With the growing importance of digitization, the IT industry is on a journey of keeping itself updated. With information being the most vital to businesses, demand for IT skills has been skyrocketing.

With its rising demand, IT jobs are probably one of the few sectors that have faced little implications of the pandemic.

Speaking of staying abreast with the fast-growing IT skills, we have collated the Top 10 IT skills list based on our data of January-March 2021 for you to check out!

.Net Core

.NET Core is a newer version of .NET Framework. .NET Core is used to create different applications like mobile, desktop, web, cloud, etc.

Since it is written from scratch, .NET Core is a modular, fast, lightweight, and cross-platform framework.

The main task of .NET Core is to make .NET Framework more open-source, cross-platform, and compatible so that it can be used in various verticals ranging from the data center to touch-based devices.

This is also one of the reasons for the rising demand for the .NET Core jobs in India.


Originally designed by Google, Kubernetes is an open-source container-orchestration system used for automating computer applications for scaling, deployment, and management.

Kubernetes-based platform/ services is a favorite of many cloud services. As Kubernetes gains prominence in IT skills, Kubernetes jobs have also seen a rise in demand.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform is a suite of services that runs on an infrastructure similar to the one Google uses internally for their end-user products like Google Search, Gmail, etc.

Being a part of Google Cloud, it includes the Google Cloud Platform public cloud infrastructure, G Suite, enterprise versions of Android and Chrome OS, and APIs for enterprise mapping services and machine learning.

Being one of the contenders in the IT skills list, Google Cloud Platform jobs are sure to see a rise in demand.


A subsidiary of Amazon, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a comprehensive and evolving cloud computing platform and includes a mixture of services. It can offer an organization tools like database storage, content delivery services, and computation power.

The AWS technology is marketed to subscribers in an attempt to obtain large-scale computing capacity more quickly and in a cheaper manner. With time AWS jobs have risen to prominence in the IT industry.


Microsoft Azure/Azure is a cloud computing service that is used to build, deploy and manage services and applications via Microsoft-managed data centers.

Utilizing large-scale visualization at Microsoft data centers, Azure offers over 600 services. Being one of the fast-growing IT skills, Azure job openings are also rising in number.


An open-source containerization platform, Docker allows developers to collate applications into containers. Dockers have become increasingly popular as companies decide to move towards cloud-native development and hybrid multi-cloud environments.

With its easier, simpler, and easily buildable nature, Docker jobs are equally rising to prominence.


It is a style of architecture that helps to structure an application as a collection of services. The microservice allows organizations to evolve their technologies via rapid, frequent, and reliable delivery of large and complex applications.

A recent survey conducted by Nginx stated that almost 36% of enterprises surveyed are currently using microservices. With its rising demand, it can be stated that microservices jobs will also be rising to importance.

Power BI

As a business intelligence platform, Microsoft BI helps non-technical business users with tools to help visualize, aggregate, analyze, and share data.

As a business analytics service, BI provides data warehouse capabilities including data discovery, data preparation, and interactive dashboards.

Over time, business analytics has become one of the most in-demand career prospects and staying ahead in the field requires one to pick up on the fast-growing skills leading to rising Microsoft Power BI jobs.


React.js is used to build user interface components and is used as a base in creating single-page or mobile apps. IndiaToday also listed React.js as one of the fastest growing IT skills along with Kubernetes and others.

Thus it could be said that React.js jobs are bound to increase in times to come.

Spring Boot

Java Spring Boot is a tool used for developing web applications and microservices with Spring Framework in a much easier and faster manner via the core capabilities of autoconfiguration, ability to create standalone applications, and an opinionated configuration approach.

Given its faster development, Spring Boot has gained popularity leading to job openings across the country.

IT sector is one such industry that is highly dynamic in nature, and the only way to stay relevant in the game is by being aware of the requirements of the field. Constant updating oneself with the relevant IT skills is the only way to progress in your career.

Hope this fast growing IT skills list helps you to work on enhancing your knowledge base.

Good Luck!

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