1. Big Data Engineer
  2. Machine Learning Engineer
  3. Data Scientist
  4. Data Analyst
  5. Blockchain Developer
  6. Software Developer
  7. Computer Network Architect
  8. Computer Systems Analyst
  9. Database Administrator
  10. Information Security Analyst
  11. Full Stack Developer

Digitization has taken the world by a storm leading to the growth of numerous computer science jobs for freshers.

With the many lucrative job opportunities for a graduate in Btech computer science available, it is important to know how to choose a career first.

If you are graduating with Btech computer science, then you have landed on the right blog.

Here, we will take you through the top computer science jobs for freshers and also the salary offered in those roles.

Let’s begin!

Big Data Engineer

With Big Data becoming a highly demanding sphere, Big Data engineer jobs are rising equally(if not more).

Big Data engineers work closely with Data scientists, data architects, and data analysts to obtain insights from datasets to help convert them to actionable business decisions.

Their primary responsibility is to upgrade, troubleshoot and help optimize Big Data systems and software to improve the databases' efficiency.

However, it is advised that one gathers industry experience working with Big Data tools like Hadoop, SQL-based databases, etc.

Btech computer science salary as a Big Data engineer begins from approximately 7 LPA.

Machine Learning Engineer

Another most sought-after job for freshers with Btech computer science is that of a Machine learning engineer (MLE).

MLEs are specialized in designing and curating intelligent machines and systems that can perform human-like tasks with minimal to no supervision and can learn from previous experiences.

With the advancement of technology, MLEs are the most desired computer science jobs for freshers who have an advanced understanding of mathematics, statistics, and computer science.

They need to be well versed with multiple coding languages like Python, R, Java, etc as well as with the fundamentals of data structures, algorithms, and computer architecture.

The average starting salary for MLE ranges between 5-6 LPA approximately.

Data Scientist

Over the recent years, data has become a crucial part of every business leading to the growth of jobs in the field.

One such profession is of a Data Scientist, which is currently one of the most sought after computer science jobs for freshers.

Data scientists procure data from several external sources (blogs, websites, etc.) along with the company repository.

Then they clean, organize and process this procured data to uncover the hidden patterns within it. Thus helping to solve business challenges at hand.

The average starting salary for a Data Scientist is approximately 6 LPA.

Data Analyst

Another one of the highly in-demand computer science jobs for freshers is that of a Data Analyst.

Data analysts are the mediators between data scientists and the business.

Apart from digging up data, a data analyst must also know to present the findings in a manner that can be understood by stakeholders.

One of the crucial responsibilities of Data Analysts is to ensure the quality and accuracy of the data discovered.

This they carry out by creating algorithms to extract the information from a large database without any tampering.

Next, they need to understand the data received and present it in a lucid, layman yet presentable terms to the stakeholders.

Therefore a Data Analyst requires to have a sharp eye for details, excellent communication, and data visualization skills.

According to UpGrad, the starting salary of a Data Analyst on average is approximately 3.9 LPA in India.

Blockchain Developer

Amongst the computer science jobs for freshers available in the market, Blockchain Developer is an all-time favorite.

With specialization in Blockchain technology, the developers are required to handle and monitor the entire cycle of Blockchain technology from the research to the execution.

Apart from this, Blockchain developers also need to put up security measures to block cyber attacks against the systems.

They require a thorough understanding of the subjects of Blockchain architecture, Data structures, cryptography, web development, and smart contract development.

The average starting salary after Btech computer science for a Blockchain developer is approximately 5 LPA.

Software Developer

After Btech computer science, Software development is a favorite for those who love to code and have a knack for programming.

With technical creativity and analytical thinking, a software developer curates software programs and applications which cater to customer needs as per demand.

A software developer needs to be familiar with multiple coding languages to make it in this profession.

A software developer's starting salary after BTech computer science is approximately 4.6 LPA.

Computer Network Architect

Computer Network architecture (CNA) is another field to consider for Btech computer science freshers.

A CNA not only maintains networks and data communication systems but also designs, develops, and implements the same.

They have a varied responsibility which includes local area networks, wide area networks, intra, and extranets. Their job includes updating software and hardware.

Another crucial responsibility of CNA is the ability to predict the requirement of new networks within the organization for which they need to understand the company's business plan thoroughly.

They also need to analyze and estimate data traffic better for the business to grow.

The starting salary of a CNA is approximately 4 LPA.

Computer Systems Analyst

Computer Systems Analyst (CSA) is another choice to consider for a computer science job for freshers.

A CSA focuses on scrutinizing an organization's computer systems and acts as a bridge between the business and the IT teams.

Not only that, a CSA is required to design information systems and workflow of the business to come up with more efficient, productive, and innovative solutions.

In addition, a CSA might employ techniques to design effective computer systems and conduct tests to analyze the hidden trends within the acquired data for the same.

According to PayScale, a CSA on average earns approximately 6.5 LPA in India.

Database Administrator

With the importance of data rising by the day, a Database Administrator's role has also become extremely crucial.

Their job requires daily monitoring of the functioning of the organization's database along with quality control and performance of it to maintain the integrity and privacy of the confidential data.

The salary of a DA on average is approximately 4.9 LPA as per PayScale data.

Information Security Analyst

Another popular favorite for Btech computer science freshers is an Information security analyst (ISA).

An ISA acts as a barricade protecting sensitive company data against cyber threats. Their key responsibility areas are risk assessment, vulnerability assessment, and defense planning.

The job demands sharp attention and quick problem-solving skills to protect sensitive company information.

The average BTech computer science salary after becoming an ISA 5-6 LPA.

Full Stack Developer

A Full Stack Developer is the best computer science job for freshers who love programming and coding.

Their primary responsibility is to design the blueprint of websites in adherence to HTML/CSS norms.

Full Stack Developers need to be on their toes with new upgraded ideas for the websites due to the cut-throat competition prevailing between businesses.

The average salary of a full-stack developer is approximately 3.75 LPA states Stoodnt website.

With so many computer science jobs for freshers, be sure to choose wisely.

Take your time to understand your passion and follow that path after graduating with BTech computer science.

All the best!

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