After several months of working remotely, employees have learned how to adjust to the new idea of working from home.

Many companies like Twitter and Google have decided to extend work from home indefinitely to ensure their employees stay safe and continue to follow social distancing.

These companies also suggest organizations to help employees settle into the new work-from-home scenario rather than preparing to reopen offices.

Amidst the ongoing concerns, the IT & ITeS industry has decided to extend work-from-home for employees until December 2020.

Some companies are also offering WFH allowances to help employees cover the costs of working remotely, which is a welcoming change.

In a recent poll conducted on Naukri’s social platforms, around 22% of respondents said that their company is providing WFH allowance to set up a home office.

In the beginning, many people had little time to prepare for this sudden change.

But now you can prepare everything in a better way whether it is setting up your home workspace or maintaining a productive work routine.

So, let’s welcome the change and gear up to stay productive for the long haul with these simple tips:

1. Keep communicating

Work in coordination with your manager to understand the expectations at work when working remotely.

It is wise to keep communicating and discussing the new developments at work and the challenges you are facing to ensure your manager is aware of what you are working on.

Never hesitate to ask your manager for regular feedback to understand the realistic expectations and plan your work accordingly.

When working from home, regular communication with your manager helps you to maintain a smooth flow of work.

2. Keep tracking your work progress

Working from home sometimes results in procrastinating certain tasks due to several reasons.

To ensure you stay in the right direction, keep tracking the progress of your work by setting weekly or daily checks.

This exercise helps you to timely check any deviations from your plan and maintain work productivity.

3. Keep organizing your workstation

A clean and organized surrounding is what helps you to focus on your work.

Avoid cluttered workstation at home and keep your documents, files, calendar, and other things organized to ensure easy and quick access to your work.

Create a daily ‘to-do’ list that can help you to prioritize and organize your work for a smooth workflow.

4. Keep yourself stress-free

Working remotely has resulted in working three or four hours extra with everyone.

No fixed work hours means more stress and less time for yourself.

Therefore, you should keep yourself rejuvenated by taking regular breaks to avoid burnout in the coming months.

Create a proper work schedule and take out time to de-stress by taking short breaks.

5. Keep planning

Anything done with a clear plan increases your chances of maintaining a smooth workflow.

Plan everything from how you are going to start your day to how you will keep your kids engaged, and then stick to your plan.

Working parents find it the most difficult to manage distractions like kids at home.

However, with both the parents coordinating with each other, this can also be managed effectively.

Once you learn to master your time, you are ready to manage work-from-home for the long haul successfully.

Stay safe and productive!

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