can help simplify complex tasks by managing developer’s jobs and enabling them to focus attention and add value, further increasing efficiency.

Some of the better advantages of Ansible are:

  1. It is free and agentless
  2. Easy to set up and use
  3. With Ansible, you can model complex IT workflows
  4. It is efficient and powerful
  5. Easily accessible to everyone since it doesn’t need coding skills

If you are interested in learning Ansible, here are some courses you can check out:

  1. Ansible Foundation Training Course
  2. Red Hat Ansible: Best Practices
  3. Mastering Ansible
  4. Ansible for the Absolute Beginner
  5. Ansible Advanced - Hands-On - DevOps

Ansible is easy to learn and doesn’t need any special coding skills. This means that the automation is accessible to everyone who wishes to learn Ansible.

It is easy to learn and the job opportunities with Ansible are many for you to explore.

8. Spark

One of the most commonly used data science programming tools is Apache Spark. Written in Scala programming language, Spark helps businesses generate and analyze huge data to get insights necessary for regular operations.

Spark supports several programming languages like Java, Scala, R, and Python, making it easy for software developers to understand it.

Considered the next big thing in data processing, it is an ideal career choice for developers to upskill with.

To acquire this software engineer skill, take a look at these online courses:

  1. Apache Spark and Scala Certification Training
  2. Apache Spark Programming in Python
  3. Introduction to Spark SQL in Python
  4. Big Data Analysis with Scala and Spark
  5. Scalable Machine Learning on Big Data using Apache Spark

9. React.js

If you are a JavaScript developer, React.js is the perfect skill to learn as more and more recruiters are looking for people with this skill.

React.js is a JavaScript library that has an effective, interactive, and user-friendly interface and needs minimal coding.

It enables the developers to make web applications scalable and easy to manage, which is a major reason why the skill is so high in demand. And if these reasons are not good enough, here are some that will convince you:

  1. You can get React.js jobs with a higher salary
  2. It is popular and has a huge community around it
  3. With React.js, developers can also build VR and mobile applications
  4. It embraces JavaScript and makes developing apps easier

If you are convinced about learning React.js, take a look at these courses:

  1. React Certification Training (beginner to expert level)
  2. React.js Essential Training
  3. A Practical Start with React
  4. Build a Web App with React
  5. React - The Complete Guide (incl Hooks, React Router, Redux) c

10. Jenkins

Jenkins is another popular software engineer skill that’s taking the industry by the storm. With Jenkins, you can set up CI (Continuous Integration), & CD (Continuous Deployment), further reducing risks associated with delivery and software development.

Due to its rapid speed, you can get quick feedback, run tests and build artifacts. Jenkins has disrupted operational practices and software. If you want to take a look, here are some courses for you:

  1. CI/CD Pipelines with Jenkins Certification Training Course
  2. Learning Jenkins
  3. Jenkins: From Hero to Zero
  4. Learn DevOps: CI/CD with Jenkins using Pipelines and Docker
  5. Jenkins 2 Bootcamp: Fully Automate Builds to Deployment 2020

For a Java developer in serious positions, learning Jenkins can enhance the profile manifold.

Learning this skill can open doors to various job opportunities and give a better direction to your career.

After learning about so many software engineer skills, we are sure that you must have found some to your liking and will upskill shortly.

As they say, there is no age for learning a new thing. Let this be your calling to grow!

All the best!

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