Top 10 qualities of a good leader
20 Qualities of a good leader for resume

What sets a leader apart from the rest? Most of us have asked ourselves this question and have time and again strived to emerge as a leader ourselves. The answer is simple- leaders stand out in the crowd because of their qualities and vision.

But there is a huge difference between being a leader and being a good leader. While a leader is in a position of power and uses it to make final calls, a good leader works with the team to make decisions and grows with the growth of the team.

But being a good leader does not happen overnight! While leadership traits come easy to some people, others spend years trying to perfect themselves as they lead others.

In this article, we deep dive to understand what qualities make a good leader as we discuss the top 30 qualities of a good leader for resume and interviews that one pursuing a leadership role must develop.

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Top 10 qualities of a good leader

Here are the top 10 qualities a good leader must have:

1. Self Awareness

One of the most crucial qualities of being a good leader is self-awareness. A good leader is mindful of effective communication (both verbal and non-verbal), knows how to behave with seniors and subordinates, and can delegate and distribute responsibilities.

Teams tend to follow their leader, making self-awareness one of the most important qualities. It allows them to introspect and recognize their impact, helping them handle difficult and stressful situations.

2. Action-oriented

Actions speak louder than words! A person who is all about words but does not get any work done is not an effective leader. A good leader builds strategy and believes in implementation over everything else.

Being action-oriented is the key to good leadership as this sets a path for the team and gets work done effectively.

3. Modesty

Modesty is an indicator of a good leader, making it one of the top qualities for the same.

With modesty comes patience, understanding, and empathy for the team. A modest leader is likely to have better collaboration skills, compassionate leadership techniques, and openness to their team’s feedback.

This benefits the company and its subordinates alike, improving the overall team morale.

4. Strategic and Analytical

Being analytical is an essential part of being a good leader. With strategy, a good leader can make the right efforts to improve the company's future by yielding extraordinary results.

With strategy, leaders can analyze the current trends and plan to optimize the future, making it a great way to grow the company and the team.

5. Believes in empowering the team

One of the key qualities of a good leader is their ability to empower their team. Team empowerment comes from the leaders trusting their subordinates to make the right decisions and giving them constructive criticism when they fail.

A leader who believes in empowering others can build a team that is confident, well-aware, and capable of making intelligent decisions.

Here are some ways in which leaders can empower their teams:

  1. Consider the inputs of the team
  2. Utilize their skills well
  3. Include them in decision-making
  4. Recognize their efforts
  5. Mentoring

6. Good Communication skills

Good communication skills are essential to being a good leader as it helps them assess their team and delegate effectively.

Communication skills help them reach out to their team, convey crucial information, and understand their concerns and grievances.

A leader who does not give detailed directions but shares vague feedback instead can frustrate the team and stunt their growth, making it necessary for a good leader to be good at communication.

With effective communication, leaders can help their teammates realize their potential, and help them contribute better.

7. Attention to detail

Attention to detail is one of the many qualities of an effective leader. This quality allows a good leader to be thorough, meticulous, and have increased awareness generally.

A good leader is skilled at spotting inconsistencies and errors before they escalate, allowing them to identify and rectify mistakes and guide their team to do a high-quality job.

8. Ability to take feedback and criticism

Taking criticism is not for the faint-hearted, especially when it comes from a junior at work. The ability to take constructive criticism is one of the best qualities that a leader can showcase.

The ability to take feedback shows confidence and the desire to improve. It also helps a person improve their skills as a leader and professional.

9. People Management

Managing people is one of the responsibilities of a team leader. A good leader is responsible for setting a positive example for the team, along with guiding, mentoring, and motivating them to do a good job.

Leaders lacking people management can have trouble establishing strong leadership as the team would not be motivated to follow them.

A Good leader can use their people skill for clear communication, goal setting, and effective team management, making people management one of the top qualities of a good leader.

10. Quick decision making

Leaders/managers often face situations where they have to make crucial decisions in very little time. In fact, the bigger the operation, the more the leader has to be on their feet.

Quick decision-making is one of the most crucial aspects of a good leader. A good leader can call the shots confidently and ensure that they make calculated decisions in a short time frame that help their team and the company grow.

20 Qualities of a good leader for resume

A leader is someone people look up to for motivation and guidance, sometimes even damage control. Here are some other qualities of a good leader fit for a resume that can reflect your strengths better.

| 20 qualities of a good leader for resume |
| ------------- |---------------|
|Transparency |
|Time management |
|Sociable |
|Creative |
|Empathetic |
|Team Management |
|Visionary |
|Patience |
|Decisive |
|Delegation |
|Conflict resolution |
|Adaptable & flexible |
|Team player |
|Confident |
|Supervision |
|Innovative |
|Flexibility |
|Goal-oriented |
|Mentor |
|Reliable |


Being a leader sounds interesting, but it is not for everyone. If you have the qualities listed above, you are the right fit! Use these qualities of good leaders to highlight your skills and abilities in interviews and resumes.

Also, in interview questions like "What are the qualities of a good leader?", make sure you answer with the traits relevant to your candidature and the job role.

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